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Memories of Fergie
Little Ferg, I remember when you came to live with us.. you were so little I could carry you in my pocket. You never got very big, but you were big in heart... never afraid of anything including racoons and cats! You loved traveling and even flew with us to Florida. When I left for work, I would find you already in your "basket". And, when I came home you were always there to greet me. I miss you so much. Daddy and Ben miss you too. I still look for you in all the places where you most liked to be. And, I will see you again some day at the Rainbow Bridge.

6/30/06 Little Ferg, It's been a year since you went away. I still miss you and think of you often. Molly has come to live with us now. She's sweet, but she's not you. Schotzy is our Schnauzer puppy and we love her too, but there will never be a doggie that I will love as I loved you. Sleep well, little pet.

Dear little Fergie,
It's summer of 2007.. soon it will be the anniversary of the day you disappeared. I have not forgotten you, little pet. Ben is doing ok..getting old. He was bitten by a snake, but survived without any problems. Molly is learning to be a pet... I love her, but she will never take your place. Schotzy is energetic and very smart. We are getting along fine. I still miss you. I will see you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Dear Fergie poo-poo,
Another summer is here.. 2008. You are not forgotten, little one. We are sad because tomorrow we must take old Ben for his last ride in the Jeep. He will join you at the Rainbow Bridge. We will still have Schotzy and Molly to keep us company. Schotzy has become my pal.. I still miss you, Little Ferg. Still think of you in your favorite places.. Sleep on, my pet.

Sweet Little Ferg,
Soon it will be the anniversary of the day you disappeared.. I think of you every day. Ben is there with you now.. he was ready..could no longer enjoy our morning walks. Schotzy and Molly still look for him. I miss you still.. One day we will again be together.. Sleep well, little petaroo...

Dear little Fergie,
June 30, 2009 - Today is the anniversay of the day you disappeared... We walked past the place where I saw you last - the image is still there... the pain is just as strong now as then... You are not forgotten.. Molly and Schotzy are both good doggie friends, but you will always live in my heart. I still miss you, my sweet little pet-a-roo... We will someday be together again..

Dear Little Ferg,
It's summer - 2010 and I have been thinking of you... it's once again close to the day you were lost. I am haunted with the image of the last time I saw you walking with Ben... and then you just vanished. I love little Molly and Schotzy too, but you will always be my little pet-a-roo. Until we're together again...

My sweet Fergie,
Once again, it's the anniversary of the day you were lost..2011..can't believe it's been 6 years now..how the time flies.. I read a book of a little boy who visited in heaven..he said there are animals there.. I still think of you when we walk on the road where you last walked with us. Schotzy is a good little walker.. goes with me every day. Molly is now 12 years old and doesn't want to walk anymore. I miss you still...

Little Fergie,
Somehow I missed adding a message last year.. it's summer of 2013 now. We sent Miss Molly to be with you.. She will look like your sister.. I know you will love her as we did.. But, you know, God is kind .. because before Miss Molly went away, we happened to get Fritz who is another Schnauzer. He is the sweetest thing.. snuggles up to me sort of like you used to do.. We were walking yesterday and I heard Schotzy make a sound.. when I looked around, she was "sparring" with a coyote.. After I chased him away, I thought maybe that's what happened to you.. I will always be haunted by the fact that I don't know what happened to you that day.. You were just gone and I didn't even have a chance to say good-bye.. I still think of you, my little pet-a-roo.. I'll look for you at the Rainbow Bridge...

Dear Little Ferg,
It's 2014.. almost the same time as you disappeared. I still walk the same road.. and think of you nearly every day.. Schotzy and Fritz walk with me now.. We had a Bible study about heaven and the man said that animals will be a part of our days there and we will be given interesting, stimulating work to do. That comforts me.. to know I will once again see you and pet your sweet little head.. You are not forgotten.. I can see you playing with the other pets that are waiting.. Molly, Ben and others.. Have fun, my little pet-a-roo...

Little Ferg,
June 30, 2015 Can't believe it's been 10 years today since you disappeared. I remember the day so well.. and I still shed tears.. When I walk on the road where we were that day, I still wonder what happened to you.. It was so fast.. One minute you were then and then you were gone.. We still have Schotzy and Fritz.. Fritzie is certainly a comfort to me.. I had a big surgery in November and he stayed with me when I came home, layed by my side, kept me warm. I know we will all be together one day and play in a garden with each other again. You will always be in my heart...

Dear Fergie,
Another year has passed.. it's 2016. I walked today past the place I last saw you.. as always I looked to see if you could be there.. after 11 years.. imagine... Schotzy and Fritz are my doggies now, but they will never take your place.. You're always in my heart and some day we will cross the bridge together..

Little Pet-a-Roo.. It's the 12th anniversary of the day you went to wait at the Rainbow Bridge. I walked past the place where I last saw you and it was as though it was yesterday. I walk with Schotzy and Fritz now and I love them, but you will always have a special place in my heart.. One day I will come and pick you up and we will go together across the bridge.. Have fun playing with all the doggies who are waiting.. I still miss you...

Precious Fergie,
Thinking of you today- June 30, 2018, the 13th anniversary of your disappearance. Once again I walked past the place where I last saw you... Fritz and Schotzy were with me. And, how I wished I could just hold you one more time... Schotzy may be joining you soon.. she is not doing so well.. I know you will love her. Run free and have fun.. I will see you at the bridge.. and we will cross together.. Hugs and kisses....

8/8/18.. Sweet Fergie.. Schotzy is on her way to meet you and Ben.. She has been confused and got lost this morning on our walk.. you remember our walks.. we had such fun.. Schotzy is a Schnauzer.. she is 13 years old.. just like you.. she has been in some pain, so I know she will be happy to be at the Rainbow Bridge.. Please give her a good Vakselis welcome.. I will see you all some day..

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