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Memories of Freddy Mae Rosenthal
My sweet baby Freddy. My heart aches so and I miss you terribly. You were the most beautiful kitty I ever had. Your Mommy brought you to my mother's house because she knew I would
take care of her and her kitties. There were four of you. She crossed the busy street and brought two kitties one day and the next day two more. I knew I had to keep you. You were little terror to the other big kitties and had no fear. When I sold my Mother's house, I knew I would keep you and your Mommy because nobody took care of her. When we moved to our new
house you slept in the separate bedroom with me. You were only 6 months old. At night you would lick and lick my neck and hair. You were the smartest kitty we had out of seven.
We would throw a white mousie into the living room and you would rush in and grab it and bring it back.

After I lost Moo, you would come up to me in the night and put your little paw on me and I would pet you. Then you would lick and lick my hand and arm. I didn't care how many times you did it. I think you knew I needed some love to help the pain of losing Moo.

I am so sorry I didn't take care of you like I should. I kept thinking you were the baby; not realizing you were growing older. After changing vets, I realized I had neglected things;
not intentionally, but was not advised about things like cleaning teeth by the old vet. After I changed, you had much wrong with you that I was afraid to subject you to cleaning your
teeth. I cry every day over losing you; but even more I cry because I let you needlessly suffer before I let you go. I am so sorry for this and can never forgive myself.

You were so smart but aloof. You were the only one who could batt the ball in the turbo scratcher with one hand and then stop it and batt it back the other way without stopping.
You were not a lap cat, but you let yourself be known. If Dick wasn't paying attention to you in his chair, you would jump up and bite him. I hope you knew how much we loved you.
I can't write anymore now because my heart is aching. I love you my little Freddy Mae Rosenthal. 7-19-2016 I'm so sorry I have't written more before now. I lost your mommy two years ago and that hurt a lot through. I think of you every night. Foster puts his paws on my shoulders or hip every night. So, I pet his head for awile. This happens many times a night but I don't care. I know he does it because he saw you do it with me. You would love Lisa's new kitties Arnold and Gladys. You would have somebody to play with like you used yo do with Alice. She has been gone for 3 years now. Lisa still misses her and so do we. We talk about you and your fetching often. You were so smart. Well I have to go visit moomoo now. I loved you both so much. Love Mommie

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