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Memories of French Fry
"French Fry" Unique not just by his name, but also because he was the Rainbow, in so many lives. He was "human" by his intelligence and "animal" by his unconditional love. He was the child I never had and he taught me what a "mother's love" was all about. He went to Rainbows Bridge at a time in my life that was incredibly difficult. But as it turned out -- he had a good reason to go !! He had work to do !! Thank you my beloved French Fry for sending Alan to me, to take care of me and let me take care of him just as I did you. He scratches his feet just like you did !! You got even with me for always trying to find a way to get you to stop, didn't you ? He never has fleas though and although he likes to walk, we do it "hand and hand" at the beach !! Usually a husband and wife create a "child" in this case my precious "furbaby" French Fry created a husband and wife. You are a part of everything we do and you are talked about and loved every day. Play, sleep and keep your beautiful eyes open for me at "the bridge" I will hold you again some day. I Love You Forever Your Mommy Hi my sweet angel. It is five years today, 12/15/02 since you went to the "rainbow" I miss you and love you just as much as ever. I hope you are happy and healthy with all your friends. Things here are fine but there will always be an empty place in my heart, without you. Sleep tight my precious baby. Love you so much, Mommy 12/15/04 My Sweet French Fry, Not a day goes by that I don't think about you or talk about you. No number of years could ever reduce the love that I have always had for you for the last 22 years. Thank you for sending Fudgy to us, last December. I guess you wanted to prove to me that I still had more love in my heart to give to one of your "brothers". I tell him about you all the time, he gets into trouble more than you did but he is not interested in hearing about how wonderful you are -- I tell him anyway !! I love you, sleep well my darling and keep Grandma Ruth and Auntie Pat warm, for me. I love you so much -- Mommy 12/02/06 My sweet French Fry -- please don't think that because I don't write it means I have forgotten you --NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS ! Not a day goes by that I am not thinking about you and speaking your name. On this date, 24 years ago the sweetest most loving little angel, my French Fry was born. I thank God for you everyday !!. Things here are o.k., Fudgy keeps us busy and laughing and in some small way makes missing you a little less painful. I promise you that part of every day is filled with thoughts of you. Auntie Betty moved back to England and we talk on the phone about you and Sam, all the time. Sam stayed here with a wonderful family but she misses him a lot. You were both so special to us and brought us together for a very special life long friendship == thank you, darling for that, also. I love you and no one can touch that special place in my heart, where YOU LIVE FOREVER !! Love, Mommy 8/29/08 Hi Baby, As usual I have been talking about you alot --first with Auntie Betty and then with my special friend Candace. Candace and her husband, Randy, are going through a very difficult time because their "fur baby" Shelby's time has come to go to The Bridge. Shelby is coming today and I told tham that I would write to you and ask you to "welcome her" to Rainbow's Bridge. I know you will show her around and celebrate her being free of pain !! I love you more than words can say and that is why I don't feel the need to "write"very often. You fill my heart and life EVERYDAY. I will say goodbye for now -- please welcome Shelby with the love and kisses you go generously can give. I love you sooo much. Love Mommy Hi my precious baby -- it is 12/15/09 -- Mommy is getting older but NEVER too old to think about you EVERYDAY OF MY LIFE. I cry each time I come to visit you and I remember how you used to lick my face when I would cry. Well you will be happy to know that Alan and Fudgy make me not cry as much. It was strange that today, the day you went to Rainbow's Bridge, Fudgy ate grass for the first time in the six years that he has been with us. I could not believe it because you used to do that all the time and Fudgy never has. I told Alan that French Fry used to do that all the time -- I guess it was your way of "being with me today". I love you sooo much and THAT will NEVER CHANGE. Sleep tight my Angel -- Love Mommy 12/16/10 Hello baby - Mommy did not forget you yesterday -- NOT EVER ! You won't believe this but Uncle Joe passed away yesterday morning. I KNOW that you came and helped him cross over. Do you remember when Uncle Joe and Aunt Gloria would play with you and stayed with you a few times. I know you will find him and kiss him and welcome him to your wonderful world where there is no pain and sorrow. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and when I an holding Fudgy I am always telling him stories about you. Aunt Betty is back in England but we talk about you all the time. I don't know if Sam has come to the Bridge but I think he probably has, because of his age. I am doing fine with my health -- one day at a time. Take care my baby Mommy loves you FOREVER. Alan is sorry he never got to meet you but your pictures are EVERYWHERE in the house -- you are STILL a BIG part of my life -- some of the BEST DAYS were with you. Play ---sleep well my baby !! Love Mommy

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