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Memories of Garfield
This gentle giant came into my life in the summer of 2006. The sweetest cat just appeared in my back yard and stole my heart.
Garfield was my first boy cat and has taught me how to love unconditionally. I've had girl cats since 1985,and I never knew boy cats were that lovable.
I miss my feline alarm clock in the mornings for work. I miss Garfield meowing until I open that first can of food of the day. I miss him waiting for me to get out of the shower and turn on the water faucet in the bathtub so he can drink water. I miss that loud purr of his that just has that special calming effect.
I long for the day that when I pass from this world,I will see Garfield and all the cats I've loved in my life when I walk across the Rainbow Bridge.To me, that would be true heaven.
In my life, there is only one Garfield. One of a kind cat that I didn't have as a kitten. The sweetest and gentlest soul I've ever known in me life.

July 16,2018:
My precious Garfield,it's coming up on one year since you left my arms and crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I still miss you so much and I still shed many tears. You took a piece of my heart when you crossed that bridge.
I would like to thank you for choosing the kitty we adopted from the local shelter 4 days after you left us. Mario is such a sweetheart and has helped me in my sorrow of losing you. I know you choose him to replace the emptiness I felt since you crossed the Bridge. You gave him a lot of your personality and traits.
Garfield, I will always miss you terribly until we are reunited at the Rainbow Bridge when my time on earth is done.

July 28,2019
Two years ago today,you left my loving arms and crossed the Rainbow Bridge.I know you were sick and your health was failing. we did everything we can to make you better. I still miss you so much. The pain of seeing you cross the Rainbow Bridge has eased only little in these two years.Our youngest cat,Mario,who you chose to ease my pain of loosing you,is showing more of your personality. I believe not only are you across the Rainbow Bridge,you were chosen to be GOD'S lap cat. You will always be in my heart.I love you!

July 28,2020
It was 3 years ago that you had to leave me and cross the Rainbow Bridge.My precious Garfield, you are not forgotten. I still love you very much and I still miss you so very much. There will never be another precious cat like you. You were truly one of a kind. You left paw prints on my heart that will be there forever.
I know you have many friends over the Rainbow Bridge. You have an amazing personality. You are there with your sisters, Trudie(who crossed the Bridge in December of 2016) and Scully, who crossed over last September.
I always look forward to the day when we are all reunited, together, over the Rainbow Bridge.
I love you!

July 28, 2021
I can't believe it's been 4 years since you crossed the Rainbow Bridge, my dear Garfield. We still have your picture framed and hanging in the living room. You were (and still are) an important part of our lives. You came into our lives in the Summer of 2006, as a fully grown cat and the sweetest soul. I am so happy you choose us to be your family.
I know you are awaiting our arrival at the Rainbow Bridge when we leave this life. I truly believe GOD wants us all to be together in Heaven with all of our fur kids.
Garfield, I will always miss you dearly and I will never forget the joy you brought into my life.
Love Always,

July 28,2022
5 years have passed since you left paw prints on my heart when you crossed the Rainbow Bridge. You will always have a special place in my heart,my precious Garfield. I think about you quite often,and miss you very much. You were my first boy kitty and you showed me how loveable boy kitties can be. Now, I have 4 boys. I have adopted 2 boys since you have been over the Rainbow Bridge. Mario and Tucker remind me so much of your energy and personality.
I am looking forward to when we all reunite together on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.
I love you, Garfield, and I always will.
Love Always,

July 29,2023
It's been 6 years since you crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
I know you were tired and sick,and you needed to cross that Bridge.
I still think of you often because you left your paw prints on my heart.
You are still very special to me,even though I have 4 kitty boys that comfort me with their purrs and meows.
I look forward to seeing you and the rest of my kitty family when GOD calls me Home.
Love Always,

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