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Memories of Gator
We enjoyed 16 years of unconditional love that our Gator gave us. He was always happy, full of energy and eager to share his love and kindness with everyone. He was a fast learner and eager to please. Gator was a faithful companion, often following us wherever we went in the house, be it to the bathroom, changing clothes in the closet after a day at work or outside to the backyard for yard work. Perhaps this was because he was curious but more probably, this was because he wanted to ensure we were safe from any harm.

Gator loved going to the lake, getting on the boat, jumping into the water and swimming without a care in the world. His tail would wag endlessly, and while it would clear the coffee table with one swipe, we knew it was from being so happy to be with us. And whether we would eat in the dining room, living room or patio, he would supervise us preparing the food and setting table. Once we were finished and ready to eat, he sat patiently as we ate and he never thought to take any food from our plate if we left the room. He was so well behaved. Of course we rewarded him and he showed us how grateful he was for sharing our food with him. Everyone in the neighborhood and friends who visited from across the country fell in love with Gator. He touched everyone in a positive way and quickly became their best friend.

At night time, we slept together as a family. He loved this time of tranquility with us. Although he was 80 pounds, he could expertly find his space in the bed while not disturbing us. The warmth of his body next to us each night served to ease our mind from the day's pressures and helped us realize that whatever challenges we faced, they were minor - what really mattered was our family and being together.

As Gator moved through the years he slowed down to be sure, but his love for us never did. He faced several health challenges along the way but he never complained. He battled through those challenges like the "super dog" he was until he had no more to give. At that point, he let us know his time was at hand. While this was hard on us, we understood his message and knew the right thing to do was to relieve his suffering. It is still hard to this day but we find strength knowing he is waiting for us at the Rainbows Bridge and that the day will come when we will meet again and cross over Rainbows Bridge together and enjoy everlasting life together.

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