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Memories of Foxboro
In memory of a beloved "special" little boy named Foxboro who passed away peacefully on Monday, December 8, 2014 at 8:00 pm, at home where he lived most of his 17 beautiful years with his Daddy...surrounded by people who loved him...in his favorite spot on the living room couch where he loved to curl up and sleep for hours on end.

His Daddy was extremely fortunate to have shared his life and love with Foxboro for almost 17 fun filled years. I know that this was a very sad and emotional time for him when Foxboro left...because of the companionship and love they shared; though he knows in his heart that Foxboro is in a better place where there is no pain; his heart will sometimes have difficulty understanding why Foxboro left him behind without him...but the love remains!!!

I also had the pleasure of sharing some very beautiful and special moments with Foxboro during his lifetime and also taking caring of him while his "Daddy" was away. Foxboro was truly a remarkable "little" boy with a very huge heart...a "big mush head" as we used to call him.

The first time I saw Foxboro was when his Daddy brought him home for the very first time. I got an unexpected call late in the the evening of March 8, 1998, telling me that I had to come over and see what he had brought home; he wouldn't tell over the phone but that I had to come over right away. I wasn't absolutely sure but I had my suspicions as to what he might be talking about. When I got there he was running, jumping and playing all around house...or maybe that was his Daddy; it was hard to tell who was more excited or happier Foxboro or his Daddy...guess Foxboro and his Daddy were always meant to be together. I don't think anyone has to guess how Foxboro acquired his name... I think that's pretty obvious. Go Pats!!!

Over the last few months of Foxboro's life, the quality of life had started to diminish and it was becoming extremely difficult for him to eat and walk although he put up such an amazing fight...a real "trooper" to the very end. I know in my heart that Foxboro knew what was happening...though he did not want to leave the wonderful life he had with his Daddy...Foxboro knew that it was time for him to leave. Foxboro did not suffer... there was no sound as he took his last breath as he passed from the life he knew to the next. I believe that someday we are all re-united with our furry little friends forever... a place where we "never have to say "Good-bye".

The love that Foxboro and his Daddy shared along with the many happy adventures and special moments during their life together and everyone that he touched along the way will always be treasured and remembered forever. I know that his Daddy was overwhelmed with sadness at the loss of his very special little "man". I want his Daddy to know that I understand what he is feeling and tell him that I know there will come a day in the future when he will be able to celebrate Foxboro's life with himself and others around him....and smile; though there will always be that little tug on his heart strings that will bring tears to his eyes at the mention of his name.

The last time I saw Foxboro was last summer when I went over to his Daddy's house to take care of him while his Daddy was away. I remember him sleeping in the bathroom all curled up; I was leaving to go home and somehow looking at him I knew it was going to be the last time I was going to see him, so I laid down next to him and told him how much I loved him and how "special" a little guy he was to everyone especially to his Daddy. I gave him a little kiss on the top of head and rubbed his back for a little while...purring very deeply and sweetly as he had done a million times before; when I walked away to leave he looked up at me as if to say "good-bye"...thank you for loving me; I love you too. I will never forget that moment as long as I live. I can't tell you how sad and overwhelmed I was to have heard that he had passed away. I hate saying "Good-bye".

I know that Foxboro was very sad to have left his Daddy behind because he put up such a brave and fearless fight; trying so very hard to stay knowing how sad his Daddy would be when he was gone...no longer around to love and play or butt heads with. Foxboro will never forget his Daddy...and I believe that someday we are all re-united with our furry friends forever...a place where we "never have to say "Good-bye".

Losing a precious four legged furry little friend is one of the hardest and most heartbreaking moments that a pet owner and lover can ever endure...the years of love, the bond and companionship that is shared is indescribable. I know this because I have shared my life with many of these beautiful souls and have lost several over the course of my lifetime...every loss is so unique but the pain is always the same. I don't quite understand why their lives are so short in comparison to ours but I know that the love that they share with us and memories that we make on our journey together last a lifetime.

* Remembering the day we first meet almost 17 years ago; feels like only yesterday...though it took a little coaxing...how happy and excited we both were to have found each other.

* Remembering our quiet times together when you would curl up next to me in bed or when you used to jump up on my desk for a little cat nap...just so that you be close to me.

* Remembering how you purred so deep and so sweetly when I scooped you up off the floor...my big bundle of fur with the motor running...you trusted me completely.

* Remembering the mischievous time...when you used to jump into my suit case when you I was leaving on yet "another" trip or when you "supposedly" had a little accident in my bed; you never liked it when I left...it was definitely one of your "pet" peeves that you had with me.

* Remembering the many times when you were lost for days...pining up posters everywhere, searching and searching for you until you returned home as if nothing had happened...you were always so independent and free.

* Remembering our play time when I use to pin you to the floor for a game of "Pin the Kitty"; or butting heads; never once did you put up a fight or complain....a beloved friend of mine.

* Remembering all of your adventures outside and how you loved to chase the chipmunks or any little creature that stirred or crossed your path...you were always the "king" of the great outdoors.

* Remembering when you shared your life with Romeo...a cute little kitten that showed up from nowhere, who used love to play and sleep with you all the time and who you built a special relationship with even though it was "only" for a short time...hope the two of you have found each other again at Rainbow Bridge.

* Remembering when Brady came into the picture...there was absolutely no way "any" other kitty would ever take your place , outside or in the house...you always made sure that he knew it too...in the end he was your "brother" like no other; who will miss you just as much as we all do.

* Remembering when we said our last Good-bye will always be the hardest...there was no pain though you tried to continue the fight for me but your little body was so tired, it was time to go ...."I will miss you like no other...you were my "pet" soul mate and you will live forever in my heart..."

* Rest in Peace Foxboro; my "little" man, we love you and will always miss you....keeping you close in our hearts and thoughts forever.

Love you Foxboro

Written by Angela M. Fragione
for my Friend Steve and his precious "his little man" Foxoboro
who will be sadly missed by all that knew him.
May 11, 2015

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