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Memories of Finley
Oh my goodness what a begger you were! You were jumping at my chair the whole time I was eating. How mad daddy got because I fed you! You were my shadow. Where ever I went you were at my heals. When dad went to bed early you and I hung out. You licked my tears when I cried and you nipped at my ear when I got down on the floor to play with you --- and every night I carried you up the stairs complaining about how heavy you were getting. The best time of all was when you snuggled with me all night long. I covered you up,wrapped my arm around you and the two of us slept until morning. I miss you baby. Love you Mom

12/12/12 3 days have gone by. It feels like 3 years. How I wish I could put you on the couch with me and rough you up and pull your ears. The worst part for both of us is coming home to an empty house. I look in the living room doorway where you would be snoozing waiting for me. Now it's just an empty space just like my heart. I love you Finley. Mom

12/13/12 Hey bum boy. I'm not having a very good day today. My heart feels like its bleeding. I just made daddy's lunch and you weren't here begging for a bite of ham. I don't know if I can do this without you. Baby I miss you so much! I'm so sorry I had to do what I did. Please come and lay by me tonight. I love you. Mommy

12/17/12 I was just remembering the day we brought you home. Gosh you were full of yourself! The dog we had before you was 14 yrs old and all he did was sleep. When we got you you were all over the place. I remember stopping at the vets begging for some medication to calm you down! I thought you were hyper. Finally when we went to puppy kindergarten they trained me! Hahaha. Gloria the trainer pointed out that you were Mr. Alpha dog and she showed me how to get you under control. It kind of worked but you always had me wrapped around your little paw. I sure miss you snuggling with me at night. My feet are cold when I'm sleeping . Daddy just doesn't cut it. I hope your legs are healed and you truly are running around with all the friends you've made. Just don't forget me little one. I love you mom.

12/19/12. We brought you home today. Daddy went to the vets and got your ashes. It's so good to finally have you home. It was bad enough that I had to put you down but then I left you there. I truly felt that I abandoned you. I couldn't bring you home to bury you. I really would have gone insane. So I had to have you cremated. I have a silky tuft of hair from your ear, and some of your curly white fur. I didn't expect your paw print--what a nice memento!
I'm sleeping with your fur under my pillow. I miss you so much my baby boy! I would do anything to see you again-- all I do is cry. Sleep tight my little one mommy

12/22/12. Hey baby boy. It snowed today. Remember how much you loved the snow. You would rub your face in it---then you would lay on your back and wiggle around and get all wet. Then when you came in the house you ran around inside and I would chase you. Even in your senior years you had these bursts of energy. I miss you so much. Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since you left us. This will be our first Christmas without you. I miss you little bum. I'll never stop crying for you. You left a big hole in my heart when we said goodbye. I love you. Mommy

12/24/12. Christmas Eve and your not with me. I missed you plopping next to me on the couch while I wrapped presents. You always layed on my pen or the to & froms and I had to move you so I could find them. You always layed so close to me---your little body had to be touching mine. I miss you with my whole heart. I wish I could hold you once more. I will never stop crying for you. Love you baby. Mommy

9:30 pm well baby your xmas stocking is hanging-- you were always a bad boy with the presents! Your little nose always sniffed out the treats. Daddy and I loved to watch you open your gifts. You would tear the paper into shreds! This year there are no gifts. This is the saddest Christmas ever. I miss you my baby boy. I hope you have lots of treats. Love you baby. Mommy

12/25/12. MERRY CHRISTMAS BUM BOY. Mommy missed you so much today. Christmas just wasn't the same without you. I just wanted everybody to go home so I could sit and think about you. I just cry and cry rivers of tears. I just want to hug you one more time. I love you baby. Mom

12/27/12 Hey baby--I'm sitting here all alone--it's 7:30 pm-- and I'm missing you like crazy. 3 years ago when my mom died you and I sat on the couch and I'd cry into your neck. You'd turn your head around and lick my tears. Now I'm sitting here crying and there is no one to snuggle with. You're not here. I'll never stop crying for you my baby. I love you with my whole being. It's so lonely without you. Please visit me sometimes. Love mom

12/28/12. My baby Finley. I miss you so much. Every night after daddy goes to bed I sit on the couch and cry for you. I should be petting you and hugging you not writing my feelings down. I am so broken without you. We were always together . I miss snuggling with you. Thanks for a great 16 years---but I want more! I hope your legs are working again. Love you mommy

12/30/12. Three weeks today baby since you left us and I hurt just as much - maybe even more. I'm so mad that I had to put you down. You were such a big part of my life. I'm so sorry baby. If there was any way we could have fixed you believe me we would have. Please don't be mad at me bum boy. My heart is forever broken without you. I would give anything to hold you in my arms again and put my face in your neck. I love you mommy.

1/1/13. Happy new year baby boy! I keep thinking back to last year at this time. You were here with me. This is gonna be an awful year without you. I miss you with my whole heart. I gave you a hamburg & fries you loved to eat them with me. That was one of your favorite meals to eat with me. Daddy was always scolding us but I snuck it to you anyway. Hope your running and playing with all the fur babies in rainbow heaven. I miss you baby. Love mommy

1/3/13. Hi baby boy. I'm missing you like crazy. I don't think the hurt and tears will ever go away. You were my little shadow--and now I feel like a part of me has been torn out. I'll never forget that sad trip to the vets. I just couldn't let you close your eyes alone. I had to be there to hold you like you were always there for me. I miss you with my whole heart. Mom

1/8/13 hey there big boy. Still sitting here missing you like crazy. Just thinking of all the great memories I have of you. You were a great pal. I just wish the memories didn't make me sad. I know we'll be together again. I love you baby boy. Mom

1/25/13. Hey Finley. I am laying here in bed with tears streaming down my face because I've been thinking of you. I miss you so much! If anything my heart has gotten heavier. Finley I miss you so much! I hope you forgive me for putting you down. You were such a great friend and companion you didn't deserve to suffer. The two girls next door- Molly and Lily come running over looking for you. You're not here anymore. There is a huge hole in my heart where you once lived. I miss wrapping my arms around you at night and holding you tight. When my time comes to leave this earth you are the first one I want to see-- with your white silky fur and and your curly tail wagging away. I miss you so much baby boy! Love mom

2/4/13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BABY BOY! 16 today. Gosh how I wish you were here with me. I miss you more and more every day. I'm sending you the biggest birthday cake and bag of treats to share with all your friends at Rainbow Bridge. Hope you have a fun day. Love mom

2/18/13. Hey baby. Here I am laying in bed crying my eyes out. I'll never stop missing you. Your ashes are next to my bed along with your fur and I'm really sad because I want you! You were my best boy for 16 yrs. I miss you laying next to me while I knit. You would be sound asleep and I would try to sneak to the bathroom and your head would pop up and you would be right behind me. Oh how I wish you were still here sleeping next to me. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you. I just wish I could feel you one more time. I miss playing with you on the floor. The huge hole you left in my heart will never heal until I hold you in my arms again. I miss you baby mom

3/21/13 Hey there handsome. I'm still missing you so much. I'll never stop crying for you. You were the best friend a person could ask for. I miss your warm body pressed against mine. You always stretched out next to me and kept me warm. I would give anything to see you again and to snuggle my face in your neck. Spring is here. Remember the nights when you and I sat outside watching the people go by. Summer will never be the same. I love you baby. Mom

3/25/13. Hey Finley I'm missing you like crazy today. I'm so sorry I had to put you down. Your back legs just gave out and you couldn't get up. The vet gave you some pills and we took you home but you just didn't get any better. You couldn't get up to go to the bathroom. I sat all day and nite into Sunday holding you in my arms because you couldn't get up. I made me crazy with grief to see you trying to get up. It was the only thing I could do because I couldn't stand to see you suffer. Some days memories of you make me smile then there are the days I just sit and cry. I love and miss you with my whole heart. Love you mom

4/6/13 Good morning handsome. Thinking of you a lot this morning. The weather is getting warmer and I remember just how much you liked to stretch out in the sun. I never could understand how you could lay in the sun and heat--- I would make you come in the house for water hahaha. And baby Easter just wasn't the same without you. I never thought I'd miss grabbing those candy eggs out of your mouth. I really miss you baby boy. I hope you had a giant chocolate bunny and ate it in the sun. Miss you tons. Mom

4/29/30. Hi my baby boy. I'm laying here in bed with tears streaming down my face. I miss you so much my boy. I wish I could hold you one more time. You were my best buddy and I'm really missing you tons. This giant hole in my heart will never ever heal! I miss you sitting outside with me. We would sit out at night and play some tunes then we'd come in and I'd pick you up and climb the stairs with you in my arms-- and I'd be kissing you the whole time. Oh Finley I wish you'd pop into my dreams tonight so I can hug you and kiss you once more. I love you my precious baby boy. Mommy.

06/30/13 Well my Finley the scorching hot summer is here. You loved the heat but you loved the barbecues more. Oh you were a little begger. Always jumping up on the kids trying to steal their food. Your favorite place was under the picnic table waiting for someone to drop some food. We had to tie you up and you were forever getting tangled. Things just aren't the same around here without you. I miss you as much today as I did the day you left us. My heart will never ever heal until I'm with you again. I'm leaving a giant hamburger for you. Enjoy it--but please chew it good. I love you tons! Love and kisses. Mommy.

9/22/13. Happy fall baby boy. I was thinking about you a real lot today. I miss you more every day. You were so special to me. You followed me around like my shadow. Finley I wish I could wrap my arms around you just once more. I would pull you close to me and cover you with a blanket. And we would fall asleep with your warm breath on my cheek. I really miss you don't forget to wait for me at the gate. Love ya baby mommy

11/28/13 Happy thanksgiving baby boy. First one without you. I wish it was a year ago because you were still with us. The sad thing is your year anniversary is coming up. It doesn't seem like a whole year has gone by without you. I don't want to think about that awful day now I just want to say that I'm thankful for the great 16 years I had with you. Love you lots baby. Mom

12/10/13 well well well baby boy. Yesterday was 1year since you left us. I just couldn't write to you yesterday because I don't think a year anniversary is anything to celebrate. I miss you just as much today as I did a year ago. I am so sorry I had to put you down. You just didn't deserve to suffer for my selfishness . If I could have made you better believe me I would have. The day I put you down was the day I lost my very special best friend. I hope there really is a place we go when we die and I hope you're running around pain free playing in the sunshine. I love and miss you with my whole heart. Tons of kisses love you mommy.

12/21/2013. Another.xmas without you.. I miss your company so much. Everything I do reminds me of you. Your stocking is hanging your picture is in the tree and you're in my heart. I miss you baby. Mom

2/4/14 Happy birthday baby boy, you would have been 17! I wish dogs lived longer so I could have had you with me longer. I'm just glad I had a healthy you for 16 yrs. guess I can't complain. You had a great happy healthy life. Hope you had a party with all your friends in rainbow bridge. Love and miss you bum. Smooch. Mommy.

3/25/14 Hey there my favorite man. Missing you like crazy! I guess the hurt will never go away. You were the best friend always following me around. When I think of your last day I get really sad. I hope you'll forgive me for ending your suffering. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I hope you are pain free and running around in the sunshine. Love you baby. Mom

11/3/14 Hi baby boy. Just dropped in to say hi and to tell you I didn't forget you. You will always be my special pal. We went through a lot together. We had sad times and very happy times. I miss you like crazy. Please don't forget to meet me when my time is up here. You're this first one I want to see. We'll run in the fields of rainbow bridge. Love you sweetie. Mom

11/17/14 Hey Finley. Been thinking of you a lot lately. Your 2 year anniversary is coming up. Don't like to mark the date you left us because it is not a time I want to remember. It was the worst day of my life. I cried all the way home from work the other day rembering the morning we woke up and you couldn't stand. It was like I was still in a nightmare that I couldn't wake up from. Baby I hope you know just how much I loved you! You truly have left me with a huge hole in my heart that will not ever heal until the day I see you again. Love you baby boy mom

12/28/14 merry Xmas baby boy. I thought of you on Christmas morning. I miss the way you would tear into your presents. Even in your old age you would rip that paper off to get at your treat. I hope you enjoy your comfy pillow to sleep on and the ice cream sundays. You always loved Mcdonalds ice cream. And I left my slipper so you don't ever forget me. Love and miss you. Mom

2/4/2015 HAPPY BIRTHDAY my baby boy. 18 yrs old! And still my baby boy. Just want you to know I love you and miss you with my whole heart. No matter how much time goes by I will never stop loving you. The memories I have of you are bitter sweet. You were my best friend and companion.
We went through a lot of stuff over the 16 years we were together. My mom was sick and came to live with us. You were with me when she died. Licking my tears when I cried. You were always by my side snuggling with me ---- that was your way to comfort me. I hope you have a happy birthday. Share your cake with all your friends in rainbow bridge. Don't forget to wait for me. I'll love you always mom,

6/10/15 hey Finley thinking of you just now. You were the first dog that was mine. The kids were grown and I had you all to myself to spoil and sleep with. We went on walks all the time, and you were a regular on the B bus that daddy drove. You would jump on the bus and we would ride back to the garage with him where Nancy would pet you and give you treats. Everybody knew and loved you. Behave ---till I see you again. Love mom

10/7/15 hi my special baby boy. Really missing you a lot tonight. I think of you often. It'll be 3 years soon that you left us. You were loved so much. You were one pampered little boy. You and I went through a lot of stuff. You were always by my side. I miss you tons. just know no one will ever fill the hole you left in my heart. I love you baby mom

1/10/16 Finley. How you doing my little bum boy! Went to the vets today where I had to say goodbye too you. All those awful memories of that horrible day we put you down came came flooding back to me. That was the worst day of my life!
The vet gave you a steroid shot to see if you would be able to get up and sent us home. I sat with you all night and held you but the shot just didn't work. You couldn't go to the bathroom. You couldn't get up. As much as I wanted you to get better I couldn't let you live that way. And never ever would I leave you alone while the doctor put you down. It hurt with my whole heart to hold you while you went to sleep forever but me and daddy had to be there while you left us. I still cry every time I think of you. You took a part of me with you when you went away. I love you baby with my whole heart. Mommy

10/102016 Hi my Finley boy. How are you doing my sweet boy? Dropped by to tell you how much I miss you. I will never stop missing you. Time goes on but you will always be my special boy. Thoughts of you still bring tears to my eyes. I love you so much. I talk about you all the time. Everyone loved you. I cant wait to see you again. Love you mom 💋

2/4/2017 Happy birthday 🎁 baby boy! Wish you were here so I could give you a big hug 🤗 and some sages. Hope your running around and playing with your friends. Don't forget to look down on me love ❤️ you 💋Mom.

3/30/2017. Finley daddy had a heart attack. He's very sick but I don't want him to go to heaven yet. Please please please baby boy if you see him coming send him back to me. I need him here with me. I'm not ready to let him go. I love him with my whole heart ❤️ you growl and chase him back to me. Don't forget bud I'm counting on you please help me love mommy

4/9/2017. Finley daddy is getting better and better everyday. I know you sent him back to me because when he woke up 4 days after his heart attack he asked for a pen and paper and he wrote where's Finley? I got shivers because I knew you sent him back to me! He was confused and looking around for you. Thank you so much for listening to me baby boy I love ❤️ you and miss you very much. You are our guardian angel 👼 Mommy

12/9/17 You know what today is......5yrs since I laid you to rest. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. I miss you so much. December is not like it used to be because you're gone. You were my little shadow laying next to me while I wrapped presents 🎁 ohhhh I miss you so much. Can you come lay next to me tonight please I'm so sad I need to feel you next to me. 😥. I love 💗 you baby. Mom

12/15/18. Hi my Finley boy. Just wanted to tell you you're still in my heart and I'm always thinking of you. You were our first dog 🐶 that dad and I got to pick when the kids were grown up and boy what a campanion you were! You and I were always walking around town and you loved to ride on the B bus that daddy drove. We'd ride to Pittsfield back to the bus station then hop in the car and come home. Everybody at the garage knew Finley. You would go running in and Nancy would give you a treat. Ohhh how I miss you. I hope you're running in the sunshine waiting for me. Love you baby boy. Mom

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