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Memories of Ginger
Dear Ginger,

I will never forget that moment you entered our lives, wrapped up in Mommy's coat. From that moment we laid our eyes on you, we knew those doe eyes would forever hold our hearts. The love you have given us over the years has not only brightened our lives, but has given us all the ability to love unconditionally. You not only touched the lives of Mommy, Daddy and myself, but you meant the world to the other aminals of the family.

You were Misty's first friend and first positive encounter with another animal. If it wasn't for you, she would have never become the cat that we grew to love or the mommy that she was bound to become. For Dakota, you were her first friend. You showed her how to behave and how to become a friend to a human. You taught her what a good companion is to a family and not only did you succeed, but every day, we can see more and more of you in her actions. For Googie, you were the one who helped raise her with Misty and showed her love when that's all she needed most in the world. For Murphy, you welcomed him into our home with paws wide open. And I believe it is because of you that he fits so perfectly with our family. Face it, because of you, Chester, Elvis and Rocky fit perfectly with our family. You are responsible in a huge way for how G.T. was raised, as well. Saucey and Damian thank you in so many ways for giving them G.T. And finally, although Scooter was a bit of a nudge when he first arrived into our home, you were the first who made him welcome. You put him in his place, teaching him right from wrong, and you're the reason why he's the best little pup anyone could ask for.

Ginger, we miss you like crazy. Each day we miss you more and more. Thinking of you hurts, but don't think we don't do it. It's just easier to not think of you, because each day we are faced with the realization that you're really gone. Gone, but not forgotten. This house won't be the same without your presence. Although you'll be with us in spirit, it's just not the same. I suppose it's better than nothing.

Watch over our family, Youger. Protect us. Continue to be the frient and companion that you were for fourteen years.

And remember this, Yougie .... God didn't give me a sister by birth, but he gave me you by heart.

We love you and we always will. Rest in peace, Ginger.

Love, Meghan

Love you Yougie, Boo says hi, she's 9 today!!!! Scootie too....Love you Daddy&Mommy&Meg&Scoot&Boo&...... P

Sept 8, 2008. Hi Ginger, Misty has passed on now 7 years today. She keeping you in line in doggie heaven. We miss you Youger; P says hi he's right here sleepin on the bed. Boo Roo and the rat love you sooo much. Miss you Yougie....XOXO

June 11th 2011...Ging today Roo Roo is with you....I know you will show her the ropes. She's gonna enjoy playing with you and Petey...give Teddy a big kiss for me. Love you girl...miss you...Papa

Taking care Of Roo, Ging? Father's day is not the same without you and Roo.....Love Daddy

Hey Youg....miss you dearly..going to put up pics of new Trixie and Scooter. Trix reminds us so much of you Ging. Kisses and hugs always, Love your Papa!

Happy 6th Anniversary in Heaven Ginger....we will never forget your beautiful ways...Love Daddy!

Ginger please take of Cora, she's with you now, POPPOP misses her dearly, Love you angel......Daddy
Happy Thanksgiving 2014 Yougie, your Daddy adores you baby

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