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Memories of Fritz Zak
Fritz was such a strong little dog, he got sick in 2012 and we almost lost him then. Thankfully the doctors at the Jacksonville, FL animal hospital saved him with 3 blood transfusions, medication & loving care. He was like our child, with the transfusions came anemia & diabetes. He had to be on a strict diet (prescribed),we did give him treats & chew once a week and he was so happy. He loved his squeak toys, tried to bring him home a new one every week. He would run in circles when he had to get his shots, just so I would chase him. Then last week he was diagnosed with heart & lung problems, time to say good-bye! Loved him to death. Hope to see him again one day! Rest in Peace Stas's little shadow!

06/29/2017 - Fritz, it has been 1 week today:

You no longer greet me, as I walk through the door.
You're not there to make me smile, to make me laugh anymore.
Life seems quiet without you, you were far more than a pet.
You were a family member, a friend,....
It will take time to heal - for the silence to go away.
I still listen for yuo, and miss you every day.
You were such a great companion, constant, loyal, true.
My heart will always wear,

07/05/2017 - Hey bubba! Daddy & Mommy sure misses you! I am waiting for them to call me so I can pick up your urn & bring you home! We didn't do much for the 4th this year, maybe next year! I hope you are okay now. RIP our little angel!

07/06/2017 - Fritz, it has been 2 long weeks today:
You are no longer by our sides, but will be in our hearts forever!

07/11/2017 - Bubba! So miss you! Just got word that your urn is on back order so I will not be able to bring you home just yet. Daddy has gathered up all your toys, I'm sure there are still some hidden that we haven't found, but he has put them in one of your beds. We have decided to keep everything for now. I do squeak your favorite ones every so often just to hear them, but it makes me cry. Still cannot believe your gone. It's coming up on 3 weeks and it doesn't seem to be getting any easier, maybe once your back home I will get some closure.

07/13/2017 - Fritz! It's been 3 weeks and my heart is so broken! Called Fran today to tell her why you haven't been there to be groomed, she said she kinda of knew. Fran & the girls at K-9 Designs are sorry they didn't get to say good-bye, but Fran said she knows that you are at peace now. I haven't really sat on the porch lately, that was kinda mine & your thing, I haven't had a cigarette now for a month. The squirrels are getting a little braver, they are getting close to the porch where you used to sit & watch until you could almost catch them. RIP my little friend, I will never forget you.

07/17/2017 - Bubba! I visit you everyday, just do not leave words! We miss you, the house is so quiet. Hopefully they will call me this week to pick your urn up. Words just cannot explain how I feel about your passing, it is nothing I have ever felt before. Just a big empty spot in my chest. I hope you are in no pain & free as a bird! Love you!

07/20/2017 - Fritz, Today is 4 weeks you have been gone! Just cannot believe how time has flown by, feels like it was yesterday! We did pick your urn up yesterday & was finally able to bring you home! RIP bubba! You will always be with us! Dad left you some Tostitos!

07/27/2017 - Bubba! It has been 5 weeks today, miss you everyday! It still seems like it was only yesterday that you were with us. I still look for you greeting me as I come in the door or call your name to go outside with me! Love you!

08/03/2017 - Fritz our little buddy, today is 6 weeks, we talk about you everyday! You were so much part of our lives. It's hard to believe you are gone! RIP our little friend, we will always love & miss you!

08/10/17 - Hey Bubba! Miss you, the weeks are just flying by, cannot believe it is August already! Today is 7 weeks you have not been with us, my heart still aches for you. I know you are at peace now I just cannot seem to let you go. I will miss & love you forever.

08/17/2017 - Well Bubba its been 2 months today, miss you so, the 11 years with you went by so fast, thought you would be with me forever! I hope you are free of pain & playing with friends & family. Til we meet again, I will miss & love you!

08/24/2017 - Another week has passed! Still look for you, miss you so! I visit you everyday, just cannot believe you are gone.

09/01/2017 - Fritz! It is September already! I decide that I wanted to do something special for your favorite spot on the porch, I added a new photo, the candle burns all night for you. Your spot will never be filled with anything else. Love you my little friend!!!! RIP

10/02/2017 - Fritz my little angel. It's has been another month, it is already October! My heart still aches for you, I miss & think about you everyday! Til I see you again, love you!

11/01/2017 - Another month has gone by Bubba! Miss you so!

11/03/2017 - Bubba! You would be 11 years on on Sunday, I still cannot believe you are not with us, I am thankful that we were able to take care of you for the 10 1/2 years that you were with us. So Happy Birthday to you my little friend! Love you Always!!!!

12/01/2017 - Fritz!!! It is December already. So much has happened since you've been gone, still cannot believe your not with us! You will forever be in our hearts! We have rescued a dog that was abused, he is alot bigger than you were, his name is Ryder. He's not being abused anymore. He will never take your place in our hearts or in our home, he just needed a family to take care of him. We found out that we will be grandparents, Chelsea & Charlie are having a baby! Love you always our little bubba! Come & see me in my dreams so I know you are okay! XXXXOOOO

01/02/2018 - Happy New Year Bubba! First time not with us for the holidays, missed you so, tearing up the wrapping paper & bows, still cannot believe you are gone. Words cannot express the emptiness in our hearts, still talk about you all the time, cannot seem to put your beds or toys away. Ryder loves your little santa squeak toy. Love you always!!!

02/01/2018 - Fritz! It is February already, time is moving so fast, feels like you were here with us just yesterday. My heart still aches for you. Miss you so much!! Love you bubba XOXO

03/07/2018 - Hey Bubba! It's March already!! Chelsea & Charlie are having a baby girl, we found out last night, she is due in July, you will have been gone and not with us for a little over a year then. We so miss you, talk about you all the time. Daddy sure misses you. Murphy is having surgery tomorrow, he has a lump on his elbow, the vet told Chelsea it could be cancer, we are praying for him. My heart still aches for you, I visit you everyday just don't leave any words! Tears start flowing, you were so much a part of our lives, just wish we had more time. I love you little buddy, always & forever, till we meet again. Love you mom xxoo

04/11/2018 - Hey there little buddy, it's April already, time just flying by. Chelsea still hasn't chosen a name for the baby yet. You are so missed!!! Murphy had the lump removed, it was cancer but the kind that doesn't spread, it may come back. We are hoping for the best. I look and think about you everyday, miss you so! Til I see you again, I love & miss you! Love mom xoxoxo

05/11/2018 - Bubba! It's May! Daddy's mama died Saturday, he is doing okay tho. The tears just roll when I visit you, I still miss you so, my heart aches! We still do not have a name for the baby yet, just calling her Baby T. I hope you are at peace, love & miss you!! Love mom

06/22/2018 - Fritz, it has been 1 year today you are no longer with us! Cannot believe how fast time goes! Words cannot express how much we miss you! Think & talk about you almost everyday. Chelsea & Charlie finally named the baby, it is Stevie Rae, we are waiting for her to arrive. I hope you are in a good place, love & miss you so!!! Come see me in my dreams, Love mom xoxoxoxo

07/27/2018 - Hey bubba! Just cannot believe how time has passed, I still think about you everyday & miss you so! Stevie was born on 07/11/2018, she weighed 6 lbs 10 ozs, perfect little thing, you would have loved her! Went by Dr Hall's office the other day and we spoke about you and how you were such a brave & strong little one! You will always be with me, love you! Love mom xoxoxoxo

08/31/2018 - Fritz, my little angel! Momma misses you so much, I still cannot believe you are not with us anymore. I hope you are okay. So much in our life has changed! Stevie is 2 months old now, you would have loved her, I wish we had so much more time, I love you bubba! I think about you everyday! You will always be with me! Love mom xoxoxoxox

12/07/2018 - Hey Bubba!! It's been a few months since I wrote you anything. I do think about you everyday, your candle still burns! Miss & love you so! So much has happened, it's December already. Stevie will be 5 months old already and she has 2 teeth now. You would love her. We have also rescued another dog, her name is Fancy, she had no home & was running the roads for about 8 months. I became her friend and was able to bring her home. Still doesn't replace you!! We miss you so much and still talk about you everyday. Someone's daddy even calls the dogs Fritz! I am sorry I haven't written to you in awhile but I have thought about you everyday! You will be in my heart forever. Love mom xoxoxox

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