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Memories of Gin
Gin's story started with a trip from a county animal control shelter to a research facility. She and her kennel mate, Tonic, were supposed to be part of a training course for pediatric nurses to learn how to intubate premature babies, but neither cat was ever used, so they were released for adoption. She landed in my home and had to learn how to adapt to a very bouncy St. Poodle, Charlie and a very noisy Sheltie, Dewars. Her friend, Tonic, died of cancer a few years after they were both adopted, and Gin became the reigning Queen. She kept the dogs in their places - off the bed, mostly. When Charlie died of cancer, we (now there was a fiancee, too) adopted 2 smaller dogs, Sammy, who is here at the Rainbow Bridge and his pal, Magoo, who has survived being hit by a car, many escapes from our yards, and a transfusion reaction (he is the Energizer Bunny). Gin hated the little dogs. Sammy and Magoo disturbed Gin's peace. But, Gin forgave us, eventually, and returned to our bed to cuddle, again, at night, after a few years of showing us just how ticked off she was. Gin was so moody, that she gave herself gall-stones, when she pitched a fit at us moving. She quit eating, out of spite, almost died of liver failure, and had to be moved with a feeding tube in her to keep her alive. She got over it after the move and settled in to all her new homes after that. We still miss Gin. She was a unique calico. We fill the calico void now with 2 calicos - it's like having matter and anti-matter collide in the house. There was only 1 Gin and there will only ever be 1 Gin. Rest in peace and with love, sweet girl. We miss your gentle meows.

9/27/10 - You were so sweet. Didn't know we'd miss you this much. Your special places are still just yours. 3 new cats since you crossed over, but none have taken your places.

9/27/11 - Anisette has decided that your spot on the sofa shall be her spot on the sofa, but it's not the same from our perspective. Tanqueray is mellowing a little, but still hates Anisette. Neither has your sweet purr or loving rub.

Please also visit Molly, Sammy, Scooter and Tonic.

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