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Memories of Geraldine Arline Francis
as long as you remember me, I will be with you forever, until I
hold your hand, dream of me, I am here... Until you come home, always.

I woke up this morning and did not see Geraldine on Chris's pillow gazing at her own reflection in the mirror headboard, one of her favorite pastimes. I remembered we had taken her to the vet Sun am to help her transition and release her from her suffering.
Geri had a dusky meow. She spoke English. Mom, no, now, I love you, clear as day. She was the daughter of a purebred Siamese named Tika.
Darling Geraldine I miss you so much - the summer is so long without you - the kids are now 9. Babette has a lot of your mannerisms
I brought Geraldine home in a shoe box. I had gotten her for Zazie Pierre to be his companion. She was about 2-3 months old. I opened the box and presented her to Zaz. He growled and hissed at this tiny black cat. She was thin - 5 pieces of black string a magic black cat for sure. A siamese runt from a royal litter. Her mother was a Queen. She. Like Zaz was born on the bowery. Bleeker Street #9. I had to go to work and I was sure Zaz would kill her by the time I got home. I lived in a small studio so I said I've got to go you two work it out. I came home well after 1:00 am. they were asleep in each other's paws. Inseparable. Zaz had fallen magically,.deeply profoundly in love with the little princess. Geraldine was named after my mother and Saint Francis.

After a day or two, we took her to the vet, Dr, Kohlman one of the great NYC vets. He is a kind man who deeply loves animals. he was about 45 when I brought her in , just beginning to get a little silver. I remember I brought them both out of the carrier and he said "oh Siamese! you're one of the lucky people who have black Siamese. The Doctor combed her and looked up at me and said "she has fleas"
On 18th street she fell in love with Zaz and he with her. The "bookends" is what Chris called them. She was the omega and Zaz was the alpha, She was his pet.She worshiped and adored him. They slept together for hours.They groomed each other endlessly. She was shy, he was bold. She took care of him and also me. I had pneumonia once and she groomed my entire head.
Chris and I married and we moved to Brooklyn. In Brooklyn, Geri blossomed. She came out, she enjoyed the windows and the sunlight.
When Zaz died Geraldine was devastated.For days she looked for him. I just remembered one day I found Zaz scratching at my sock drawer. He was on hind legs- meowing. I jumped up and opened the drawer- out popped Geraldine!
she was a shy beautiful animal.
Geri came out of her shell after Zaz died.
We got the two kittens after his death a little too fast. I had called Bleeker Street and Alice was being evicted and they had kittens. Siamese no blacks. we went and picked out Toulouse and Babette. Geraldine sprung into action. She groomed the babies, comforted them. Chris and I were going nuts- 2 people in there 50's with infants. Geri, never a mother herself became the mom. We never thought the kittens would make her ill. They did. she had a horrific Upper respiratory infection from them. She had to be hospitalized for 6wks. She almost died. She had an iv and a feeding tube. They told Chris they thought she was dying. The vet allowed us to take her home. WE had to lift her in a towel to help her walk. We did therapy which we invented. Chris woke up twice a night to feed her. She lived !. She bonded with us and I think it was a combination of grieving for Zaz and a terrible infection. The tube got clogged and removed. She ate the next day. She lived for 5 more blessed years. I loved that little girl. She was brave, strong and fierce. She was a mighty cat.
I wanted her to live into her 30's. She made it to 21 yrs 11 months. I felt very bad about euthanizing her and it was not a relaxing experience for her. she fought the needle and she bit the beautiful pink blanket. I was deeply saddened by this. She had very little veins and was anemic. I thought we'd have more time in between the sedative and second injection. I just wanted her to know we loved her. I am and was deeply changed by her. She was a great love and I pray she knows she was loved for always.
A first new year without you! the kids miss you, especially Babette. She now bites my nose. Geri, you are loved. I think of you everyday. Toulouse sleeps in your bed by our bed now. I kept the bed open in case you want to visit. I've dreamed of you twice in 22 yrs. I wish you'd visit again. I love you- mom

my darling its almost been one year since you died. It has been a little lonelier without you. we keep your bed right beside ours. I love you fiercely. a few days ago I thought i saw you in my camera case. I want you to know I love you still. I know I favored zaz and Im glad we had 5 years without him because I fee in love with you. you are a magic cat and you became my best friend. Im so sorry you suffered so at the end. I hope your transition was not as bad as it looked. I keep hoping you'll visit us. Not a day goes by or night that I don't think of you. I love you, Geraldine, I really do. Dad misses you and Babette most of all. Toulouse sleeps in your bed and he knows youre no longer here. you made our lives better.
"It is the secret of the world that all things subsist and do not die, but retire a little from sight and afterwords return again" Ralph Waldo Emerson Until we meet again darling . Mom

well darling another year has passed and I think of you daily - babette is a handful and tony weighs over 11 pounds. you used to visit me and I havent see you in my dreams- I love you geraldine and i will always love you. Im sorry your transition was far fom peaceful - i love you - Mom
Geraldine - Babette is now 10 yrs old- we both think of you daily- you where and are such a part of our life- we love you - we miss you and we know youre with us - mom and bebe

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