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Memories of GG
My husband purchased GG for me after I was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer in 2009. He wanted me to have a costant companion while he was at work. GG and I bonded immediately and boy did we bond. She was my 'miracle dog' you could say. She was always right there with me, no matter what, just being her little loving self.
She was the sweetest dog I ever got to know and she was so good about everything. It was like we were just made for each other. Our loving relationship lasted 13 1/2 years and I wouldn't have traded her for anything. Around 11 or 12 years old, I noticed that she was showing many aging signs and slowing down alot. When she stopped wanting to go for walks, I was sad. I knew what was eventually coming in the future and I was so hurt watching her age. Her eyes were pretty bad and her hearing was diminishing also. Her joints were bothering her and she had started on arthritis medicine. Her little precious legs just couldn't get her around real well anymore. I don't think there could ever be one person who could really realize just how much I loved her. Now I am crushed, traumatized, numb, and empty feeling. This is the worst thing I have ever had to endure. She must have had a stroke or heart problem and within 2 hours on a Sunday morning, she was gone. I won't get into the details as to why I feel so much pain as to the way all of this happened. I just know that she has peace now and I am hurting and missing her more than words can say. I hope my mind will eventually get past the state of shock that I am feeling. She was so loved and took a piece of my heart with her when she had to leave us. I will never forget her and I hope her spirit visits me from time to time. I love you so much GG (good girl) I tried to include her comforts of home to her memorial photo. Mainly, her food bowl and a pillow, but a few treats also.

Two things kind of upset me this morning. GGs city registration tag for 2023 arrived in the mail and I shoveled a little snow and I missed not shoveling GGs spot where she used to go to the bathroom. I know this will all get easier with time, but it is so recent yet and I need to adjust my routines. Even as she was in the process of passing, that sweet girl still went to the door to go out to potty. I love her so much!

In my sleep last night, I believe I got a loving hello from GG. If I was in a dream, it had nothing to do with dogs, but out of nowhere, I heard a dog bark, which I believe was my GG. I am not crazy, but if believing in signs of her near will help me heal, that's good with me. Come visit anytime angel, I will always be aware for you. Mom loves you so much!

Miss you! My angel used to sleep right by my head at night on a made up bed and pillow. So since her passing, I now have put a beautiful pillow in that same spot so it seems as if she is still right there with me. I can feel her in my heart, but I need to see her as well. I also did the same thing on the sofa where she always used to lay. You will never be gone to me Miss GG. Love lives on and you know how much I love you.

My sweet darling, you are back home with us today, never for us to part again. It is a good feeling to bring you home! Love always, Mom

Thanks for sending signs that you are near and our love will be forever and ever. Love you

Happy Valentines Day to you GG. A holiday about love, you were the perfect example of true love. I miss you so much. Our routines are no more and I still thank you for the signs of love you still show to me. I hope I had created a very special home for you while you were here with us and made you feel loved because you surely were and will always be. It brings me joy to believe that your soul is renewed and you are playing with all of your new friends. They will love you too. Hugs and Kisses

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