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Memories of Emerald Kelly
Emerald is the most incredible soul I've ever known. She is the love of my life. The one who knew me inside and out. She is my Emmie Cat, My Puppy Cat, My Lamb Chop, Leg o Lamb Rib Chop, My Baby Rib and My Bunny Puppy. Emerald Kelly Cat was and is the smartest, wisest and most sociable--like a wonderful human being only better! I adore her. Em went with me to Florida, The Hamptons, Grandma's House. She loved children and loved to go outside--and visit various people in their apartments and stay with them for quite awhile. The last few months of her life here on earth, Emerald walked down the street in Manhattan with no leash and caused a sensation wherever she walked! Emerald was the Queen of our house! She has a very high soul and I know we will be together again. I miss my little Angel so! I am adding this inSept 2007, myDear Emerald, that I love you and miss you and I know you are making sure Ebony is OK. Love and Kisses , MOM I'll see you there when I come over. Emmie Cat , I love you so very much May 22, 2008 My dear Emerald, I just want to say Hello and make sure you are OK. I love and miss you so very much. Today is Ebony's 1st Anniversary in Heaven. I know you are looking after her. You are the Queen, my Queen. Kisses and hugs to you my Emmie Cat. All my Love, Mommy Dear Emmie Cat, Today, Emmie, is the 4th anniversary of your going to Heaven. I still miss you the same and love you even more. You are my Queen and my very best friend.I hope you are very happy and I look forward to the day I can see you again. Please say hello to Ebony from me today. Loads of hugs and kisses to you today you very special lady. All my Love, Mommy Hi Emmie Miss ya alot!!! Soooo Much! And I will forever! XX&OOO Mom 6/4/2010 Kisses & hugs and missiny soooo much still. All my Love Mommy It is now 2012, and I miss you more than ever. It was like yesterday that you were keeping an eye on me and taking care of me. I love you so very much! Love & oooxxx Mom 2013 Hi Kelly Cat, Bunny Puppy Cat! How are you doing? I'm still missing you a lot! So much! I Love you so much! Grandpa tells me you are OK! I hope so. Just know you are so very missed and loved! Say "Hello" to Ebony for me and send my Love to her, also! Lots of hugs and Kisses for both of you!!! Mom Hi, Emmie. Mommy loves you sooo much! I hope you feel my love in Heaven. I miss you the same as I did the day you passed over and miss you even more! I can't wait to see you and Eb when I come up there!! All My Love & Hugs, Mommy May 2014. oxox 2014, Hi Emmie Cat, I miss you the same as ever! I love you so much! I will see you when I come over and look forward to it! Love, Mom Hi Emmie, It's 11 years, WOW, and it seems like yesterday that you were here with me. I miss you more than ever!! You know that, I hope. Mommy will see you upstairs in Heavnen and I can't wait to see you!! Love to Ebony and all the other animals in our Family that I loved , also!! You'll be waiting for me when I come, I know-all fluffy and beautiful!! Hugs and Kisses, Love ya,Mommy July 2016- Emmy, Mommy still misses you as much as before! And loves you even more! I can't wait to see you when I come over. I hear you are still hanging with Grandpa Lenny! That's great! And all our other animals that we still love very much! Say hello to Ebony and all of them! Hugs and Kisses, Mommy 6/17 Ives you more than ever, always! Can't wait to come over and be with you., my Emmie Cat! Love Mommy ox

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