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Memories of Geordie

From the moment we held you in our arms you set our hearts on fire,
Your curly fur and cheeky smile filled us with desire,

Time with you was always special and something to remember,
And that was everyday in every year from January till December,

Walks with you brought memories that we hold very fond,
And it was these times that created our very special bond,

Playtime was a blast with you and brings memories of joy,
And this is because you'll always be our very special boy,

You had your favourite toys and bears that sat upon our sofa,
And in our home they will forever stay as we both grow older,

Food and treats you always loved and you often ate too much,
And maybe we were guilty for spoiling you with such,
But with that we have to say we have no regression or redemption,
As the reason was simply down to happiness, expression, love and affection,

You helped us through the darkest times and always cheered us up,
This was simply down to you being a lovely boy and a caring little pup,

At times your naughtiness almost drove us wild,
occasionally your cheeky mischief even made us riled,
But in the end we looked on you and always laughed and smiled,

You were a family dog and everyone loved you dearly,
And there's now a void in all our hearts,
That will remain until were old and weary,

Now we have our memories of the happy times we shared,
And we will always think of these when we're lonely, sad or scared,

Sleep tight and rest now as your work down here is done,
But always watch over us and beam your light down like the sun,

We will never forget you to this we truly swear,
And this is because in our hearts you always will be there,

We take heart and solitude in knowing your now running free with glee,
And this is because we always wanted the very best for you Geordie..

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