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Memories of Geoegie the Princess Koerner
Dear Georgie,

We are so blessed to have you in our lives for almost 18 years. Since the moment you came to our lives, our home has not been the same. You were a little kitten full of energy. Your fur was silky,shiny and beautiful. You personality was unigue. You were so fast that we only saw the shadow of you for days after you got in our home in Halloween 2006. You liked playing football and hung out with your big bro Max and Rex. It was hilarious watching you barked at children passe by with your brother, Max,who was a dog. You moved with us to and back from Hawaii. You liked climbing on my body when I sat to watch TV or relax. You would kiss me and fell asleep on me! You were more and more affectionate as time went by. You loved food and snack. So when you lost weigbt a bit in December 2021, i brought you in for another check up. You were diagmosed with CKD stage. We both managed it very well for over two years that your kidney values stayed the same and your activities were the same. I dreamed that we would get to celebrate your 18th and 19th birthday perhaps. Last Saturday I noticed that you had difficulty breathing so i rushed you to the ER. After hours of their care, you were good and released home around 11 pm and we would see the cardiologist on Monday. You were ok during the night. About 6 am, you did your soft cry and i rushed you back to ER. The ER tried so hard to get you to bounce back, but your heart wouldn't respond to the treatment. I stood there to watch you through the treatment and clung on to your oxygen room. You passed peacfully in my arms at 5.19 pm.

I feel that we both were robbed from time that we should have had, Georgie. If your PC vet would identify your heart issue when we did another blood panel 7 weeks ago, you would have veen next to me right now. I know managing heart and kidney issue is very delicate thing to balance, but I wanted so much to help you so we would have more time together.

The house is so empty. Your absence is so strong. My heart is broken. We miss you so much. My only consolation is that you probably are with your big brother Max and Rex and your family friends, Moe and Havana.

I miss your hunter cry you did when you got the favorite white mouse. I miss you next by my side or my body i miss your taking a nap while i worked in my office. I miss your cry to wake me up every morning. I miss our time together. I miss your run to hide under the dining table when you saw your med. I miss you!

We will meet you again. Meanwhile, be happy with your brothers in heave⁸n and olay football.

You are in our hearts forever.

We love you so much❤

Mom, Gina and Anna

March 3, 2024


It has been a week since you left this world to be with your brothers. My heart is so broken. I miss you so much. My morning, day and night has been altered by your absence. Your heated bed is still there. It looks so empty. At 5.19 pm , I paused and sent my love message to you that you are in our hearts every moment. Your sister came by and we talked and remembered you. We love and miss you so much....

Please play with your brothers and your new friend there. I will meet you again, my Georgie 🐈‍⬛❤

March 25, 2024

Dear Georgie,

You have been gone for a month and my heart is still aching for you. There is a day go by that I do not think about you. I missed your climbing on my body and kissed me when I watched TV. Your bed is still where it has been. Your two empty bowls are still where they are. I miss you Geoegie.. Did you meet your brother Rex and brother Max?



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