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Memories of Ezra
Dear Ezra:
You have been the most wonderful light in my life. I hated to see you go. I know you were always so happy and that makes me happy. You suffered briefly but now your suffering is over. You will be in my thoughts forever.
Life has been difficult at times for you and for me. I remember when you were so sick and had to have emergency surgery. I was so happy you recovered. I remember how much I cried when I had to leave you at the hospital for eye surgery.
You had comforted me during the time my mother was dying and you helped me get through many difficult times.
I know you had a happy life. I just cannot tell how much joy you brought to my life. You cuddled with me. You played almost non-stop. You knew when I was upset and you comforted me. Whenever I had to leave you I missed you so much and I was always thrilled at your greeting when I came home. How you knew it was me when I pulled up my car, I will never know.
I loved the way you came up to me for support and wanting me to hold you tight. You hated thunder and even hard rain and you had me pick you up and hold you. I loved being there for you and the fact that I was a comfort to you.
I will never forget that you were always with me under the covers in bed and I loved the warmth of your body and knowing that I could just reach out pet you any time. Rubbing your ears and holding you would always make me feel calmer and happy. I also loved the fact that whenever I watched TV you would want to lay with me on my lap or on my legs as I put them on the ottoman.
Taking you for a walk was wonderful. You would always stay right next to me. I loved that I didn't have to worry about putting you on a leash.
I know you don't remember, but when you were a puppy I would bring you to the shopping mall and carry you around. You got non-stop attention from people saying, "he's so cute," and "can I pet him." You were really adorable.
How adventurous you were. I would bring you to the park and you would go down to the water and pick up a stick larger than your body. You never wanted to leave the park. You would play until exhausted. I cherish the videos of you -- there are so many of them.
I wish I had more time to spend with you. I am sorry I was so busy at times.
I wished you could live forever. I am glad knowing that you were playing happily the day before you left. In my mind, you did not have to suffer through an advancing illness.

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