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Memories of Freeway
My Freeway died today and I was there as I held him as we said good-by.He was happiest when he could sit on the window ledge and look out and bark at anyone that walked by.He also loved to lie outside in the sun.He enjoyed his daily cookies and little pieces of chicken I would give him when I was cutting it up for their meals.He used to smile when he was happy.He was sweet and loving and I shall miss him every day of my life until I join him at the Raibow Bridge.Sleep well,my precious boy!I love you very much. My Freeway is gone for 3 months and I still miss him very much and think of him running in the fields with his mom Jazmin and his sister Shamrock.Rhett and I are moving and I hope he and my other 3 munchkins will find their way to our new home.Wewill look for you after we move,so come along with us.We love you very much.Dear,precious Freeway,I am writing to you today so that you will know that Rhett and I are going to be moving to a new place.I cannot stay here since I lost the four of you.I miss you all too much.I know that you,Shamrock,Jazmin and Macho will find us and we will know you are there.How I miss your funny smile whenever you saw me.You and Shamrock had that same smile and how I loved it.Life is just not the same since you are gone from my life.I think of you all the time and I know that we will all meet again when Rhett and I cross that Rainbow Bridge.Sleep well,my love.I shall always love you and look forward to the day we are all together again. Dear Freeway,Today is the first anniversry of your crossing over the bridge to join your mother and sister and Mr.Macho.How I miss you,my happy fellow.I always remeber how you would smile at me when I asked you to.You were always so happy.I remember the day you were born,here in the house and how your mommy,Jazmin took such good care of you and your brothers ans sisters,Know that I am so sorry you had to die too soon because I let your sister drown and you could not live without her.I hope that someday I will join you and all my other precious pets and we will all be happy again.I love you and miss you.DEAREST FREEWAY,I AM NOW,ALL ALONE BECAUSE RHETT HAS JOINED YOU FOUR PRECIOUS BABIES.IT IS SO LONESOME HERE,WITHOUT YOU.I CRY MYSELF TO SLEEP AT NIGHT AND WOULD LOVE TO BE ABLE TO GIVE EACH OF YOU A BIG HUG AND A KISS.I LOOK AT YOUR PICTURES AND I THINK OF ALL THE WONDERFUL TIMES WE HAD TOGETHER.I PRAY THAT I CAN BE WITH ALL OF YOU VERY SOON BECAUSE WITHOUT YOU,MY LIFE HAS NO MEANING.I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU.REST IN PEACE,MY RIBBITY,MOMMYGOOD MORNING MY RIBBITY,I AM THINKING OF YOU TODAY BECAUSE I WAS WATCHING SOEM TAPES OF YOU,YESTERDAY AND THERE YOU WERE LYING IN YOUR FAVORITE SPOT ON THE COUCH ON YOUR 13th BIRTHDAY.YOU WERE SUCH A HAPPY LITTLE GUY.I LOVE YOU MY SWEET AND I MISS YOU VERY MUCH.I AM WAITINNG TO JOIN ALL OF YOU AND BE HAPPY AGAIN.GOOD MORNING TO YOU ,MY PRCIOUS BOY,YOU ARE GONE 3 YEARS TODAY AND I AM REMEMBERING ALL THE GOOD TIMES WE HAD TOGETHER.HOW HANDSOME YOU WERE THE DAY YOU WERE SHOWN IN MADISON SQUARE GARDEN AT THE WESTMINSTER DOG SHOW.YOU WERE CERTAINLY THE HANDSOMEST DOG AT THE SHOW AND YOU RECEIVED A SPECIAL RIBBON BECAUSE YOU WERE SO SPECIAL.IT IS SO HARD TO THINK THAT YOU AND ALL MY OTHER PRECIOUS LITTLE MUNCHKINS ARE TOGETHER AMD I AM ALL ALONE.OI MISS YOU ALL AND WAIT FOR THE DAY WE ARE ALL TOGETHER AGAIN.GOD BLESS YOU MY RIBBITY AND KNOW I THINK OF YOU ALL THE TIME.MOMMY DEAR,SWEET,RIBBITY, TODAY IS THE ANNIVERSARY OF YOUR PASSING.HOW I MISS YOU WITH YOUR FUNNY SMILE WHEN YOU SAW ME.YOU WERE SUCH A HAPPY BOY AND YOUR GREATEST PLEASURE WAS LYING ON THE BED WITH YOUR MOMMY,JAZMIN,AND YOUR SISTER,SHAMROCK.KNOW THAT I WILL ALWAYS MISS ALL OF YOU AND WAIT FOR THE DAY I WILL BE THERE WITH YOU.REST IN PEACE MY LOVE,MOMMY DEAR FREEWAY,YOU HAVE BEEN GONE TOO LONG AND I MISS YOU SO.PLEASE KNOW THAT I THINK OF YOU ALL AND LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME NOW THAT YOU ARE ALL GONE.I AM WAITING FOR THE DAY I JOIN YOU ALL SO WE WILL BE TOGETHER FOEVER.REST IN PEACE,MY PRECIOUS RIBBITY. HELLO MY RIBBITY,YOU ARE GONE 13 YEARS TODAY AND I STILL MISS THAT ADORABLE SMILE YOU ALWAYS GAVE ME WHEN I ASKED YOU TO SMILE.I KNOW YOU MISSED YOUR SISTER AFTER SHE DROWNED IN THE POOL AND WANTED TO BE WITH HER FOREVER.SO I HAD TO SAY GOOD-BY TO YOU ALSO.REST IN PEACE MY LOVE.I MISS AND LOVE ALL OF YOU AND LOOK FORWARD TO THE DAY I AM WITH YOU ALL AGAIN.MOMMY DEAREST FREEWAY,I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU HAVE BEEN GONE SO MANY YEARS. I STILL SEE YOUR LAUGH WHEN YOU SAW ME AND IT WAS SO SPECIAL. IF I EVER HURT YOU,PLEASE FORGIVE ME.I LOVED YOU SO MUCH AND YOU WERE SUCH A HAPPY LITTLE GUY.YOU ARE MY SPECIAL BOY AND I MISS YOU EZCH AND EVERY DAY.

Please also visit Jazmin, Mr. Macho McCool, RHETT and Shamrock.

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