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Memories of Gideon
It is one year since you left us and we still miss you just as much. We still feel you around the house and sometimes we all swear we see you at your window when we pull in to the driveway. We love these visits but understand that there will come a day where you need to move on. It is so like you to care for us even now. Simon has a new kitty brother who keeps him very busy. The play together all the time, and Simon is not so sad anymore but I think he definitely sees you from time to time.

We love you so much and always will. 4/30/15


You came home Tuesday May 13th and I am so glad. We all took turns holding the beautiful cedar box you came in. I made a prayer garden for you out back and when we are ready, you will rest there. We couldn't help but feel a little bit of your spirit has lingered with your remains. We are so glad to have you home but we wish it wasn't like this. We know you are at peace and always with us. I found a little stone Border Collie to put in your garden whose face reminded me so much of yours I couldn't believe it. We feel your beautiful soul all around us and Simon is finally starting to adjust to the house without you. I remember how funny it was to have the cat chase the dog around the house! You two had such fun together and when you were sick Simon would come up to you and lick your face. I was so afraid he would bite you and try to play but I should have known better. Animals ALWYAS know better. for the first week he cried and cried searching for you in every room. He is still a bit lost but we are all giving each other extra love to get through this. We miss you and still hurt but we are so glad you are well and happy and chasing all the tennis balls you want and eating scrambled eggs, vanilla ice cream and steak!!!

So many memories of you it is hard to break them apart. There was the day we picked you up from the breeder that I held you in my arms the whole way home and then you peed on me. There was your never ending energy and never ending sweetness. Sarah and Emily grew up with you and when I went through Chemotherapy, you layed on the bed with me whenever I was home alone.
You watched over us, you let us know when there was someone coming to the house and let us know when another animal was visiting. You especially enjoyed seeing the deer run through the back yard.

You were laughingly called "Cujo" because you would fly at the window and flash your teeth and bark like a dangerous attack dog but the moment the person was brought inside, your tail would wag, you were generous with your kisses and all you asked for was a belly scratch in return. You were everyone's favorite and the biggest love.

Our house is empty now, the coming home is agony because we look for your eager face and wagging tail to greet us. I miss you laying in the middle of the kitchen floor while I cook, which drove me crazy but now makes me miss you even more. And when Daddy goes away on business, we would look to you to make us feel comfortable and less alone. As always you climbed in to bed next to me and I felt safe.

Oh Gideon how did 12 years pass so quickly? I hope you were happy and I hope you know you were loved. I am sorry I wasn't always as patient as I should have been with you but I love you and I miss you very much.

I am selfishly crying for myself, you are out of your pain, you feel like a puppy again with all of your energy back and it is always spring and sunny and there are plenty of deer to chase and play with now.

Play Gideon play. Enjoy the sun and your new friends. I cant wait until we see you again. We love you with all our hearts sweet boy.

Please also visit Simon.

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