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Memories of Foxy
Fox, or "Foxy" as we used to call him was born in our house on 14th July 2008 along with 5 siblings. His mum was a snow spotted Bengal named Keira and his dad a huge handsome silver spotted Bengal named Sisko.

Foxy, who had a lovely silver snow spotted coat, melted our hearts from the start and was a real cutie. Foxy was extremely ill as a baby with a corona virus infection that killed three of his siblings, we thought he was going to die too for a while but he pulled through and was never going to live anywhere else after that.

Foxy had attitude despite being small for a male Bengal (little man syndrome as we liked to call it) but he was also very loving and enjoyed a cuddle. All of our other cats, especially Freddy, loved Foxy.

Foxy sometimes slept in our bed with us and was known to stay under the covers for the whole night on occasions!

Foxy was always the first one to get a raw chicken wing, his favourite treat, on a Saturday...no matter who else was around. I used to throw the first wing into the throng of cats and Foxy was always victorious despite being the smallest.

Unfortunately our hearts were broken on 18th September 2009 when, at 14 months old, he was cruelly taken away from us by that awful disease FIP that must have been lingering like a ticking time bomb in his body from his infection as a baby.

Although our house is full of cats it somehow seems empty without our Foxy.

Foxy you may be gone but you will never be forgotten, we'll love you forever our darling little boy.



13th December 2018 - Dear Foxy, it's now over 9 years since you went over the bridge. Yesterday I lost your niece Lily who had been my constant companion since your passing. Once again my heart is broken, I hate this pain. Mummy is still going strong as is your brother Shinzon. Love you Foxy xxx

10th April 2017 - Foxy my darling, I haven't been around for a while but I see you every night on my wall so you're not being forgotten. Some sad news, your brother Stan has joined you over the bridge. Unfortunately Stan's kidneys gave up, he was such a lovely boy and we'll miss him terribly. Your mum is still with us and doing well as is your older brother, Shinzon, but we lost your dad, his heart gave up.

18th September 2015 - love you baby xxx

18th September 2014 - It's been 5 years now my little angel and I miss you so much. We have a huge picture of you in the bedroom so I look at you before I sleep and when I wake up and of course you're with me forever.

Love you Foxy, RIP my darling xxx

18th September 2013 - Dearest Foxy, it's been 4 years now since you left. Although the pain eases with time I still miss my little boy so much. Your mum is still with us and is as playful as ever, I am reminded of you every time I look at her and your brother Stan is doing well too, he still lives with your older brother Shinzon and your best friend Freddy.

Rest in peace my angel xxx

20th September 2010 - Dearest Foxy, it was a year on Saturday since you left us. I'm sorry but I couldn't face coming here on Saturday as the pain is still too great. Life goes on here and we're always having new little Bengal babies born but there is still an empty space where you used to sit. Your mum is still with us and enjoying life, she's allowed out now that she won't be having any more babies and she loves to run up and down the garden. Your brother Stan is doing well, he's a big boy now.

Foxy, I will always love you xxx

14th July 2010 - Happy Birthday my darling Foxy, you would have been 2 years old today.

I found a card with these words:

- A rose once grew where all could see.
- Sheltered beside a garden wall.
- And, as the days passed swiftly by it spread its branches straight and tall.

- One day a beam of light shone through a crevice that had opened wide.
- The rose bent gently toward its warmth then passed beyond to the other side.

- Now, you who deeply feel its loss be comforted
- The rose blooms there
- Its beauty even greater now
- Nurtured by God's own loving care

Sadly I can't believe in God but it reminds me of your last day with us when you went outside in the garden for the one and only time. It was sunny and you enjoyed the warmth before coming back into the house to pass on.

I love you Foxy and will be giving your brother Stan a big hug when I get home.

16th January 2010 - Your tattoo was finished off today darling, it looks beautiful just as you did. My heart is still breaking but it's nice to know that you'll be with me for as long as I live.

9th December 2009 - My darling Foxy, today I had your picture tattooed on my arm. It doesn't bring you back but somehow I feel closer to you again. Mind you, every time I look at your mummy Keira's face I see you. She's still as grumpy as ever with the other cats.....not like my baby boy who loved and was loved by everyone.

1st December 2009 - My darling Foxy, it's now been almost 3 months since you left us and I miss you more each day. I love you so much my baby boy. xxxx

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