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My Sebastian was my 1st Cavalier and in my heart I knew I wanted a companion for him . I met a lovely woman named Kathy Conrad at a Cavalier Match she was a Breeder and I ask her if she was breeder soon and she said she should have puppies in Nov and she gave me her card ,I called her and she remember me right away and I went to see her puppies and behold there was a pretty little tri-color girl and I named her Gabriella,she wasn't ready to come home with me until she was 8weeks ,so Kathy called her by name and sure enough when I returned to pick her up she knew her name .
Sebastian now had a sister Gabriella and they bonded right away . Gabriella I must say was a lazy puppy ,she like to lay down ,take the sun ,watch tv and thats about it . Sebastian really didnt mind he would run while she watched so funny .Gabriella was a quiet little girl ,hardly bark never pulled on the lead she was a great little girl,they were good together complete opposite,they did like chewing on press bones together. Gabriella was my moms favorite why cause she was lazy ,she sat with my Mom and watched TV,just a perfect angel.
They say to have a cavalier is like eating a lays potato chip can't stop at one so I decided to get another from Kathy a Ruby Girl name Scarlett ,she was born Dec.2006, I must say I had happy cavaliers Gabby had a sister now but still she was lazy,she never change. One day I was looking at the Cavalier Rescue site and I fell in love with this little tri color girl Star who had Fly cathers ,well I had to have her and I did ,Cavalier Rescue gave me Star she was so special,and all my babies knew that. They would wonder why she would be jumping up and down they just look at her but never jump on her ,they were so good with her ,when Star would cover herself they all would lay beside her,Gabby was with her the most ,so wonderful to see.Sebastian and Gabriella both had heart murmurs ,June 12 2011 ,my Sebastian passed away ,he stopped eating on May17 and was gone in 3 weeks so fast he died from enlarged heart and intestinal cancer ,Gabriella took his death very hard with in a couple of weeks after Sebastian death she started screaming in her sleep soo loud that it was terrifying . Some time past she would do it once in a while not all the time ,I started to write it down every time she had a screaming event ,and there was lots of them ,A month or so after Sebastian pass a woman on Facebook wanted to give me a Tri color Boy named Tristan I was shock and I discuss it with Andy and we told Bev the breeder of Tristan we would love to have him ,and he was ours ,so now Gabriella,Scarlett and Star had another brother,and the screams left ,I never understood what my Gabby was going through but maybe it was her dreaming and missing her Sebastian. Tristan was a wild pup but he never messed with Gabby he was very gentile with her the other he wasn't not even Star .
Gabriella heart murmur was getting worse so we put her on a raw diet and she started to drop weight which was good for her heart,with her meds.and the weight loss she was doing wonderful I was thrilled she was even running a little ,Tristan brought something out of Gabby it was great to see . Gabriella became more active she would have a burst of energy and i had to laugh ,so funny,all was good ,her physical this year was good except the bottom chambers of the heart was thicking and that meant Gabby's heart was working harder which was serious.This past friday she ate Breakfast she is the first one done and she barks all the time for her food ,nothing different at dinner the same thing had her treats all was good,I was on my computer around 7:30 that evening and I heard name tags from there collars hitting the floor ,I turned around and there was my Gabby on the floor like a fish not in water I panic I picked her up and she was not steady her back legs were weak and she was falling so I place her on the pillow and her chest was going up and down so fast ,I called my breeder and she told me to calm down look in her mouth and see if it was pale ,it was and she wanted me to count her breaths but I couldn't I was to upset she told me to call Andy and we took her to emergency hospital in bedford Gabriella heart was all over the place they tried to regulate it but she threw a clot which caused her to have a stroke and there was nothing they could so we needed to say goodbye and we did ,I lost my beautiful Gabby Girl,I still can't believe it ,I feel its a bad dream and i'm going to wake up ,but not so ,she's at the Bridge with her brother Sebastian and they are together once again. So very hard to lose them but yet for me I can't live my life with out that love they gave .So for now I said good bye to my Gabriella knowing that one day we will all be together again.. RIP my beautiful angel ,you will always and forever be in mommies heart ,The memory of you remains with me each and every day,I will never forget you my GABBY GIRL,Thank You For the Love You gave me For the time you were with me.I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK... HUGS and KISSES TO YOU .. MOMMY..

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