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Memories of Gemma
On the 1st May 1998, something wonderful happened. That was when my baby was born. I adopted this gorgeous little black bundle of fluff 10 weeks afterwards. She was so tiny she fitted in the palm of my hand. Little did I know that this little furball would change my life forever. She was such a cute little puppy and so clever. She knew all the names of her toys, Rattle, Harry Hedghog, dinger bell...to name but a few. She loved to play ball and would sit there and pass it to you with her little paw. She would wave and do a 'high five' and juggle her toys with her paws whilst lying on her back. Everybody that met her fell instantly in love with this little character, she loved to be cuddled and made a fuss of. Best of all she loved me as much as I loved her. she would follow me everywhere and never would she want to let me out of her site. We became soul mates and she was my best friend.

Me and Gemma had been through a lot together, divorce, moving house, moving city, illness. she was always there for me through all the bad things in my life. She was my little treasure and her name suited her....my little 'Gem'. She loved her food during her golden years and used to do what my friend named 'The River Dance' she would tap her back paws on the wooden floor and ask us for biscuits. She had a big heart and a big personality for a little dog. Gemma loved the car and I would try and take her everywhere with me. She liked sitting on her Mummies lap and I loved her being there too.

My world is turned upside down without my baby girl.

My darling little Gemsie, I miss you so much. My world will never be the same again without you in it. Thank you for all those happy years you spent with me, I will cherrish all the memories. Know this that I will never forget you. You will be forever in my heart. Please go play at Rainbow Bridge and look out for Mummy as one day we shall be reunited and together forever. Please don't pine for me and remember this, I will never forget you.
Love you always
Mummy x

A dear friend made this lovely video as a tribute to you my darling girl, thank you Uncle Paul x


Another dear friend wrote this poem for Gemma, thank you Auntie Lynn x

Gemma Robinson

She lived her life this little poodle
with her sisters Muppet and Fudge the doodles
And was much loved by her mum Julie
who worshipped her well and truly

She was a Diva with fashion sense
her clothes were more than just a few pence
She was a doggie fashion model
and found performng quite a doddle

At 13 and a grand old lady
she still loved cuddles like a baby
She loved her mum who spoiled her rotten
and though she's gone she'll not be forgotten

So goodbye Gemma now at rest
They say they only take the best

Friday 17th June 2011
My darling baby girl, it will be 5 weeks on Monday since you left. I am missing you so much and I yearn for your cuddles. My heart is totally broken and I am finding it so hard without you,I miss you so much my darling girl. I will love you till the day I die and until we are together again. I have a memory box full of your little things..I would give anything just to be close to you again...Miss you so much.

Monday 4th July
I still miss you like it was only yesterday that you were gone and it's been 7 weeks my little angel since you went to Rainbow Bridge. I love you with all of my heart and miss you so much my heart aches for you

Friday 29th July 2011
I miss you so much my baby girl. I just found a video on You tube of you and Muppet that I had forgotten that I had....I wish you were still here....I will always love you until the day I die. I will never forget you....you are my world. Look at you in this video bouncing around....

Monday 29th August 2011
My baby girl its been what...14 weeks since your passing and it feels like it was only yesterday. We were a couple you and I. It was always 'julie and gemma' everyone knew we were inseparable so my life just isnt the same anymore. I miss you so much, you took a great chunk of my heart away with you when you left. we shared a love that comes along once in a lifetime and nothing can ever take that away from us. I hope we will be reunited again....if I get to heaven and you aren't there I may as well be in hell as I cannot bear being without you my sweet girl. I will love you always and never forget you. Sleep tight my beautiful girl and remember Mummy loves you with all of her heart

Monday 26th September 2011
I HATE Mondays for it was on a Monday that I lost you my darling girl. I miss you so much and dream of you all of the time. Please don't think that I will ever forget you....you were my world. I have only just started eating apples again as I knew you liked to share an apple with me. I have put one by your picture. It still hurts me to look at your beautiful face in the pictures I have of you. I thank my lucky stars that you were in my life. I just wish I could have one more day with you to hold you in my arms again. The other night I dreamt that this was just all a bad dream and you weren't really gone but then I looked at the empty space at the end of the bed to find you really were gone. It hurts so much without you here. I know that Muppet and Fudge miss you too. We all love you so much....and always will

Monday 17th October 2011
Hello my little Gemsie. I dreamt of you last night that you were still with me. The dream seemed so real and I felt the happiest I had been in a very long time. In fact it seemed that the last 6 months had just been a bad dream. I was so happy to have you here with me, I could even feel your fur and then I woke up :-( The nights are getting cold now as we reach October but they are even colder without you snuggled up to me. I still have your red sweater that you used to wear in the snow...you looked so cute in it. Iv kept most of your things in your 'treasure chest' and will cherish them always until the day when we are together again. Love you always
Mummy x

Thursday 3rd November 2011
My darling girl. I am hurting so much without you by my side. It was the first haloween without you and the old grief has come back like a tidalwave. I yearn to touch you and to cuddle you. My lap is so empty without you in it. The house is so quiet without you. I waited for you haloween hoping you would pay a visit...did you? Perhaps I just couldn't see you? I am dreading Christmas without you, how you loved christmas! I remember you sniffing at your presents you couldn't wait to open them! I know Daddy misses you although he is dealing with your loss a different way as I think it hurts him to mention you, he loved you so. Muppet misses you too, remember how she looked after you and used to 'check you out', I know Fudge was a bit of a torment but i know she misses you too. You were the Queen the boss! I keep your bed with your name on it out in case you use it when you come to visit...I hope you come to visit! I miss you so much my baby and my heart aches for you. I hope you are happy wherever you are. Remember that you are loved so much and you are always in my heart and my thoughts. I will love you always my baby girl...you were the sunshine of my life xxx

Sunday 6th November 2011
It's been six months since you left for the bridge my darling little Gemsie. I have lit a candle for you and said a prayer that the angels are taking care of you. I cannot begin to describe how much I love and miss you.xxx

Friday 23rd December 2011
My sweet baby girl. I am missing you so much, my heart is aching for you right now. Christmas is in two days time and it isn't the same without you. I know how much you loved Christmas. Remember when I came home to loads of chewed up wrapping paper..you had opened all your presents under the tree before the day and you were so clever you knew which ones were yours! you were such a character. I cried when I opened up the decoration box to find your photo, you know the one in your Santa Suit, you look stunning and it has always been my fav photo. Its in the kitchen now. I have your photos in most of the rooms....you are always here in my heart and always will be. Merry Christmas my darling and remember that I love you so very much xxx

Christmas Day 2011
Merry Christmas my sweet angel. Today will not be the same without you, how you adored Christmas! When Muppet and Fudge open there presents today I hope that you are here helping them as I know you loved getting presents. You are forever in my heart little one for now and always xx

January 22nd 2012
My darling little Angel. I am missing you so much and still as much as the day you went away, you were my special baby girl and my first born. Seeing the new year in without you was heartbreaking and bonebreaking. i remember when the clock struck twelve I shouted out to you with a belly cry, I miss you so much and to imagine the following year without you I had a pain in my heart. So much has happened since I last visited here but I talk to you every day around the house...I hope you can hear me? I had to get through my first Birthday without you which was really tough. Daddy did a wonderful thing for me last Sunday and has adopted a little puppy with the name of Lola. She is such a little sweetie and reminds me so much of you, she is very loving. She is no way replacing you...nothing or no one ever could, you were my soul mate and my special girl. She is helping my heart heal a little and she is helping to fill that massive void in my heart which you made when you went to the Bridge. I think you would like her, I hope you are happy about your little baby Sister..I know she would have loved you.
I love you sooooo much my little angel, especially today as it was a Sunday you left. You will always be in my heart for now and forever x

March 3rd 2012
Dear darling Gemsie. I miss you so much my sweet darling girl. I made a video of you the other day, I watched you playing in the snow...how you loved the snow and the time you came second in the fancy dress as a horse...soooo cute. I almost forgot for a few minutes that you weren't here, it was such a wonderful feeling thinking that you were still here and that you never left. Lola is getting on well and Fudge has finally met her match!lol I can sometimes see you in Lola when she looks at me with those little choccy minstrel eyes, she is very cuddly too. You will always have a special place in my heart as you were my first born and we had that special connection. We were soul mates and we have been through a lot together, you and I must have moved houses several tims, been through a divorce and when I caught IBD you were there for me...always there for me through the bad times. I thank you for the time we spent together and for you coming into my life, with you in it and the memories that you left me I have lived a charmed life....you are and always be my special girl.

April 20th 2012
Baby girl. It was this time last year that we spent our last few weeks together. It will be your first Anniversary at Rainbow Bridge on 9th May, the worst day of my whole entire life as that is when I lost you. I am finding it quite hard at the moment and feel the old grief flowing back. That tree I bought a few weeks after you went away has suddenly come to life and has blossomed. I remember buying it in honour of you and planting it in the front garden. Its called Golden Tears...Iv had a lot of tears this last year with you gone, I miss you so much my little angel and always will.

May 1st and your First Birthday at the Rainbow BRidge
My sweet darling girl. Today would have been your 14th BIrthday but its your first one in Heaven. I am missing you more than ever today. The thought of not being able to give you Birthday Kisses and watch you open your presents has broken my heart all over again. How you loved BIrthdays and Christmas! There is not a day that goes by when I don't miss holding you in my arms. You sure lived up to your name you were and still are a GEM you are and always shall be my little treasure and my soul mate. Keep looking for me at the Bridge as when I do come I want you to be the first thing I see....be prepared to be cuddled and never be let go of ever again. My arms feel so empty with you my baby girl. I love you always and forever x

May 14th
My darling Gemsie. We have all the firsts over with now. It was your first anniversary at the bridge on 9th of this month. That was a hard day to get through. I miss you so much my darling girl and will never forget you. THe thing that is helping me get through the loss is seeing you again....I hope we will be reunited one day. if we arent what is life all about?

June 9th
Hello baby girl. I popped on to let you know that Minnie is at the bridge now. She left Auntie Sue and Uncle Rhod almost three weeks ago so please look out for her won't you. I never stop missing you, you were my everything. Time goes on without you here.....it seems so cruel that it does. Lola is a comfort but she would never replace you, you were my first born. She reminds me a lot of you....the way she looks at me. I wish I could hold you in my arms again my sweet girl. I am not afraid of dieing anymore because my idea of heaven is holding you in my arms again and never letting you go
July 30th 2012
My little baby girl. I dreamt that Doreen who died just before you were born was looking after you. I hope so as I know you would love Auntie Doreen she loved her doggies and I know she would take good care of you. I love you with all my heart and not one day goes by that I dont stop missing you and wishing you were here with us x

September 4th 2012
My darling baby girl. I cannot believe two months have past since I last wrote. It does not mean that I have forgotten you not ever. I just can never get over you not being here. I never stop missing you. Whenever I think of you the old pain comes back and I feel the same way as I did when you left me for Rainbow Bridge. I still say Goodnight to you every single night...you are the last soul I speak to before I shut my eyes. I wonder if you hear me? I hope you know how much I love you and there will only be one Gemsie every....you my baby girl and always shall be x

My dear baby girl. Not one day passes by when I don't think of you. I hope the fireworks havent upset you this week. I did say not to worry as Mummy is here. I miss you so much and always shall xxx

Christmas is almost on it's way and it will be the second Christmas without you my darling girl so I am missing even more now if thats possible. I yearn to hold you in my arms. This pain for you will never go away until the day I die and am with you again. You were my soul mate and my whole world

February 2013
My sweet little Gemsie. Not a day goe's by when I don't think about you and miss you. Just because I havent been to visit doe's not mean i would forget you, it just makes me cry to be here The last thing I think of before I go to sleep is you, do you ever hear me when I tell you Goodnight? I miss my little lap dog, my little soul mate. In three months time it shall be your second anniversary at the Rainbow Bridge...how dare time go on without you, it just doesn't seem right. You will be 15 on 1st May too. Little Lola has settled in well, sometimes I can see your spirit in her, the way she asks me for something to eat. Remember when you would do the 'river dance' and tap your feet when you wanted something from the kitchen? Lola barks at me instead. I still have your choclate button jar right by your ashes. I haven't opened them and they are going to stay there...they were your fav. Remember when you would ask for one seven o'clock each evening? You were such a little cutie, my little beauty. Everytime I hear the song 'You're Beautiful' I think of you, remember when I used to sing it to you and you would lick my face? Always in my heart x

April 2013
My darling girl. It is creeping up to your 2nd Anniversary at the Bridge. Its been two whole year but it only seems like yesterday you were lying on my lap and loving me. I miss you terribly at the moment. Sometimes I feel you....I hope you are here with me. I yearn to hold you in my arms. I love you so much my baby girl. Life sure isn't the same without my little soul mate Loveyou always and forever until we are together again xxx

May 1st May 2013
HAPPY Birthday my sweet baby girl. You would have been 15 today. I hope the angels are spoiling you today. Love you always x

May 9th 2013
My sweet darling girl. Today it would have been two years since you fell asleep in my arms. I thought the hurt would stop but the pain of losing you never has.
I hope you know how very special you were and still are to me. I will never forget you. Will love you till the day I die.

September 25th 2013
My darling baby girl. I am sorry but my heart breaks each time I come and visit the forum. I have never got over the loss of not having you here. I never will. I miss you with all of my heart and soul. I hope and pray that we shall be together one day its what is keeping me going. I love you so much. I found some of your fur today and I am going to get it made into a little love heart. I can't wait to get it....something close to my heart. Keep playing and running free at the Bridge until we are together again and remember that Mummy loves you sooo much x

Christmas Eve 2013
Dear little Gemsie. I never ever ever stop missing you and yearning for you my darling girl. This is the third Christmas without you, although I am surround with you everywhere...I have all your pictures, your ashes, a heart made from your beautful hair. I cannot let go and never shall. You are my world. Muppet misses you and so doe's Daddy and Fudge but they hide there grief a lot better than I do, for you were my soul mate. Another year without you is another year closer to be with you thats how I see it now. Merry Christmas at the Rainbow Bridge my baby girl. My love for you lives on forever. Please come and visit me soon. Hope the Angels are taking care of you. I miss my little lap dog so much. xxxx

New YEars Eve 2013
My baby girl, THis is the second year we will be seeing in without you here and it hurts so badly. This is the worst day of the year, I miss you even more than the rest of the days. Here goes another year without you my baby girl. Please come and visit us tonight. As the clock strikes 12 as usual I will be thinking of you and yearning for you xxxx

1st May 2014
Happy Birthday to my little Gemsie, my soulmate. You would have been sixteen today. At this time you probably would have been opening your presents, how you loved Birthdays and Christmas. I am missing you more today than any other day. I wish I could see you and hold you in my arms again. I will never forget you....my first born I have some news We have a new addition. Frank is his name and I think you would like him as he has a lot of poodle in him! Muppet, Fudge,Lola and Frank are helping me through today and all the other days without you. I hope one day we will all be together again and you will get to know Lola and Frank They are all here because of you my angel, You taught me to love like a Mother could love a child and I love you all so very much You are my world. I hope you are celebrating at the Rainbow Bridge today. its not everyday you celebrate your 16th xxxx

30th April 2015
My darling sweet girl. I cannot say that I have stopped missing you and never shall. You have left a hole in my heart that will never be filled. I still miss you so very much. Please keep on visiting me in my dreams until the day I die when we can properly be together. You were and still are my soul mate, I can still feel you around me. I love you so much. It would have been you 17th Birthday tomorrow......it is your third Birthday at the bridge. Thinking of you my little angel......I never stop xxxx

May 9th 2016
My baby girl It's been five years since you fell asleep in my arms. Not one day goes by when I don't think of you. I will never stop missing you. My best friend and soul mate xxx

April 2018
Not a day goes by when I don't miss you my darling girl. You were my soulmate and will always be <3 It will be seven years since you left me soon. I cannot believe I have managed to get through without you. I love you so very. very much my baby girl xxx

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