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Memories of Freckles
Our Sweet Freckles,
Her story, Her life!

There she was, in the middle of Hill & Porter Road back in the fall of 2001. Some may not know but that is quite a busy part of the road, but as by chance it was also where Brian, our son, worked. Brian rescued her from a brush with death (his own life in peril as he dodged 5 lanes of traffic) along with her brother and another dog. As Brian already had a dog of his own, he found friends that would take the 3 dogs off his hands. We had debated on taking her but weren't sure we were ready for the commitment of a dog. Once given away we regretted that decision. Call it fate or whatever, the one that took Freckles gave her back to Brian, and there you have it, she was meant to be ours. Little did we know this was the perfect time for a dog, she helped ease us into that empty nest syndrome we were trying to cope with.
We took her home and she has been the best dog ever. I know we all think our own dogs are the best but let me share with you how Freckles has enriched our lives.
To make sure she was well, off to Dr. Joe we go for her 1st visit. Other than an easily treatable ear infection she was the picture of health. He thought that she very much had a good mix of English Springer and part something else, a classic mutt! Most Springer's have their tails bobbed and in questioning Dr. Joe, he felt she was already about 4 mo old and to do that would be considered a "major amputation". "Besides, why remove such a happy tail". Happy tail it was, so much so that our 'lil Mikayla got whacked in the eye with that tail when she was about 3 years old. Even tho it was an accident on Freckles part, Mikayla still remembers it to this day. But we wouldn't have it any different. Yes, we would get whacked in the legs by her tail (or the guys in a certain sensitive place) and she could clear off some of my village pieces on my book shelf but when you entered a room where she might be sleeping, she'd wake and that tail would be the first thing thumping the floor, happy to see you.
She really was the easiest dog to raise and train, never the chewer of things other than her toys. Easy to housebreak and learned tricks quickly. Of course treats were involved with the tricks, milk bones, her fav. She would sit, shake hands, speak, roll over and stay with a treat placed 10 feet in front of her and wouldn't move till I said "ok". She always slept by my side of the bed, my protector.
Some have lovingly teased us that we don't give our dogs people names (ex. Honey or Oreo), so we were stumped as to an appropriate name. On a weekend home from college, Megan looked at her and said "Has to be Freckles, just look at her spots", so there you have it, Freckles it is!!
Freckles has blessed us in so many ways. She was my trainer for the Crim 10 mile road race. Those many days after a busy day at work when I didn't think I could take one more step, I'd push myself and the minute I put my certain walking shoes on, she knew, she would run to where her leash was hanging up and could hardly contain her excitement to go. So, she was my walking buddy, my motivator!
Freckles also had a love for the outdoors. Don't even think about working in the yard without her or not having her enjoy the bonfires with us. She would happily run & walk the perimeter of our yard sniffing out any critter that had passed by. She once knocked off a downspout that had a chipmunk in it and she ran thru the yard with the downspout on the end of her nose in hopes of getting to it. I can only imagine the fear that chipmunk was feeling. So picture a 50# black and white dog with a 6 foot extension to her nose right on the ground, pushing it all over---oh how I wished I had a video.
Often times she would sit at the end of our property line and look out to the woods looking for that squirrel or rabbit she would love to chase after. Once seen, she would perk up, ready to run, and off she would go when we said "Go". She always came back to us, even without us calling her back, because we, and she knew, she loved us more! One time she did catch a squirrel and I think it shocked her as much as it did the squirrel. She immediately dropped it and looked back at us to show us "I did it".
Did you know that Freckles could talk? Yup, she had a sassy way of barking/yodeling at us, always with the last word! Just like a kid!
Freckles loved Christmas. The minute the tree was up and gifts under the tree she was forever making sure there were gifts for her and there always was. Christmas morning she would be just as excited as any kid. She would find her own gifts and in a short time ripped open the wrapping for her new toy and treats.
Crazy as it seems, she would never jump onto the couch or chairs, always content to be by our side on the floor....except for a certain instance. Sometimes a certain someone would snore quite loudly keeping me awake (hmmm, I wonder who that was?). Often I would go to the other bed and Freckles would follow me and as Springer's would do best, would ever so lightly spring up on the bed without me feeling her. Often times I had no clue she was there till I woke up, again, my protector!
I could go on and on with more wonderful memories of our sweet Freckles, we are so fortunate to have them. It's been said that it will be those memories that will somehow get us thru, but it is so hard.
So, as I look back on these past 13 1/2 years she has filled us with such joy, love & companionship and I thank God for that gift. As her illness has progressed these last 3 months with no relief, with all kinds of meds, testing and different types and combination of foods, it's hard to believe she will no longer be in our lives. She has a huge piece of our heart and that special place will have a huge hole in it. We'll forever miss that "Happy" tail, her tricks, her running around in our yard, my walker buddy, her love of laying by the fireplace on those cold winter days, her sassiness and Christmas will not be the same without her.
So if you see tears in our eyes it's because we're thinking of our Freckles, our forever dog.
Goodbye for now, Freckles, we will see you again one day!

March 12, 2015

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