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Memories of GIGI & SPUNKY
/A CHATTY-KATHY.....AND A SNUGGLER. SPUNKY..YOU WERE THE BESTEST "SPUNKYDIDDLES." I MISS YOU BOTH IMMEASUREABLY AND I SEARCH FOR YOU SO MANY TIMES EACH DAY. I PRAY THAT YOU ARE ROMPING WITH ALL OF YOUR FUR FAMILY, SNOWBALL, MISCHIEF, FOOTSIE ET AL. ALL MY LOVE. IT HAS BEEN THE LONGEST TWO MONTHS........THE ACHE REMAINS......I SO HOPE THAT ALL ELEVEN OF YOU ARE TOGETHER AGAIN....HAPPY AND CAREFREE. I AM SO HAPPY TO VISIT YOU AT RAINBOW'S BRIDGE. ALL MY LOVE AND SNUZZES. THINKING OF YOU AND MISSING YOU OH! SO DEEPLY. 2/4/2002. YOU ADDED SO MUCH TO OUR LIVES. EACH TIME AN OCCASION IS HERE....MEMORIES SURFACE AS TO HOW MUCH YOU ENTERED INTO THE TIME.....LOVING THE COOKING SMELLS...... CHASING AFTER STRINGS AND PAPERS......JUMPING UP UPON THE KITCHEN CHAIR TO 'HELP.' WELCOMING GUESTS. YOU WERE SO SPECIAL. BLESS YOU. WE MISS YOU SO MUCH. ALL MY LOVE. 2/6/2002/ FRISKY, SNOWBALL, TEDDY S. BEAR, MISCHIEF, REX,FOOTSIE, KITTY-SPUNKY, HOLLY; JEFFRY, JOSETTE-I, JOSETTE-II, SASSY, BRUNO, BEAR, VELVET.......DARLINGS ALL....HAVE FUN REUNITED AND FREE. ALL MY LOVE. 2/9/2002. VISITING AGAIN 2/12/2002 - YOUR PORTRAIT IS BACK HOME. YOU WERE MUCH ADMIRED AND EACH PERSON FOUND IT HARD TO BELIEVE YOUR AGES. MISS YOU. MUCH LOVE. VALENTINE'S DAY, THINKING OF YOU AND LOVING YOU./ EACH FRIEND ASKS AFTER YOU AND ADDS A MEMORY OR TWO WHICH I TRULY APPRECIATE. MISS YOU SO MUCH 'GIGI-FACE' AND 'THE BESTEST BOY.'/I MISSED YOUR HELP WHILE WRAPPING BIRTHDAY GIFTS. LOVE YOU. 2/19/2002. I TELL MYSELF THAT TIME IS EASING THE PAIN OF LOSING YOU. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE A PART OF ME. I MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU SO MUCH. 3/2/2002. MUCH IN MY HEART TODAY. 3/4/2002. I SAW A FURRY WHO COULD BE YOUR BROTHER, SPUNKY.....I LONGED TO CUDDLE HIM BUT, SADLY, HE IS NOT A LAP-KITTEN-CAT THE WAY YOU WERE. YOU SURELY ANSWERED MY PRAYERS, AS DID GIGI, WHEN I ASKED FOR LAP KITTENS. HOW MANY THOUSANDS-OF-TIMES DID WE SHARE LAP TIMES, ALL THREE. GLORIOUS MEMORIES. I MISS YOU BEYOND MEASURE. THREE CHANGED MONTHS. BE HAPPY MY SPECIAL LUVVIES./ NOW, FOUR MONTHS. SOMETIMES, I ACHE WITH MISSING YOU AND THE FEEL OF YOUR FUR; THE MUSIC OF YOUR GENEROUS PURRS....EACH OF YOU. I PRAY THAT YOU ARE HAPPY AND CAREFREE. ONLY TWO RAINBOWS, SO FAR. LOVE YOU. Hi Spunky, Gigi and special Footsie - sending my love to you all and thinking of our wonderful years together. Hope you are happy all reunited. Miss you. Love, Michele xoxo EASTER TIME.....MISSING YOU. AMVFLA. YOU WERE IN OUR THOUGHTS, HEARTS AND CONVERSATIONS. MISS YOU. LOVE YOU. April 26th.....I look at your sweet faces and feel so happy to have the portrait of you. Missing you beyond words. Love you./5/4 - Barbara and Jean visited.....spoke of missing you and in praise of you. WE MISS YOU SO MUCH AND SEND AOVFLA. YOU REMAIN IN OUR HEARTS AND THOUGHTS. JULY 14TH. MISS YOU. July 28th, please look for K-C and welcome her into the family. Denise gave her the greatest gift of love, freedom from pain. WE CONTINUE TO MISS YOU AND SPEAK OF YOU SO-O-O OFTEN. AOVFLA. AUG., 18TH. Thinking of you and missing you. Your photograph is up in the edge of the frame of my church pastel.....so I see you whenever I so wish. I imagine your purrs.....and each of you curled on my lap. Love you so much./ Time does not diminish the loss.....it is impossible to count the times of driving home and the wishes.....that you two darlings were at the door to greet us. Bless you and thank you for the "complete" love which we shared. Be happy. AOVFLA and memories of every special massage shared time. 9/27/'02. Nov. 23rd......Dec. 8th.........you were in our hearts and thoughts. We continue to miss you but rejoice that you are whole and happy, and "all together." Deep love, precious ones./March 15th, 2003. My favourite photograph of you is in my car, and you travel with me everywhere./ NEVER A DAY PASSES..... YOU ARE ALWAYS WITH ME. To continue to mourn you was too painful. To rejoice that you embraced my life, our lives, turned to being a beacon of joy. Just know that many other kitties are being supported in your names.....and the names of your entire fur kin. Rejoice each and all of you........within your freedoms... and our rememberances and honouring toward each and all of you. Loving you beyond measure...and thankfulness. M. Your darling faces greet me each morning from the refrigerator door. We are caring for Murphy and a new puppy, Daisy, and we try to imagine the four of you all together. What fun we would have. I continue to miss your purrs and your love. M.10/5/'03. November 23 and December 8 (2001) are such vivid reminders of the days you made your transitions. My thoughts were with you. I treasure the memories of all the help you gave each Christmas, wrapping presents......hiding under the Christmas tree and making the ornaments jingle.....finding your catnip gifts early.....and enjoying cuddle time with the girls. Much love to each and all of you. M. 12/17/'03. I am longing for a time when I may give a loving home to some needy puss-cat. Keep your eyes open and direct me to the greatest need. Miss you so, so much. When the ache is harsh, I seek your portrait and your eyes. Bless you all. AMVFLA , M 1/30/'04. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, 2004. Look for Carol & Richard's GABRIEL who entered Rainbowsbridge 2/7/'04. Much love to you all and many snuzzes. M. I MISSED YOU SO MUCH WHILE IN BED DUE TO A BOUT OF FLU. HOW WELL YOU COMFORTED EACH OF US WHEN WE WERE SICK. LOVE YOU. M. 2/19/'94. Thinking of you. 3/7/'04.

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