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Memories of Garrish
She was the sweetest thing that ever walked the earth She was such a kind and loving soul. She loved everyone. Always a loving girl and my best friend. We always cuddled. She helped me with all my chores around the house She was always a good little mother that cared for everyone. If you were sad she was right there to comfort you. Let's not forget bout kitty grandma who cared for her while I was away on the road she made friends with my mothers biggest dog that no one else liked --so my mother also saw her love firsthand She would also let me know of her approval of my dating choices by standing in between myself and the poor would- be suitors. As if to say nope Ma not for you. When my other kitty came into our lives She showed the new kitty " the ropes" .She would take new kitty under her wing and train her in proper kitty etiquette and brought new kitty out of her shell like I never could. She always had a big heart and never did anything wrong, she really was a-goodie- two- shoes .When my then boyfriend now fiancé came along -( who is a cat person too) she quickly accepted him and she adopted him as kitty daddy. Smarts ? Yes she had those for sure. She had such a good vocabulary a big vocabulary. Garrish spoke better than a lot of people I know. But we had our own language too we could feel one another's emotions. Then came the day of her terminal diagnosis. I absolutely could not believe it " inoperable " they said. My heart sank I asked how and why. I was determined to make her better but despite my efforts I had to do what was best for my baby. I'm a little sadder and my house is a little emptier now-but I know she's happy and free that's all that matters I love her forever and one day I'll see her again. So til that day...

I just stopped by here to check on you sweetie. I know you're loving this beautiful place I was so glad to find pink piwwow here at RainbowsBridge!!! What a sign that was-- you really loved pink piwwow-remember daddy sewed it for you so many times. I just miss you and miss having you around. Mandy is very quiet and doesn't meow quite as much now. I think she misses you too. I'm so happy that you're not in pain anymore and I'm sure you have lots of friends too. Just checking on you. I love you my little baby.

Morning Precious it's Daddy. It's early and me and Mommy are talking about you and reminiscing. I remember all the fun we had with you. You were so comforting to us. I loved you. I remember one time I came home and you scattered my m and ms all over the bedroom I still can't get over how you did that. And the one time we looked everywhere for the scrabble tiles and we knew you were just being silly I also remember the time me and Mommy came back from our anniversary dinner and you silly girls overturned the garbage can. I don't think you guys liked us going lol. I also remember how you loved pink piwwow and that I would sew it for you to keep it together. And after the vet visit when we found out you spoke to me ( meowed) as if to say thank you Daddy I love you I know you are young and healthy now. We all loved you and miss you terribly. We all will see you again one day. Now go play with all the friends you made sweetie!!

November 22 2018
Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 my love. I'm baking turkey and me and daddy are thinking of you today and how much you loved the turkey baking and eating it of course!!! I left you a pumpkin pie. I miss you very much. Please drop in sometime to say hello. I love you, always!!!

Merry Christmas 🎄 my baby. I miss you and love you. I think about you all the time. Thank you for making every Christmas I had with you so wonderful. I know you loved al the decorations and the special Christmas food. I hope you're having the most special day at rainbow 🌈 bridge. Love you!!!

Happy new year my angel. This is the first new year in a long time that we didn't celebrate it together. I hope you're having lots of fun and good food. Did you see little pea yet. She's a little feisty. But you tell her her mom is sorry and loves and misses her too. Daddy said to tell you happy new year. Mandy doesn't know quite what to do without you. But I really show her that I love her. I will show you pictures of your little memorial soon. You are front and center in the living room. You will always be remembered and we miss you. Love you.

Hi princess. Are u having fun with all your new friends? You are so sweet and likeable. I know how you loved to lay in the sunshine. It's summer now. Lottsa sunny days and no rain. Mandy misses you a lot she doesn't look the same anymore. She's lonely. Maybe you can help me to find a little friend for her. She's bored with me. Lol. I think about you a lot and so does daddy. This is our first summer without you. We miss you a lot. Remember we love you here. Watch over us. I love you--Mommy

Hi sweetie. How's my angel? I couldn't write before. Mandy is with you now. I know you both are having so much. Fun. I know you'll take good care of her you're such a good little mother. I miss you. I wish you could've stayed, too One day we'll all be together. Drop in sone time just to say hello. Merry Christmas my love.

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