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Memories of Frodo Shields Bachman
Today, I celebrate the life of my boy Frodo. He was my soul mate, travel partner, running partner, psychiatrist, and just plain everything to me. Every decision made considered Frodo's best interest before mine. It' a sad day for me, but I cannot begin to explain the joy he brought to my life and the life of others. I was blessed for 16 and a half years. He was a birthday gift that year from Zac Shields. We picked him out of a litter at Camolot Labs in Carrollton, Ohio. We had a vacation planned in Maui, Hawaii the week we could pick him up. Not sure how many people would want to come home from a once in a lifetime vacation in Maui, but I was one!! Since then, his light shined on me and everyone who met him.
Thank you Zac Shields for my birthday gift. Anny, Abby, and Billy Bentley, I thank the Lord for you. I was his momma but you were his parents too. For every smack Bella would lay on his snout, you were there to comfort him. I will forever be in your debt.
Liz Scuba, my friend. I'll never forget all you did for us when Tom died. Love you and thank you.
Patrick Parton and Digby. He loved you both. Thank you for being there for us.
Jean Foss (mayor) and everyone at the dog park in Las Vegas. I am so thankful for Frodo for encouraging me to take him to the dog park every day so that I could meet the most amazing people like you even though the Quagmire came out sometimes.
Dave Ahearn and everyone at Design Ergonomics and Ergonomic Products for allowing me to take Frodo to work with me. You all acknowledged him every day. He always greeted you at the door with a whole body shake.
Blake Marchive for taking care of Frodo while I had to go out of town. He made you a dog lover. I'll never forget when you told me you didn't like dogs, then Frodo changed your life.
Doug Blum, Erin Marzluf, and Vicky Hendrickson for meeting us outside everyday. Frodo loved Marvin, Daphne and Piper. He couldn't wait to play with them. Hot, cold, snow, or rainy days and nights, he loved getting together with his friends.
Cheryl Spaziano and The Barking Lot in Providence, Rhode Island-- Thank you for loving Frodo and taking such good care of him. When I said "we're going bye byes, we gotta go see dem doggies", he went crazy. He was so excited to get there, his 90 pound body would pace from window to window in the car. He loved it there.
Allie Nunes--Thank you for creating memories for me in pictures. Although I would never ask for anything in return, taking you to work that day turned into something special that I will cherish for a lifetime.
Angel Ketchum for just giving me the best advice as my boy grew older and older.
Thank you to my family----You knew with me, came my Frodo. You never treated like my dog, you treated him like he was my son. He was that to me you know. My daughter would probably argue I loved Fro more than I loved her. I didn't but it was close. My family would call not just to ask how I was doing but Frodo too. When FaceTime came around, they needed to say hi to him too. Frodo didn't care too much but it did something for them. I think as long as Frodo was good, I was good.
Lake Wales Veterinary Hospital and everyone there. Frodo got real sick a few short weeks after I moved to Florida. I thought his time was up. The kind people here took great care of him. They referred him to a specialist in Tampa called Blue Pearl Vet Hospital. Frodo was 12 when he went under the knife for the first time. They were worried about given anesthesia to a dog as old as Fro but I didn't fear it at all. I knew his heart was strong. He bounced back quicker than anyone had imagine. That's my boy.
God is so good. He doesn't give you more than you can handle, I believe. I have suffered great loss, but none greater than this one. He prepared me for this. Although if Frodo could speak, he would thank Him for letting him off the hook taking care of me, I thank Him for a husband. Chris had embraced Frodo as his own. He took care of him as well as I ever could, especially this last 18 months. Frodo took care of me until God delivered my husband. Chris gave Frodo a break. My boy was tired. Thank you Chris for giving Frodo his well deserved time off.
I now thank you my loving precious boy. You were perfect. You showed me unconditional love. We ran every day. Walked a lot too. The dog parks were special. You loved to go see the doggies. You learned to swim in Lake Erie as a baby. Trust me, if there was water, you were in it. You hated to listen to me cry but you never showed it. Thank you for sleeping with me every night.....that is until you found that corner of the couch. Thank you for traveling this country with me more than a couple times. You were always happy to see me. I loved to see you smile. Thank you for putting up with me brushing your teeth and cleaning your ears and cutting your nails. I loved taking care of you but you took way better care of me. With me for break ups, deaths, births, Ohio State wins, Ohio State losses, all my crazy cleaning, shopping, broken legs, meals, you were always there.
My whole world is gone. I don't know what my life will be like without you. You've been the only thing at my side for almost 17 years. Your light will shine in me forever. I love you little baby one. I miss you my monster. Go rest my boy. You will live forever in eternity. Until I smell you again.........

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