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Memories of Fannie Porter
Fannie was a happy little Russell. She was delighted with a tennis ball or a stick, but her favorite toy was the lunge whip. How she loved it! She would chase a whip dragged through the grass forever, but the crack of its popper would bring excited barks and snapping teeth until at last she caught the popper, and the game turned into tug-of war. She was a good hunter, a classic baying terrier, going to ground whenever she was given an opportunity. My fondest memories of her are in the field, with Kentucky clay and groundhog fur between her toes, crumbles of dirt on top of her head, and the low rumble of her bark confirming that someone was home. On one of our trips she happily ate a one-pound bar of Swedish chocolate pilfered from a friend's suitcase. She was quite pleased with herself and luckily suffered no ill effects. At home, you only had to call her name and she would come, running full-tilt, from where ever she was, with a happy face, her flews pulled back into a smile, as if she hadn't seen you in a week. She loved everyone. She knew no strangers, only friends she had not yet met. She was the best. . . . . January 2000: A year has passed since Fannie crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She has left a void in my life that cannot be filled. I miss her terribly, but more joy than anguish comes with her memories now. She left fabulous memories with me: an incredibly long "hang-time" and a great splash as she launched herself into the pond on a hot summer afternoon; joyfull play with her Taco-Bell toy; finding an opossum that another dog lost; the way her nose wrinkled when she smelled a skunk; curled up with Nikkita, the boxer, on a cold night; asleep in the bed with me. There may be a void in my life, but not in my heart where Fannie will live until we meet again on her side of the Bridge.***January 2002 I miss you, Fannie. You're still the one.***January 2003 Only a great love leaves a great void. Fannie, I love you.*** December 2003 Look for Skipping Bird--she, too, has crossed the Bridge. We miss you both.*** June, 2005 There's more company on the way--Sarah's with you now, too. We miss you all very much.***November 27, 2005 Look for Bandit...he crossed the Bridge tonight to join you. He crossed quietly in my arms. My heart is once again broken.***August 3, 2008 Look for Nikki, she's on your side of the Bridge now. I know that you guys are all having a blast. Can't wait to see you again!***November 19. 2012 Heads up, girl--SPOT! crossed the bridge today. Thanksgiving in in three days, and I'm so thankful to have had all of you in my life. I've learned so much from you. I am lost without you. *** September 6, 2013 What a joy for me to be reunited with Tepes after so many years apart, even if it was for a quick 10 months. He is with all of you now. What a precious little boy he was. Each of you has taken a piece of my heart with you across the Bridge. Can't wait to be with you all again, when my heart will be made whole once again.

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