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Fritz was the longest and only living mitro valve recipient in the country ( 5 1/2 years ) during this time and untill his passing he showed his inner strength and his love of life and of people specially children.   But most of all He never turned his back,  He was there for me when most people weren't. . May 25th, 2004Hey Partner,  It's almost 25 days since you left,  I've tried to muster up the strength to accept the fact that you are no longer here, but everytime I go someplace or do something that we used to do together the memories rush in like a tidle wave and I know this may sound stupid, but I can't help but cry.  You were my strength and my reason for always doing the right thing because I was always worried about who would take care of you if something happened to me,  but it was you who was taking care of me the whole time.  I miss you more then words can say my friend and your pal KITTY misses you to.  It's only been a couple of days that she has come near me or eaten anything,  she's spent most of the time looking for you and crying.  A couple of days ago I put the container with your ashes on the floor and told her that you were home,  she laid down next to it and started to lick it,  just like she did with you when she would lick your ears, she did this for over a hour and meowed the whole time.  You taught me alot, patience,  tolerence,  but most of all, what unconditional love and trust is.  People have told me that time heals and that busy is better,  but trying to stay busy is driving me nuts,  because we always did stuff together,  working around the house, going for rides, or going to work.  I don't know what else there is left. As far as time is concerned I don't know how much time is going to be enough. I sent out thank you notes with a picture of you to everyone who sent a card or flowers to the store in your memory, I can't beleive how many.  You touched alot of people my little man,  but most of all you touched my heart, you stomped all over it and made it yours.  I miss you and love you more then anything or anyone that has ever come into my life,  because you were always there for me,  good or bad, you were always there. But someday we will all be together again in that place where you are now and I will be able to pet your velvet soft ears again.  Just remember buddy, your dad loves you, so do Joanne and the kids and everyone who knew you.    I'll talk to you real soon partner.-------8-18-07, Hey partner,  just wanted to say a quick hello, but ran out of space so I had to empty out the page a little.  But anyway, hope all is well with you and all your friends.  Had some customers in today that just moved back into the area and didn't realize what had happened, with your surgery and everthing else.  All they kept doing was talk about you when you were a puppy and everything you used to do, specially how you helped their daughter get over being afraid of dogs.  she has had a dog friend ever since. Your in my heart little boy, you always will be.  I love you and miss you, Dad xxxxxxxx.  Never good bye, just good night.9-15-07, hey partner just wanted to say a quick hello. Well the smell of fall is in the air and that means winter is just around the corner, they are your favorite times of year. I wish I could see you enjoy them, rest my little boy, never goodbye just goodnight. I love you and miss you buddy, Dadxxxxxxx10-13-07 Hey partner,  well, the leaves are starting to change and it's been a little chilly at night but thats ok, can't wait for it to get cold and snow, it makes everything look so clean and smell so fresh, I wish you were here to enjoy it with me,  I wish I could watch you run along side the snowblower,  you always ended up looking like a 4 legged snowball with a tail,  you always had a way of doing something that would make me laugh, specially when you knew I was feeling down. I Miss you little boy, love Dadxxxxxxxxxxx.11-10-07 Hey partner, well we got our first snowfall of the year, about 1 1/2 inches,  not alot, but enough to make everything look clean.  Had a couple of people in today that were talking about you, they remembered you when you were just a puppy. They had to let their friend go to the bridge a couple of weeks ago.  I guess thats the way it's supposed to be, you guys leave ahead of us to make sure everything is OK for when we get there, it still sucks. I love you little boy and miss you more then you imagine. DadXXXXXXXX. Hey Frit,  I know it's not officially winter yet, but since we've been getting snow I thought I would change your site background a little early. I can't beleive it's almost Christmas again, I feel like we just got done with the last one,  time is going by so quick.  But time hasn't healed the pain of loosing you, it seems like it was just yesterday, you still have that spot in my heart and I still feel that unconditional love you shared with me, I love you and miss you little boy,  Dadxxxxxxxxxxxx.12-29-07 Hey partner, belated Merry Christmas and a wish for a Happy New Year to you and all your friends at the bridge.  Christmas wasn't all it could have been, you know, with everybody worried about the economy.  Here's hoping the new year will be better,  I know it would be if you were here with me,  but I guess the celebrating will have to wait until I get to the bridge.  Star, Kitty and all the rest wish you everything good.  Never goodbye, just goodnight my little boy, Love you - Miss you, Dad xxxxxxxxx. 1-19-07, well partner, I guess it's turned into a yearly event, lost another friend the day of new years eve, died in his sleep, what really sucks is that he and his wife have a 4 yr. old son, I guess when he says the trip is over, it's over. It seems like you spend 3/4 of your life making friends and then the last 1/4 saying goodbye to them, it's one hell of a cycle. It's times like this that I really miss you, Star tries to understand, I guess with time she will, like you did as you got older.  I love you, Dad xxxxxxxxx 2-2-08, hey partner,  just wanted to say goodnight, love you Dadxxxxxx3-1-08 hey little boy, I know it's been a while, time is going by so fast, it seems like just yesterday I talked to you.  I guess what they say is right, the older you get the faster time goes, I think sometimes thats a good thing, means you have less time to deal with all the crap going on. Anyway, looks like spring is just around the corner, snow falls are getting weter and melting off quicker, some people like that, but you know I don't.  I miss watching you play in the snow, I just plain miss you my little boy. Love you Dadxxxxxxxxxxxxx4-12-08 Hey little man, well, spring is finally here, still a little cool at night but comfortable during the day, the type of days when you would lay out in the sun like you were recharging your battery without a care in the world, watching you would be so relaxing anyway partner I'll talk to you real soon,  until then, never goodbye, just goodnight,  Love you Dadxxxxxxx.5-5-08 Hey partner, no I didn't forget, it's just that it's not easy thinking about the day I lost you, it still hurts just as much as that night, I'm still waiting for what everybody kept saying, that time will make it easier to deal with, I don't know......I do know one thing, I miss you little boy, love Dadxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.Hey little boy, hope you and all your friends are nice and cool, it's a hot and humid one today, I guess it's suppose to go right through to monday, well it's summer time can't expect anything different. There's nothing new around here, price of gas is stupid but people are still traveling. I might take a little ride myself, up to the property to make sure the dirt is still there. Anyway, I'll talk to you soon partner, I miss you my friend, love Dadxxxxxxxx.6-28-08 Hey partner, just wanted to say a quick hello and let you know I'm thinking about you,  not that it's something I don't do all the time.  It's hard to beleive it's been almost 10 years since you had your operation, that let you stay with me for another 5 1/2 years. I wish we could go back in time and do it all over again, everything was so much different and better then, I Miss you and love you little boy.  Dadxxxxxxxxxx8-2-08 hey partner, I can't beleive it's been over a month since I spoke to you,  time is going by so quick, summer is half over companies are getting ready for Christmas already,  I don't know what they expect, things are tough for alot of people and our government isn't doing anything to help. Anyway, you know how I feel about politicians. Hope all is well where you and all your friends are. Take care of yourself little boy I love you and miss you, talk to you real soon, promise XXXXXXXXXDad 9-13-08 Hey partner, nothing of importance to report other then it's been one of those days again when I wish you were here to talk to, I miss you little boy.  Love Dad xxxxxxxxx9-27-08 Hey partner, well it's getting to be that time of year again,  leaves are turning and getting ready to fall, I remember how you loved running through all the piles of leaves with only the white tip of your tail showing. You always had a way of doing things that would make me laugh, I miss you buddy, love Dadxxxxxxxxx.11-8-08 Hey buddy, well, the leaves are down and there's been snow, in some places up to 2 feet,  didn't last long though, got warmer and melted off.  They say it's going to be a long cold snowy winter, I hope so, you know how I like winter. Hope all is well little man, I miss you little boy,  never goodbye, just goodnight, love Dadxxxxxxxx.Hey little boy,  Happy belated Thanksgiving,  sorry I was late,  but it came up so quick I didn't realize it till the last minute, I wish you were here so I could watch you enjoy your turkey, I love you you partner, I miss you even more, Dad xxxxxxxx.12-24-08 Hey little boy, well, it's Christmas Eve little man, I hope you and all your friends have a good night. I wish I could give you your presents and watch you play with them.  I watch Star with her's, it's almost like you were, but you were more like a little kid, I could look in your face and see how happy you were, I'd give anything to see that again. I love you little boy, my Fritter. How I need you here to talk. Merry Christmas my boy, Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxx May 1st 2009, hey partner, I know it's been a while, I'm sorry, but things have'nt been the greatest, the economy sucks, I'm having a tough time trying to decided about keeping the store open or close it. It's hard thinking about giving up 20 years of my life, giving up the memories of the customers, the time I spent building the business, the time that was spent there with you greeting the customers, who still, to this day, talk about you.  But what do you do when you have a bunch of asshole politicians, bankers and insurance companies that don't give a shit about people, and think about nothing other then how they can screw the working class out of every last cent they can get their hands on. Anyway,  this is what I miss so much, is being able to talk to you, it was always so comfortable.  It's been 5 years since I lost you, but you live on in my heart little boy you always will, you are so much a part of my life and always will be.  I love you and miss you Frit,  never goodbye, just goodnight,  Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.7-5-09,  Hey little boy, how are you??? I hope your not mad at me for not being in touch, tried to not think about things, people said that it would help. It doesn't, the hurt is still the same, I guess if you were just a backyard dog it would be easier,  but you were my friend. I think about that night and remember everything about it like it was today,  I wish I could have done more for you. but you told me it was your time. I miss you my friend, my little boy, my partner, love Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.9-21-09, Hey little boy, well tomorrow is the first day of fall, signs that another year is comming to an end. hope it's a sign of things getting better, I'm tired of seeing people hurtimg because of the of the way things are, everything is day to day, it's just not fair, but the scumbaqs in office don't care, it's obvious with thier constant double talkling. Anyway, I hope you and all your friends are OK. I miss you partner, never goodbye, just goodnight, love Dadxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.11-26-09,  Hey partner, just wanted to say hello and wish you and all your friends a Happy Thanksgiving. I wish you were here so I could give you turkey, I remember how wild you would get as soon as you smelled it. God how I miss all those things, you always had that way of making me laugh even when I felt like crap. I love you partner, Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxx.12-29-09 Hey little boy, I know I'm late again, just had alot of things on my mind. Anyway I hope you and all your friends had a Merry Christmas, I know it would have been better with you here, we spent so many together. I wish I could watch you open your presents, it seemed like you knew what was in each one just by the way you opened them, I thank you for all the good memories little boy, I think about them and you all the time. I love you partner Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.5-3-10,  hey little boy, I can't beleive another year has gone by, it seems like it was just yesterday that I took you to Colorado for your surgery, that was 11 years ago. You made history then just like you you did evry day after that. Yor strength and determination was something I could draw on, I still try to, it would be so much easier if you were here, things are really starting to suck buddy, keep loosing people.  You spend 3/4 of your life getting to know people and make friends,  then you spend the last 1/4 of your life saying goodbye to them, it ain't fun pal. Another year without you here just means another year closer to being together again, you and all my friends.  I love you little boy, I miss you alot, take care partner, never goodbye just goodnight, Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.9-27-10 Hey partner, I know it's been a while I'm sorry. It's been real tough with the store and trying to make ends meet keeps getting worse and no one seems to want to help. I just don't understand the lack of work ethics in people anymore,  you would think that with the way things are people would be happy to have a job, but I guess not. I guess they think they are owed something. Anyway little boy I promise to talk to you soon, hopefully with better news,  until then you take care and remember that I love you and miss you my friend. The leaves are starting to change you know what that means winter is just around the corner. love Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.NOVEMBER 7th 2010,  Hey partner, it breaks my heart to have to tell you this buddy, but your pal KITTY is on her way to the bridge to be with you. I don't know what happened, I came home Friday and found her lying in her bed in the bedroom, I hope it wasn't because of something I didn't notice, I know it was one hell of a shock, but at least she is with you again, so she can lick your ears and you can keep her warm like you used to do when it got cold out. I remember when you two first met, she was only a few weeks old when she came into our lives with nothing but additude and love for you, it doesn't seem like it was 21 years ago. Star doesn't understand what happened, it was just over the past few months that they started to get along like you guys did, Play with her buddy let her know everything is going to be alright and that some day soon we will all be together and be able to be some place where there is no pain or loss. I'm just so tired of loosing whatever and whoever I care about, it's like it's never ending.  I'm sorry my little boy, tell KITTY I love her and miss her, I love and miss you Buddy, Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.12-26-10  Hey partner, it's that time of year again, it's hard to beleive that Christmas has come and gone again. I hope you and KITTY had a nice Christmas, here it was just that much more empty with the two of you not being here. I love you both and miss you, stay warm and take care of each other. Never goodbye, just goodnight,  love Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  5-1-11 Hey little boy, it's that time when another year has gone by, it just doesn't seem posible.  I don't care what they saw,  but time doesn't heal anything and now with Kitty gone to it seems like the hole in my heart is just getting bigger, please take care of each other,  be with all your new friends, remember, some day I'll be there and things will be the way they were.  I love and miss you both my friends. Love Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.10-10-11 Hello my frinds, it's time to change the season again. It seems like time is going so much faster, in a way i'm glad that it is, things here are getting worse all the time, you try to do something good to help people and you get nothing but shit on, it makes me feel like I should just tell everybody to go to hell and stay out of my life, but thats hard to do when you have a business, so I just grin and bare it and tell those who really piss me off to hit the bricks. I'm just tired of everybody thinking that they are entitled, and that they are owed whatever they want. I guess being from the old school, where if you want something you earn it, is just that, Old school and antiquated. Anyway, how are both of you doing, playing I hope, just like you used to do, I miss watching you, I miss both of you and love both of you. Never goodbye. Love Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx12-23-11 Hey little boy, Kitty, how are you two doing, again it's Christmas time, it sure doesn't seem like it, not one flake of snow and it seems as if I just put the lights away from last Christmas, if I don't take to you before, have a nice Christmas, I'm sure you will now that you have each other to keep company, I love and miss you both, never goodbye, just goodnight Love Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxx.4-11-12 Hey guys how are you, I know it's been a while I'm sorry. It's just that it's been hectic around here trying to keep things going, it hasn't been easy for anybody, but the assholes in government don't care. It's sad to see what people are going through, loosing their homes, jobs, expences going up. We didn't really have a winter so that at least helped with the heating cost, but the greedy bastards are causing the price of gas to go up, $4.20 a gallon. Costs alot more to go to work and make less. Anyway enough of the bad stuff, I hope you are doing good and enjoying each others company, I'll talk to you soon promise, never good bye, just goodnight, love you and miss you Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.Hey buddy, I know I'm 3 days late, can't believe another years gone by. It seems that time is going quicker as time goes by. It's kind of good in a way, hoping things start getting better come November, it can't keep on like this, the assholes in Washington just don't seem to care about whats happening to the people in this country, they spend time and money on everybody who doesn't deserve it. Anyway I'm going to go now. remember, never goodbye just goodnight. I love you and miss you both Dad..............11-19-12 I know guys, it's been a long time since I visited, not really and excuse, but didn't realise it's been so long. Things haven't changed much for the better in fact they gotten worse but nothing much can be done. They keep promising to make it better alot of people fell for it, but, they do nothing but lie. It's getting colder, we hand some snow showers, didn't amount to much. Had another storm, but thank GOD it passed by not like the last one, so many people are still without homes, thanks to the lying government. Anyway Thanks Giving is just a couple of days away, wish you both were here, just to watch you dive into turkey. Be good, take care of each other, talk to you soon. Love Dad XXXXXXXXXXXXX 01-01-13 Hey partner it's the beginning of a new year, Merry belated Christmas to you and Kitty it's hard to beleive so much time has gone by, it seems like only yesterday I was wishing you the same, I guess when you hope that things will get better, it seems that time goes by so quick that it just smacks you in the face as a reminder that it won't. I just hope everything is good with you and Kitty and all your friends. Talk to you soon partner, until then, never goodbye just goodnight. I love you guys, Dad XXXXXXXXXXX. May 1st 2013 Hey buddy it's another year gone, it's so hard to beleive it's been 9 years that you went to the bridge, I'm sure you and Kitty aren't lonely, beleive me you are in a far better place with all your friends. I could bore you with all the crap thats going on, but it seems like no one wants to do anything about it. Anyway, I hope you guys are OK and passing time till we are all together again, I hope it's true, it would be so nice. until next time, never good bye just good night. I love and miss you both, Dad XXXXXXXXXXXXXXHey Buddy, Kitty, I know it's been to long since I visited you, but theres been so much going on that you don't have a chance to do anything other then trying to make ends meet, it's getting harder every day, watching people loose everything because of the asshole politicians, who always manage to get theirs and screw us. It's amasing that there are still so many people that think whats going on is best for us, they are just to stupid to see the whole picture and won't see it until it's to late, I hope it doesn't happen, but it seems as though Washington is hell bent on destroying this country. Anyway I will visit again soon, promise, until then never goodbye, just goodnight. Love you both take care of each other, DadXXXXXXXXXX 5-4-14 hey partner,kitty, I didn't forget, it's just sometimes it's hard to find something to talk about specially when things aren't going so well, not health wise, just in general. I do know that you were my best friend, you were there for me when most people weren't, it's still that way in memories and I thank you for that, I get strength from that when I think about what you went through and how you toughed it out with the surgery on your heart, thank you my friend, I love you and miss you, give Kitty a hug for me. Never goodbye, see you later. Dadxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.12-26-14, hey partner, I'm sorry I'm late, but for the past few days I've been dealing with some type of virus, literally kick the hell out of me, anyway I hope you and Kitty and all your friends had a Merry Christmas. It didn't seem like Christmas here, No snow and a lot of bad additudes, people are just going around all pissed off. Anyway, got to go the virus is knocking on the door again. I love you and miss you both, be back soon. XXXXXXX Dad. 5-1-15 Hey partner I know, another year has gone by. It doesn't seem possible, it's like it was just yesterday. You were and still are a big part of my life in more ways then one. How's Kitty is she still the buster she was. I hope all is good for the two of you. I know here it's just getting stupid and dangerous, everybody is at each others throats, the way Washington wants it, people are just so stupid, they don't see or want to see that their playing into some jerks hand. Anyway I hope things get better soon before it's to late and people start paying the ultimate price. I'll talk to you soon buddy, never goodbye, love dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx !0-31-15. Well, it's that time of year again all the little rug rats out collecting candy, time goes by so quick, I remember going out when I was a kid, lots of fun. We had our first snowfall a couple of weeks ago, not much to speak of. Things are still the same, politicians are the biggest problem this country has and everybody seems to think it's ok. How is Kitty I hope you are taking care or each other the way you always did. Never good bye, just good night, love Dadxxxxxxxxxx 12-31-15 hey guys, how is everything? how are you? well it's the end of another year, thank God, it doesn't seem to be getting any better, the politicians and libertards seem to think everything is just fine, let them come into the real world. Had our first real snow the beginning of the week, but won't last, to warm. I miss you, wait for me we will have a lot of fun when we're back together, until then, never goodbye, just goodnight. Love Dad xxxxxxxxxx Hey partner, how are you and Kitty doing ?. Well it's been another year without you guys doesn't seem that long. seems like just last week that I took you out to Colorado for your surgery, that everybody said I was crazy for doing, but you proved them wrong, I wish it was something I could do again and bring you back. nut we'll just have to wait and we can all be together in a place where there isn't the amount of crap there is here. I miss you and love you. Never goodbye, Love Dadxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.9-7-16 hey partner how are you and Kitty, I hope all i well, at least better then here, never thought it was true what people said about you spending 3/4 of your life making friends and getting to know people, and the last 1/4 of life saying goodby to them, but it's true, one after another. I know my last 1/4 began when I had to let you go. Never goodby my little boy, love Dadxxxxxx,Play with Kitty.12-17-16 Hey partner how are you and Kitty? Well we had our first major snowfall this season, don't know if it will last till Christmas I just wish you were here to play in it. You guys were such a special part of my life. I miss you so much, Merry Christmas my little man, kiss Kitty, never good by just good night, Love Dadxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.Hey guys, 4-18-17,I'd say happy spring but we have some bad news,Had to have Smokey put to sleep today, Cancer got him, Frit I know you didn't know him but let Kitty introduce him to you he was a really good friend, he made life a little easier. I love and miss you, Dadxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5-2-17, Hey buddy, well it's another year gone a lot of changes only one for the better a lot of people don't like it but they will just have to deal with it, just like I had to losing you, Kitty and Smokey, I love and miss to all, Dadxxxxxxx. Frit, Kitty,Smokey, Bad news, had to have Star put to sleep, August 31st, she was having seisures. It sucks how fast life changes, getting a drink of one water one second, when we got home, to having a seisure the next. Keep an eye open for when she gets there I know she will be afraid, A beautiful black and white Springer, Smokey, she was your best friend make her comfortable, like you always did. I will do a Bridge posting as soon as I can get a grip with the crap. I love you all, never good bye, just good night, Dad XXXXXXX Hello my friends, I'm sorry for not writing but it has taken some time to gather my thoughts. I have a new addition, a liver and white little girl, Springer that I named Ruby, she is 9 mos. old and so much like Star was with kids at the store. Anyway, it won't be so long the next time, until then take care of each other and remember I love you and miss you, Dadxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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