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October 4, 2008 -
I am not very good with words so here it goes... Fuzzball (Fuzz or Fuzzy) was my handsome black Persian. He died at the young age of 10 from liver cancer on September 29, 2002. Fuzzball and I went through an awful lot together, especially when I was with my abusive ex-husband. I really think I would have gone crazy without the comfort that Fuzzball gave me during that time.

Everyone who met Fuzzball would instantly fall in love with him and his special personality. He was one in a million.

Here are some of the fond memories I have of my Fuzzball:

1) Fuzzball would follow me everywhere, even into the bathroom. He would get mad if I did not let him in with me. He was my shadow and at times I still miss that.

2) If for some reason he was could not see me, he would meow this special meow. I then would call out "I am in here Fuzzy" and he would come running.

3) Fuzzball used to love to walk around the rim of the bathtub while I was taking a bubble bath. One day he slipped and fell in the tub and then took off running. I had to run after him totally naked so I could wash all the suds off of him. What a sight I am sure. Fuzzball did not forgive me after that for a few days.

4) When I went on a date Fuzzball would fake a tummy ache from a fur ball to try to get me to stay home. I knew he was faking because he would not take his fur ball medicine. Once I got back home he would hold a grudge for awhile, but would not let me out of his site.

5) My late father nick-named Fuzzball "Fuzzysnake" because of the weird positions he would get himself into. Fuzzball would lay his head and legs in all different directions. He would usually lie like this in the middle of the hallway and go to sleep. We always looked at Fuzzball and wondered how he got into those positions.

6) Fuzzball's other nick-name was "Grumpy", because well he always was. He rarely even purred. You can probably see that on his pictures. He hated his picture taken so I only have a few unfortunately.

7) Fuzzball also just loved cardboard boxes. If we brought a box into the house no matter what the size he would try to get into it. Funny sight to see a big cat in a small box.

8) For a cat Fuzzball was clumsy. He would always try to climb onto things and he would either fall off or break something. I had to replace a lot of things in my mom's home because of him. We had to baby proof the house because if him.

9) Fuzzball used to sleep in the bathroom sink. I remember the day I found him in the sink the first time. He woke up and gave me this look like "What are you looking at?" like it was perfectly normal for him to be sleeping in the sink.

10) Fuzzball liked to always be petted while he ate. He would actually come get me when he wanted to eat. He even taught my mom's cat Midnight to come get her when she wanted to eat.

I still miss Fuzzball and think of him so very often. He was my "Little Boy" and always will be. I thought this site would be the best to memorialize him.

I have had 4 Persians since Fuzzball but he still was the most special. He was one of a kind.

10/08/2008 Dear Sweet Fuzz, Sorry it took me so long to write this memorial. It has been 6 years since I lost you my little boy. I want you to know that your Mommy still misses and loves you dearly. I am sure you have made a lot of furfriends. I will be seeing you one day and will be able to hold you again and we will cross the rainbow brudge together.

10/31/08 Dear Fuzz, I just wanted to visit you today. It is Halloween and mom is waiting for all the trick or treaters. I remember how you ran under my bed everytime a trick or treater would show up. I miss you Grumpy and think about your often. I hope you are having fun with your furfriends. I will see you one day. Love you

11/03/08 Dear My Sweet Boy, You have been in my thoughts today. I do miss you. I hope your fun with your furfriends. Be good and I will see one day. Love you always

12/05/2008 Dear Fuzz. I hope you have fun at the rainbow bridge with your new friends. You could always make friends quickly with humans, dogs and cats. I miss you my boy. You used to always love the holiday season. More things to get into. lol Take care my boy.

01/05/2009 Dear Fuzz. Another year has gone by. I thought of you a lot this Christmas. You always loved playing with wrapping paper, ribbons and bows. Scarlett is a lot like you. She loves boxes, smaller the better and she can be rather grumpy. lol I am sure you would love both her and Sasha. I miss you and you will always be my special angel. Have fun with your furfriends in the meadow. I see you soon my little guy.

02/21/2009 Dear Fuzz, Colin has finally brought me you ashes after over 6 years of asking him. I will put them in a special place now. Mommy has had a rough 2009 so far. I have been very sick again with Lupus. I know you are doing great up there. One day I will join you. My friend Terry just lost her dog Rusty. Please make sure he is doing okay and show him around. Take care my boy.

4/07/09 Dear Fuzz. Winter does not want to go away and you know what it does to me. I miss you still hun. Midnight maybe up there with you soon. She is not doing well now. When she does arrive show her around ok? Take care my boy...

07/05/09 Dear Fuzz, Midnight is still hanging in. She still wants your grandmommy to follow her to her food bowl. That reminds me so much of you each time. I found that pic of you in the sink. Now I will always have it. Your birthday is in a few days.. You will be on my mind. I think about you and miss you still my little guy. Take care and play well...

07/10/09 Dear my sweet boy, I have been thinking about you. On you birth on the 7th I made a toast. I hope you and your furfriends had a lovely day. Mommy's Lupus is beginning to flare again. I will be okay I always am. Take care my handsome boy. Love you. xxxxx

09/07/09 Dear Fuzz, Another Summer has gone by. Midnight is still hanging in there. She is getting wobbly though. It has been almost 7 years since I lost you. I still miss you. I hope you are fun with your fur friends in the meadow. Mommy is still flaring. Take care Grumpy. Love you

09/30/09 Dear Fuzz, It is 3am and I am still up. I was meaning to come see you on here, but I have been so darn buys. You have been in my mind all day. It has been 7 years since you past now, but I still think of you so often. I got to get to sleep. I just wanted you to know that you were on my mind. Love you xxxxx

11/10/09 Dear Fuzz, Midnight is up there now. Please show her around and introduce the others up there with you. Grandmommy and I are not doing that good today. I miss you. xxxxx

08/28/10 Dear Fuzz, Has it been this long since I visited? Know this, you are still in my heart and will always be. You have been in my thoughts lately my boy. Mommy is flaring again. I hope you are having fun with your fur friends. I miss you.

09/05/11 It has been a year since I last wrote. I still think of you everyday. We have a 3rd cat now again.. Tammie.. She is more than a bit nuts, but fun. I hope you are having fun with your friends. It is almost 9 years since you died. Some days it feels like yesterday. Take care Grumpy xxxxx

9/29/11 Hi Fuzz.. I had to visit you today.. 9 years ago you passed on this day. It seems like yesterday and I still miss you my little guy. Sasha is not doing well now. She is 16 now and may soon be with you. Take care my little guy. We soon be together. Love you xxxxx

09/10/12 Fuzz.. Both Sasha and Scarlett is with you now at the rainbow connection. They died within 5 weeks of each other. I guess mom and daughter wanted to be together. Please make them feel welcome my dear boy.. I have 2 more Persian kittens. They are brother and sister. I still love you my little boy. Always will.

09/28/12 Dear Fuzz. Tomorrow will be the 10th anniversary of you death. It is so hard for me to believe it has been that long. I miss you my boy. Sometime in the future we will be reunited, along with Scarlett and Sasha. I love you Fuzz xx

09/09/13 Hello Fuzzy. I still miss you by boy. Princess and Prince are all grown up now. Time goes by so fast. I am sure you, Scarlett and Sasha are doing well hon. I love you all xxxxx

09/29/13 Hi Fuzz.. It is the 11th anniversary of you death. It is hard to believe it has been that long.. I still think about you and miss you.. I hope you, Scarlett and Sasha are having fun. One day we shall meet again.. Take care my boy xx

04/04/14 Hi Fuzz. I wanted in to say hello and that I''ve been thinking about you. I hope you, Scarlett and Sasha are doing okay. Princess has been sick this week but she'll be okay. Take care and see you soon xx

09/29/14 Hi Fuzz. It is the 12th anniversary of your death. I have been thinking about you a lot. Your Momma still misses you my Little Boy. I'll see you soon xx

08/07/15 Hi Fuzz. It has been awhile since I popped. You are always in my mind though and I still miss you. You are my special boy. Love you lots xx

09/29/15 It is the 13th anniversary of your death. You are always on my mind and heart. I remember all the thing that you did and how everyone loved you. You were one of a kind and very special. I will always love and miss you. xxxxx

07/07/16 Hi Fuzz, Today is your birthday. I hope you have met Scarlett and Sasha up there. I think about all of you a lot. You were very special and I still miss you. Love you lots xx

09/21/16 Hi Fuzz. Hope you are doing ok up at the Rainbow Bridge with all you furfriends. I miss you my little boy and think about you often, It has been almost 14 yrs since you left us, Where does the time go, I just wanted you to know I was thinking of you, Take care Grumpy, Love you xx

09/29/16 Ho again Fuzz. It is the anniversary of you death. Has it really been 14 years since you left? It still feels like yesterday at times. I still think about you and miss you a lot. You were so very special. Take care my little friend. Say hello to Sasha and Scarlett. Tell them that Mommy misses them too. Love you al

10/29/18 Hi Fuzz. It's the anniversary of you death. It is hard for me to believe that it has been 16 yrs. Time sure flies. My boy I still think of you and share pictures of you. You were such a handsome little guy. I miss you, Scarlett and Sasha. Say hello to them for mommy. I love you Grumpy.

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