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Memories of Frankie
Frankie was adopted by us in 1995 from the New Rochelle Humane Society. He couldn't walk due to two luxated patellas (knees), but the operations were common and his chances for a normal life was very good. A fund raiser was held before we knew of him and over $6000.00 was raised to pay for his surgeries. We adopted him and nursed him through the two operations. We drove him to Manhattan for 19 weeks for each operation on weekends to go to physical therapy. Frankie needed two more knee operations after the initial two. These were needed to repair torn ACL's he got from a few falling accidents. Physical therapy was also provided for his rehabilitation. I drove him to Manhattan so he could go swimming with a physical therapist specializing in dogs.

Frankie also had numerous other other operations, e.g., 2 bladder operations to remove bladder stones, a cancerous anal gland mass, liver tumors, a tumor in his pituitary gland that was neutralized by Cyber Knife. Frankie was treated for many health issues such as laryngeal paresis, bloat, pneumonia, pancreatitis among other things.

Throughout all of the above, Frankie stoically took it all in stride as if to say, "ok, I have it...let's deal with it and move on". He wasn't a complainer. He was a real trooper. He had a zest for life and wasn't going let physical impediments stand in his way.

Frankie was a loving, smart, loyal, playful, curious, boy with a wonderful sense of humor.

He wasn't a food-boy when he first arrived, but I quickly changed that. He loved food in no time, especially ice cream that we had every night. He'd close his eyes in ecstasy as he'd lick the spoon. He especially liked Carvel.

Frankie was influenced by the weather. He loved cool dry days, hated the rain, loved the snow, but not the ice that would become stuck between his toes when it became slushy. He would pick up his paws so I could remove the ice from between his toes before continuing on our walks in the winter.

Frankie loved getting new toys, especially the big fleece bones. He loved teething on them. They were big pacifiers.

Frankie loved new or clean things like blankets, bedding, pillow cases. He loved his winter and rain coats, and even his rubber booties.

Frankie loved his human female companion. He wasn't happy until she came home and the three of us were all home. He loved his pack. That's for sure.

Frankie loved going for rides in the car, whether it be to the park, the stores to buy things, or even to the veterinarians. The veterinary staff always made such a fuss about him, and he loved the attention he got.

Frankie loved going to the park and tracking down squirrels. We would point out to each other where the squirrels were so Frankie could try to get one or two before we came home. Frankie stealthily moved towards each squirrel so as not to disturb it as we inched forward.

Frankie hated the "despised" mailman. I taught Frankie the word "mailman" meant that dastardly character who went from house to house and had the "nerve" to trespass on our property. Before we had an external mailbox, the mailman would open the mail slot on the front door and drop the mail in. I once caught Frankie with his mouth open waiting at the mail slot right before the mail was going to be deposited. I always wondered why our mail was perforated. Now I knew!

Frankie loved young women. When he was a resident of the humane society where we adopted him from, the majority of caretakers and office workers were young women. They loved Frankie. After we adopted him, every time a young woman approached him on a walk for example, he became very happy to see her even if he had never seen her before.

Cats did not appeal to Frankie. If he saw one in the street he'd go ballistic and try to go after it. Fortunately, he was always on a leash when walking.

Finally, Frankie loved me like no-one else. I was the one who initially "collected" him from the humane society. I read that the person who "collects" a dog initially is the person whom the dog bonds with most. In our case this was true. I loved him more than any other "being" ever encountered in my life, my wife being the only exception but in a different way. Frankie and I could read each other like a book. Just one look at each other and the other knew what was to be communicated next, like a walk, a snack, ice cream, toys, etc. We were joined not just as family members, but psychically and spiritually. No other relationship I have ever had possessed all those aspects.

I know Frankie and I will reconnect when I cross the Rainbow Bridge and we will be together forever.

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