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Memories of Fluffy
August 26, 2020 3 weeks Roo crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. He died very suddenly, we all miss him so very much. Please take care of him. love you so very much. xoxo mommy

October 25, 2018 10 years omg, where has time gone. Joseph got engaged and he also got a new kitty, her name is jade, such a sweet kitty, He still misses you so very much, we all do. I have your pic on the fridge and think of you often. so much has changed. Richard is disable and is a mess. love you so much Fluffy xoxo mommy

October 25, 2017, 9 years, so much has happened. Bashful is no longer with us, He died so unexpectedly, the day after thanksgiving. We have two little kittens. Our lives are such a mess. Stressful beyond belief. We miss you so much. Until we meet again love you mommy

October 25, 2016. 8 years, last night I reminded daddy that it will be 8 years since you left us. we miss you so much. our lives are so very different, we are struggling again, just like when you were a kitten. Daddy no longer works, I am trying to hold down the house and all. Your pic is on the refridg. where has the time gone. try to give joseph a little sign that you are still with him. love you fluffy xoxxo

October 27, 2015 . time has not healed our wounds. Joseph misses you so very much. Life has become so very stressful. Daddy is no longer able to work. He has been out of work for a little bit over a year. We are just barely getting by. I miss you so very much. I miss all of you, Baron, Steilen, Twinkles and of course Guenevere. 7 years where has time gone. love you fluffy Until we all meet again xoxox mommy
October 25, 2014, six long years have passed. they say time heals all wounds, my heart is not healed. Life has become so stressful as of late. I miss you my princess. I miss you, Baron, Steilen,Twinkles and Guenevere. Until we see each other again, know that I love you and miss you xoxox mommy
April 8, 2014, always thinking about you fluffy, your pictures are still on the ref. memories are not so painful but yet i still cry. I miss you and Baron so very much. I know you are both waiting for us. until we meet again xxoxo love mommy
October 25, 2013 a bitter sweet day at our house. its been 5 years. We all miss you so very much. We find comfort that you are not alone at the bridge. Baron is with you and you also have twinkles and Guenevere and of course stelien. Today is also Joseph's birthday , He wants to visit the Poconos.. so many memories. I love you and miss you. Your pic sits on the frig your star sits in the dining room we pass your star everyday and every night. Run and play fluffy, one day we will meet again never to be parted. run and find baron and give him head butts. love you mommy

September 27,2013 Hello fluffy, missing you so very much. Last night I sat outside and above my head was the big dipper, I wished you and baron a happy night. I miss you so very much. today would had been baron's 10th birthday, but God needed a strong puppy to help guard the bridge. will see you two very soon. xoxox mommy

Fluffy, was Joseph's cat. Our friend had a liter of kittens born in her garage and Joseph wanted his own little "baby" so he picked out one and named her Fluffy. Fluffy was always trying to escape the house, Once she got out and ran back toward the back yard our dog Steilen ran after her. Another thing fluffy would do, she would growl when anyone knocked on the door, it was too funny. Fluffy, had her own little stuffed toy "Mr Snakey" she would drag this stuffed snake around the house up and down the stairs. Fluffy is now with her other "furbrother and sisters. Steilen, Twinkles and Guenevere. It has been a very long year, a year of ups and downs, we miss her so very much.
Until we meet again love you fluffy
10-25-09 5:51 PM. Fluffy it has been a year since God became lonely and needed you in heaven. We miss you so very much. The pain of your passing is so very raw the tears have yet to lessen and in fact they fall at the slightest memory of you. We talk about your passing and the many what ifs. what if i didnt go to work that day and the what if's of richard taking to the vet. my heart is in pain for not holding you while the doctor helped you crossed over -- sure i was there petting you, but i should had held you and snuggled while you took your last breath. Roo has taken over some of your personalities, he has come over to me and lay down on top of me, and he even snuggles with me to steal my body heat, just like you used to do. the other day roo jumped onto the stove and richard "said fluffy get down" damn oh god that made all of us stop what we were doing and just became very sad. The house is not the same. :-( sure we have the other kitties and they are not suppose to replace you, Fluffy you were one of a kind. Every night i go outside and look for the big dipper and when i locate it, i speak with you Fluffy. Its so very hard not knowing what exactly caused your death, my heart is broken and i know joseph's heart is broken as well. all of our hearts are broken, you left us so very quickly, i didnt even have time to clip your fur.. oh just to have you back, i would give anything, but yet i know you are never coming back, we just have our memories of you. the tears are flowing now,, god i miss holding and sniffing your fur. Fluffy, please please forgive us, me, and most of all give our love to steilen, twinkles and lastly gwenevere
until we meet again -- mommy
another halloween without you :-(.
Fluffy, thanksgiving is right around the corner. getting ready to purchase the turkey. How i remember when you were a kitten how you loved climbing up our legs to get something to eat. the laundry basket became your little cage until we finished eating our dinner. Richard, still brings home fish from red lobster and all the kitties come over to get some treats. The days are lonely without you. how you and baron used to chase each other around and under the dining room table. I miss you not greeting me at the door. the months that richard was deployed and having you waiting for me, fluffy you helped me deal with the loneliness of not having richard home, and now you are gone. Everynight i look up searching for your star. how i wish i could hold you again,
I miss you fluffy, love mommy

Fluffy, christmas is a week away. next to your ashes sits the picture of you and joseph in front of the fireplace in the old house in the poconos. God how i wish we could turn back the hands of time. steilen, twinkles and guenevere all together. Meagan was crying last night, she saw a picture of you, guarding the front door (house of sycamore avenue) Fluffy its been a very long year.. not a day goes by without me thinking or crying over you.
I love you Fluffy and always will
xoxox mommy
Sitting here missing you so very much :-( 3/4/10
tears still flow - not a day goes by that i dont think and want to hold you again.
love you always
Fluffy, Its May 3rd. thinking of you - another mother's day without you. don't know what we will be doing, but i will certainly think of you and miss you. My friend luci's dog crossed over her name is Shiloh, she is a big doggie. I know how much you loved baron, so please keep shiloh company and show her the fun places.
I love and miss you fluffy, until we meet again, love mommy
another fall is upon us -
Tuesday night, the sky was so dark and above our house was YOU in the big dipper oh my god Fluffy the stars were beautiful -- your star was flashing you were giving us a sign that you are ok. im sitting here at work crying crying for you, your soft and your purrs. Its going to be two years since God called you home. but we miss you.l love you fluffy, love mommy

Has it really been two years since your soft meow left us. not a day goes by that i dont want to hold you and smell you. I miss you so very much my heart aches. Every night i look up to the big dipper and pray that we will meet again. We all miss you. Joseph wants his own little kitty. Until we meet again my princess. Love Mommy
12/17/10 - Christmas is a week away. Still missing you my sweet princess. Ro and bashful have taken to sleeping with me. Yesterday it snowed lots of memories came flooding back, remember when we lived in the poconos - it snowed and you ran out towards the back of the house, stelien ran after you and chased you back in. I miss all of you. We have the tree up with lights. one of my favorite photos is that of you and joseph in front of the tree - so many memories. I love you Fluffy my princess. rub noses with twinkles and gwenevere and of course stelien
April 7,2011 - another spring is here. missing you. until we meet again love mommy
Octber 25, 2011 - its been 3 years since i was able to hold you. I miss you so very much.My heart aches with the pain of not having you. Until we meet again, love you so very much mommy
Merry Christmas Fluffy - love you mommy 12/20/11.
Another Spring is here April 27, 2012. not a day goes by that i dont think of you. Love you mommy

Fluffy, Baron has joined you in Rainbow Bridge. Fluffy, Baron stopped eating the last wendesday in may. i first i thought he just didnt like his food or wanted to eat something different. he would continue to eat the cat food. changed his foods and even started to get down to feed him, he would eat but eat very little, i also noticed that he was straining to go poo. Fluffy he lost so much weight, he also walked with his head down and would just go by the couch and or the corner by the steps but than he started to hide under the computer table. fluffy we finally took him to the emergency vet and they thought he just had an infection, we gave him meds and such, took back to the vets more rounds of medicine and special foods. Baron, had more energy and ate a little more, but than he would stop eating and again i would feed him with the spoon. this continued for a couple more days and finally we scheduled him for a scan, fluffy they found this mass,i didnt spread but the look on the dr's face told us something very bad was going on with Baron. We waited for the results of the fluid, was told there was no cancer cells in the fluid, but still needed to do more test. Decided to get a second opinion took baron to yet another vet on Friday July 13, Baron lost more weight and he did eat what the vet fed him, was told to feed him tuna, boy did he eat and we all had hope that this could be fixed. On July 16, 2012 we again took baron back to the vet,and our world would never be the same. The vet came out and told us the mass was very large, but yet there was hope. Joseph and I took baron back to the holding area, gave baron hugs and kisses,told him to be good and that we will see him on Thursday. Fluffy,that was the last time we saw Baron alive and not hooked up to machines. The surgery started July 17,2012 at 145 pm and at 227 pm we recieved the call that there was nothing that we could do for baron and that it was in best interest to let Baron go -- we called daddy and we raced out there. The dr came in and showed me these ugly tumors,tumors who robbed us of Baron, we started to call and then was led back to where baron was sleeping - still hooked up to the machines, we spoke with the vet, loved on baron, joseph left the room when the shot was given i was lying over baron and kissed him and told him what an honor it was to have him in our lives, i watched as his life slipped away, he right paw gave a jerk and he was gone. So fluffy after fours years of losing you,Baron has joined you, Please keep each other company love each other and play for all eternity July 17, 2012 Rest in peace Baron,my sweet prince -love you both mommy
four years we watched as your life slipped away October 25, 2008. We all miss and love you so very much. Baron is now with you. We still laugh about how you would chase Baron around and under the dining room table. Thank you for being such a good kitty. Loveyou so xoxxoo until we meet again my sweet soft princess. mommy
November 26, 2012. Another thanksgiving without you and this year was even harder. Baron is not here but with you waiting at the bridge. I hope you two spent your day running and eating lots of turkey. We all miss you and Baron so very much. xoxxo love you always princess, mommy
December 17, five months ago Baron went to join you. Not a day goes by that you are not thought about. The Pain of losing you is still so very fresh. The tears flow as easy as they did that October 25. It doesn't feel like christmas. the tree is standing in the front room. Joseph will be having surgery at the end of this month, daddy is also not feeling well. meagan has done extremely well in college. Find Baron, give him lots of head butts, also run and chase twinkles and gwenevere and of course steilen. we miss you so very much. xoxox mommy , merry christmas my sweet princess.

Hello Sweet Princess; today is baron 9th month being with you. I miss you both so very much. not a day goes by that i dont think of either one of you. The big dipper is over our house and when i let Levi out to play or do his business i look up and say a prayer to the both of you. dont forget me fluffy. xoxoxo love you mommy

Happy Birthday Fluffy - will see you again my sweet princess. Joseph has been accepted to take the fireman's test in allentown pa, he is so very excited. he misses you so very much, give him a sign that you are still his kitty. love you fluffy.

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