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Memories of Geech
Friday May 13, 2011 started out as a bad day for us. We had to take you to the vets to see what was wrong with you. You could not stand, walk or even hold you head up, the night before all you were doing was crying all night while I was at work. Daddy kept calling me to tell me how you were and it broke my heart that I was not with you. On Friday morning I called the vets and we got an appointment for later in the day. The doctor gave you some strong medicine and said that it might help you. He wasn't sure what was wrong he was thinking you might have a brain tumor. We took you home and you just rested in the living room, later daddy carried you to the bedroom so you could sleep in there. You slept most of the night without crying.

Saturday May 14, 2011 you seemed to be alittle more alert, but you could not get up, when daddy stood you up you could stand for second before you fell down. With a sad heart I called the vet to do what I never want to do again. We took you over at noon and the doctor looked at you and talked to us for awhile. He thinks that you have bone cancer in your front leg, plus muscle loss in your back legs. We hated to see you suffering so that is why we had to have you put to sleep. It broke my heart to see you suffering like that. You know daddy and I would have done anything for you, as you were and always will be our special little boy. WE LOVE YOU WITH ALL OF OUR HEARTS AND SOULS. Bonnie and Scarlet(your doggie sisters) Gizmo, Buttonnose and Razzle(your kitty brother and sisters) miss you so very much.

Friday May 20, 2011 today we went to look for another brother for everyone. Bonnie & Scarlet just havn't been the same since you left us, even the kitties have acted different this past week. We went to look at a 1 year old choc lab who was sweet but still a puppy and he doesn't really like kitties to much. We next looked at a 6 year old black lab mix who seems to like cats and gets along with other doggies. We are taking Bonnie & Scarlet to see him tomorrow for a meet and greet. Don't know how they will get along but I hope good. When we got home there was a message from the vets stating that your ashes were at the office. It broke my heart to think they called when we were looking at another furbaby. Just remember that if we get another baby it is for Bonnie & Scarlet an also to give another doggie a good home. Remember that we have so much love to give,and we could never replace you as you Geech are our special boy. I havn't stopped thinking about you at all this week, it has been especially hard on the nights that I have been home knowing that you are not on the couch sleeping with Gizmo. Daddy an I think and talk about you all the time and want you to know that we LOVE YOU and MISS YOU so very much.

Saturday May 21, 2011 It has been 1 week since we lost you my sweet little boy. This afternoon we took Bonnie & Scarlet to meet Baxter at the shelter to see how they would all get along an all the while I was thinking of you and missing you. After hanging out for awhile I left a deposit for Baxter, and we will be picking him up sometime Monday. Can not wait to see what the kitties think of him, I think that they will probably hide for alittle while, but they will get used to them. Daddy an I love you and miss you so very much, remember Geech we are getting Baxter for doggie sisters and kitty brother and sisters. You are forever in our hearts.

Monday May 23rd Well we went and picked up Baxter today, when we got home Razzle ran an hide in the kitty room, Scarlet kept barking at him. Bonnie, Gizmo and Buttonnose all seemed to be fine with him. He seem to be very sweet and loving but he is not you my Geech. Remember you will never be replaced we just have so much love in our hearts for another furbaby, even when friends say we shouldn't. I love you Geech and you will forever be in my heart.

Wednesday May 25th Today I stopped on my way home from work to pick up your ashes. The vets office gave me some of your hair and a print of your paw. I put your ashes, hair and paw print on the mantle so you will be in your favorite room. Daddy let everyone sniff the bag of your hair, Bonnie and Razzle seemed to sniff it the most. To let you know Baxter seems to be getting along with everyone. Razzle is still a little scared but she at least staying in the same room. Scarlet keeps barking at him you know how she can be. Well me sweet boy I am getting ready to leave work and go home so I will let you know how everyone is doing. I know that you are watching over us, as your are our special little angel. Run and play with Benji,Ellarose and Spunky and stay with Grandma so she can spoil you with lots of treats. We all love you and miss you so much. Love Mommy, Daddy, Bonnie, Scarlet(doggie sisters), Gizmo, Buttonnose, and Razzle Dazzle(kitty brother & sisters)

Tuesday June 14th It has only been 1 month since we lost you my sweet Geech. There hasn't been one day, hour, or minute that I havn't thought of you. Daddy an I still miss you so very much. Baxter seems to be getting along with everyone. Razzle is starting to play with him and Scarlet still thinks she is the boss. Everyone sends you their love. Watch over us baby as I know that you are our special angel boy. I love and miss you. Love, Mommy

Thursday July 14th Today marks 2 months that you have been gone. We miss you so very much my sweet baby boy. Right now daddy an I are waiting for the vet to call to talk about your sister Scarlet. Her bloodwork came back very high for her liver levels, and the vet thinks that she mught have Cushing's disease. We will know more when the urine tests come back. Geech please keep a watch over Bonnie, Scarlet, Gizmo, Buttonnose and Razzle, keep them safe and happy. You are my special little angel boy and I love and miss you so very much. Love Mommy

Wednesday November 2nd. It has been 5 1/2 months since we lost you my sweet little boy. Everyday daddy an I talk about you and how much we miss you. Daddy got me a beautiful heart necklace for my birthday that I was able to put some of your ashes in. It is purple which was your birthstone color and he had your name put on the back of it. This way my sweet Geech you will always be with me. I still find it so hard to believe that you are gone. Baxter is doing well with everyone except I think that he is afraid of Scarlet every once in awhile. Buttonnose and Baxter get along great with one another as they are best buddies. Everyone sends their love and know that we miss you so very very much my little angel. My birthday will not be the same without you giving me ear kisses. Stay with grandma until mommy can be with you. I love you so very much, you are always on my mind and in my heart. Love Mommy

Sunday December 25th. MERRY CHRISTMAS my sweet boy. Today mommy had to work at the hospital for 16 hours straight, and all I did was think of you and how much you loved christmas. I remember how you would come downstairs in the morning and your eyes got really big when you saw the presents under the tree. Since I had to work today we are going to have christmas tomorrow, but my heart is not into it. Nobody seemed to care when I was wrapping presents like you always did. Well my special little guy I have to get back to work now, I love you and we all miss you very much. Christmas is not the same without you Geech. Merry Christmas and I love you Geech.

Saturday February 25, 2012. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweet Geech. Today is your 14th birthday and you have been gone for 9 months my sweet boy. Every day daddy and I talk about you and we still wonder what caused us to loss you. We are even thinking about changing vets as we are not sure that they did enough tests on you to determine if you had bone cancer or a brain tumor. Daddy and I miss you more and more each day, sometimes it is hard to talk about you without me starting to cry. Well my sweet boy everyone wanted me to wish you Happy Birthday and send them their love. I love and miss you so very much Geech. Love Mommy

Tuesday March 27, 2012. My sweet boy mommy has to tell you that M'Alee's baby Princess died this morning you remember she is Buttonnose litter mate. Poor Princess has been sick for almost a year, but M'Alee has been taking real good care of her. Please watch out for Princess and let her be with you. Also let her know that everyone loves her and will miss her so very much. There is not a single day that goes by that I do not think of you and how much I miss you. I love you so much my sweet boy. Love Mommy

Sunday May 13, 2012. I can not believe that it will be one year tomorrow that we lost you my sweet boy. There is not one day that goes by where I do not think of you and how much I miss you. Daddy an I were talking about missing you still so very very much. Everyone seems to be doing good, I know that Bonnie still misses you as does Gizmo. Baxter has really become a good brother to Bonnie and Scarlet, and he loves to play with the kitties. Buttonnose and him get along great, Razzle still likes to be chased by him. Today is Mother's Day an I really missed my ear kiss from you my sweet boy. Well my sweet Geech we love you and miss you so very very much. I will write again soon my boy. I can not believe that you are gone a year already. I LOVE YOU my sweet little boy. Love Mommy

Sunday October 21, 2012. Geech it is with a sad heart that mommy has to tell you that your sister Bonnie has gone to meet you at the rainbow bridge. Our sweet Bonnie passed away at 12:43 today as we were taking her to the emergency animal hospital, she died in my arms at the age of almost 17. Yesterday was Scarlet's 12th birthday and they enjoyed the cupcakes mommy made. But last night before mommy went to work Bonnie started not feeling good and when I got home from work she looked at me and then went into the bedroom and just laid down bye the bed waiting for daddy to get up. I will be starting a memorial for Bonnie but wanted to tell you about her. Please run and play with her and take care of Bonnie. I miss both of my babies, I love you my sweet little boy, please watch out for Bonnie. Love, Mommy

Tuesday November 6, 2012. Today is mommy birthday and I am missing my special boy Geech and my special girl Bonnie. My birthday will not be the same without the both of you. Mommy is getting ready to leave work to go home to a house with no power since we had a bad storm last week it has been 9 days without power, but at least you and Bonnie are warm and with grandma, who loves all of my babies. I love you Geech and Bonnie take care of one another.

Monday February 25, 2013. Today would have been your 15th birthday my sweet little boy. Mommy and daddy were talking about you and Bonnie today, missing both of you so very much. As you know because you are watching over us, that we have another new baby named Godiva. She is finally adjusting to living with us and all the furbabies. Please stay with grandma and take care of her and Bonnie. We miss you so very much. Love Mommy, Daddy, Scarlet, Baxter, Godiva, Gizmo, Buttonnose and Razzle.

Tuesday May 14, 2013. Oh my Geech it has been 2 years today that we lost you, an almost 7 months since we lost Bonnie. I hope and pray that you and Bonnie are running and playing together all the time. Scarlet(doggy sister) ,Gizmo, Buttonnose, and Razzles(kitty brother & sisters)still miss you and Bonnie so very much. Baxter and Godiva are joys to have as our furbabies, but Daddy an I still miss the both of you so very very much. Mommy has been home for awhile an I miss having you and Bonnie sleeping with me. Scarlet still sleeps with me during the day, but Baxter and Godiva only want to be with Daddy. I love and miss you Geech and think about you everyday. Remember that you are always our little boy, take care of Bonnie. Hugs and kisses from Mommy, Daddy, Scarlet, Baxter, Godiva, Gizmo, Buttonnose and Razzles.

Wednesday May 14, 2014. My sweet Geech it has been 3 years day that you left us. Daddy an I still miss you so very much. We were talking about you the other day about how you were when the kittens were born, how you were watching over them. I know that you know about Razzles having a heart murmur and rapid heart rate, so I know that you and Bonnie are watching over her and all of us. I miss you so very much my sweet boy, please watch over us and take care of grandma and Bonnie. Love Mommy, Daddy, Scarlet, Baxter, Godiva, Gizmo, Buttonnose and Razzles.

Thursday May 14, 2015. Oh my sweet Geech it is 4 years ago today the we lost you. Mommy heart is still breaking over lossing you and Bonnie. Daddy an I think about you alot remembering what a sweet boy you were. I know that you are playing with your sister Bonnie. Please watch over her and grandma until I can join you at the bridge. Mommy will try to write soon, instead of once a year, but it still breaks my heart knowing that you are gone. Please watch over mommy and daddy and your furry brothers and sisters as we all miss and love you very much. Love Mommy, Daddy, Scarlet, Baxter, Godiva, Gizmo, Buttonnose and Razzles XOXOXO

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