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Memories of General Blue Duck
General Blue Duck
Given to me in February, 2014,
Given back to God November 5, 2019.
What an amazing animal. Blue and I met approximately 6 months before he became mine. When Paul Rankin introduced me to Phillip Dent, Lorelei Miano, Madison Miano and Ash Smith. They had 3 dogs at time including Blue. He was so fat back then! He looked like a black jellybean on stilts. I immediately fell for him the way bounced his front paws off the ground 2 inches because of being a jellyroll. At the end of a very fun day at the river, I was given a fold out couch to sleep on. I had Blue get up on the bed [I had to help], then Lorelei came out and was like "Blue! GET OFF!" which he did. When she went back in her room, I was all "Blue, come here. Up!" He jumped back up [on his own] and I slept on his back that night. We all had times over that summer. The family outings to the lakes and rivers were very fun. Although Blue couldnt keep up with the other two dogs, he would still bound his big jiggly butt down to where the ball landed and just as happily bound back fully content being where he was in the pack. That was Blue, not caring about anything albeit being alive. I grew very attached to him over that summer. When I would come over, he was the first dog greeted by me. Later on in the fall, I texted Phil and said "hey if you ever need to downsize your dogs, I'll take Blue". He replied " well I need to discuss this with Lorelei, he's her dog." I
did not see Blue or hear any reply for about 6 months. Then, outta the BLUE I get a text from Phil saying "you still want Blue?" Half a heartbeat later, I replied "YES YES I'll come get him!" He said he would bring him down and he did. I noticed Blue had lost weight, about 25 pounds. We all went in the yard and Phil showed me how well he was trained. The finger flick and pointing down is how he was trained to heal and he was good at it! I loved it. Blue was truly the entire package. I took Phil out for a beer with Blue in the back seat. Couldn't have asked for a better car dog. He would lay down and be quiet. So much so that I had to remind myself he was there! When we came back, I had Blue sit and watch Phil drive away and disappear before I invited him in. Since then, he has been with me. When he got down to 65 lbs., he could really bounce. When we saw each other and he was behind the fence, he would "BOING BOING" LIKE HE COULDNT STAY ON THE GROUND! I couldnt resist the fuzzy feeling of happiness everytime. 💗 Jeep adventures with Blue were always a great time. He loved the top off. He liked to walk along side the Jeep too. He was very good about staying where I could see him. When he would get too far away I would honk and he would come back. He lived with me in Tahoe, Gardnerville and traveled to Oklahoma in a uhaul and back. He stayed with me and my wife off and on and the rest of the time, he stayed with my parents and Winnie. They had the better house with a half acre to run around in and a doggie door for in n out. Plus it is the house Phil first brought him to so he knew it well. At the tahoe house he was inside except to potty. He didnt really care, but he didn't understand how I felt. I wanted him to have all the space he could to live out his retirement in happiness and peace. So, he stayed in gardnerville with his sister and grandparents. When I heard of his ailments, I had to come down. I didn't care about the tears on my face at the vet, I needed to see my Doguar... my air licker... my airlicking Doguar!
Saying "see you later" and being able to hold his head in my arms as he passed will always hold a deep place in my soul. Thank you to all who knew and loved Blue. You contributed to his happiness, and he to yours. Have a safe journey, my love dog, my Doguar, my Blue. I'll see you again one day. Farewell, for now.

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