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Memories of Felix
FELIX born 19th Sept 2003 and entered Rainbowbridge 19th April 2012. Life without you is going to be so hard. You were a wonderful friend and "Buddy". Your Master is going to miss you so much. His "Buddy' and constant shadow. A big hole in Sooty Landrover where you always sat. Tore is missing you so much too. Eat and drink in freedom now over the Rainbow. In our hearts forever Buddy. Your master's BUDDY and my Flixy...January 2013. You have your own memorial today, and you will now know that we have moved from the sunshine of the Bahamas to the UK. You would not have enjoyed living here, as cold, wet damp weather would not have been your scene. Poor Felix and wet grass!!! However where you are is warm and sunny, and remember we love you so much and miss you. We remember all the good times you had with your Master, camping in the bush with the GGYA and the Landrovers, which we don't have any more. Tore flew back here with us, and she is loving being here, but you would not have!!! Keep free Felix and look after Lady and Laska, and meet Bengi and Dougal for the first time. Mum, Dad and Tore.............April 2013.....Its almost a year since we sadly lost you Buddy. It is so cold here in the UK, you really would not have liked it at all. You were used to lovely warm weather and sand and sea dips. My beautiful Flixy. We all miss you so much and look at your picture on a daily basis. Love you and think of you enjoying peace over the rainbow. Tore is well and has just been to have her boosters and now kennel cough instead of Heartgard. Seems funny not giving her Heartgard every month now. Keep warm and love you.2014 Miss you soooooo much....April 2014 It's 2 years now since we lost you Flixy, and the pain doesn't get better.Everytime I think of the Bahamas I remember you with so much love in my heart. Tore sends her love and misses you too. So glad you came to us even though it was so short a time. Miss you forever. Enjoy freedom and looking after Lady dog........... January 2015. Nearly another year without you. You are so missed and always in our thoughts. Tore sends her love, and misses you too. January 2016..yet another year passes missing you. you are always in my thoughts Flixy. Our friend and our gorgeous Buddy. Love u so much...... April 2016 it's now 4 years without you. Miss you so much Flixy. Tore misses u too. One day we will be together again. Look after Lady as we miss her too. Love and hugs......Christmas again without you. Still so missed Flixy. Loved and cherished and never a day goes by that we don't think and miss you. Tore sends her love too........December 23rd. Such sad news for us, your master has died suddenly, just like you Flix. Go find him Flixy, and he will be so happy to be with his BUDDY again. Tell Lady, Laska, Bengi and Dougal that their Master is over the Rainbow too. Help to keep me strong Flixy. ....April 2017 another year without you Flixy. So sad still. Miss you and now miss your Master. Keep him safe with you over the Rainbow. Both of you always in my heart. ...Another Christmas without you. So so missed....April 2018. 6 years have gone bye and you are still sadly missed. Hope you found your Master. You'll both be happy to be together again. Tore is still with us, and she sends her love to you. She is now nearly 14. She's been my strength.

"LADY".JANUARY 1ST.1992-AUGUST 17TH.2007. Our little Lady has joined you over the Rainbow today. Our gentle little Jack Russell. You were such a brave girl during your illness. Now you are free of all those lumps and bumps, and back with your lost friends Bengi and Laska. You too came with us all over the World, sharing Sharjah and then the Bahamas.Such a well travelled little girl. Felix will miss you so much. We will miss you and never forget how much love and trust you gave us. Be free and agile again. We love you. Mum,Dad and Felix......
Bengi. Look after Lady. I know you have waited a long time for her. So enjoy having her with you again. We miss you all so much Lady dog.....2014 Another year without you. Love and miss you so much. You will forever be in our hearts. You were one special girl........... January 2015. Miss you so much. Wonderful girl you were. Love you so much.. January 2016. Another Birthday Lady without you with us. Miss you so much. You are never forgotten...Christmas again Lady. You're loved and missed so much. My sweet Lady Dog. .... miss u little Lady.... April 2018.another year without you. Miss you little Lady.

LASKA 1991 TO SEPT.9TH 2006. We miss you so Laska.........it's ten years now you have been over the Rainbow. Still loved and missed
BENGI August 11th 1990-January 2nd 2004 Our Beautiful English Cocker Spaniel "Bengi Dog".You shared everything with us, from Corn Fields in the UK, Sand Dunes in Sharjah, and finally Sun, Sea and Sand in the Bahamas.You were our best friend, companion and MY shadow. Though you had a wonderful life, it was not long enough.We miss you.You were the best. You will live in our hearts forever. Enjoy your peace free from pain over the Rainbow......OK Bengi, we want you to know that we could not go without giving a home to another Cocker Spaniel. So on April 2nd. 2004, we gave a home to "Felix". He is so like you in many ways. We hope you will be happy for us, but remember YOU were the first and will always hold our hearts. One day we will all be together again. All our Love Mum, Dad, Laska, Lady and now Felix.....Birthdays and Christmasses go by without you. We miss you still so much......September 2006. Just to let you know that Laska has joined you now, over the Rainbow. Have you found her yet? She died on September 9th. We miss her, but are pleased she died peacefully. Sam and the Children were upset..... Another year has gone by since we lost you Bengi We miss you so much, and love you. Hope Laska is with you and you are looking after her. Lady is fine and so is Felix. All our love and many hugs to you...August 11th 2007.Another Birthday Bengi, you would have been 17.Love you..........
Also to let you know that your 'bestest' friend, Anthony, is getting married at last. You would have liked Gill, and she would have liked you......... Another year without you, big ears. Look after Felix and Lady and play together......2014 Another year passes and we never forget you. We are back in the cold of the UK, where you were born. At least we enjoyed the sun and warmth together. Love u 'Big Ears' 2014 Yet another year missing you. You were our first Cocker and one of our greatest....... January 2015 Seems amazing it is eleven years since we lost you. You are always in our thoughts my 'Big Ears'. Love and miss you especially now we are back in the UK where you started life with us. Always in our hearts. January 2016..Miss you always. Special place in our hearts..... Christmas again Bengi. Never stop loving and missing you. ... January 2018 Miss you Bengi...

DOUGAL November 1968-1987 Our first lovely heinz 57 dog. You were amazing. You and our children all grew up together. You were one great dog. Never forgotten. 2016 Christmas. Loved and never forgotten.

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