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Memories of Gibbey
He loved squeaky toys and knew the names of all of them that he had. He had over 100 toys! He was so smart. He especially loved his teddy bear, skunk, octopus, and his ball.

He loved watching TV, especially Emergency Vets. He would sit for hours and watch it. I can't count the number of days when I took work home. Gibbey would always want to help me. So while I did the work, I turned on the TV so he could watch it. That way we were both happy and I was able to get the work completed.

He met me at the door every day when I came home. Many times he would watch for me at the front door. When my car went by, he would run to the back door. When I came into the house, he was always so excited to see me. He would never push the other animals away from me to just get me attention alone. We had a routine. I spoke to them all briefly when I got in the door. I would put everything down, and then go to the bedroom to change clothes. When I finished that, I would lie down on the bed. All the animals would come up for their alone time with me. Gibbey always laid his head across my neck giving me his special hug. After a few minutes, he would very gently lick my face and chin. I miss that so much every day. For days it was so painful to go home and not see your shining face, I did all sorts of things after work to prolong the pain as much as possible.

He loved everyone he ever met and everyone always wanted to take him home with them. He knew how to hug people and gave them out readily. His kisses were never rushed but sincerely given. If anyone or anything was hurt, he tried his best to make them feel better. I will never forget him. No other animal will ever be able to take his place.

After his beloved Persian, Puff, died, he was grieving really badly. I took him to the Ark, a no kill shelter, and he picked himself out a kitten from the 3 kittens they brought out for him from which to choose. He picked out the one he wanted after careful examination of all the kittens. I asked him if he wanted to take that particular kitten home, and he got very excited. While I filled out all the paperwork to adopt Sullivan, he followed around whoever was carrying his kitten. He was not going to allow them to take it from his sight. Gilbert and Sullivan played together, ate together, and slept together all the time. They loved each other so much. Sullivan is grieving now as much as I am. For days all he would do is bite me for taking away his brother and not bringing him back. I hope he will understand someday that we will all be together again.

I recently asked Gibbey to send Sully back to me after he had gotten Advantix on him from the puppy and went into grand mal seizures for 8 hours. Sully had a minor stroke, but he did come back to me. He is getting stronger every day. Thank you for sending him back to me sweetheart. I couldn't lose you both within 18 days of each other.

There are too many other stories to ever go into here now, maybe later. I know he is with his brother, Bama, and his Grandpa now and they are all playing together and having a wonderful time. I just wish I could be there with them all now, but God says I must wait awhile yet. I will always love you Gibbey with all my heart and there will be a hole in my heart until we are together again.

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