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Memories of Eva
You were born to rescue on 6-17-2011, we became your parents on 8-11-2011, you were taken from us on 10-7-2011 due to a congenital condition called esophageal diverticulitis which was in-operable, never showing any symptoms.
You were only 16 weeks old.
You were a happy puppy, so full of life, SO energetic, always glad to see us when we came home and always wanted to be with us, and oh how you loved your belly rubs!!! You were a Beta with other dogs, but with us you definitely wanted to be the Alpha of the group. When we told you no, you came back full force--a real spitfire.
The first night we had you home you were yowling in your pen and daddy brought you into bed with us because he didn't want you "stressed out" on your first night home, and that is where you slept from then on.
Every moment was a discovery for you--from the moths flying up from the grass to the leaves flying around on a windy day to chasing ice cubes as they scattered across the floor and throwing and chasing your toys all over the house. Daddy would call you our "PEE" dog...PUPPY EXTREME ENERGY. He was teaching you how to play "hide and seek". You had a show-dog prance when you walked.
We were looking forward to your first Christmas, snowfall and many birthdays to come,and growing up with our grand-daughters Abby and Bella (and with how many more grandkids to come), but it wasn't meant to be.
Be your happy self...run and play with Oreo, Ralph and your sister.
We only had you for 8 fun-filled weeks, but we lived a lifetime...we had such plans. Someday we will all be at the Bridge together, all of the furries and your human parents and siblings.
Be forever happy little girl.....

10-12-11 The clinic called today...they're sending your ashes to us. Never thought I'd have you on the Bridge so soon...be forever happy little girl..
10-13-11 you're ashes came back to us today...I can still see you bolting across the house to play, I even thought I saw your little black nose looking at me from the side of the bed. You were taken from us too soon, but you will never be forgotten. You are now on the desk with Oreo and Ralph to watch over me while I write my notes to other fur parents who's babies are joining you on the Bridge....
10-16-11...It has been said that if you lose a puppy at a young age and it happens suddenly or because of circumstances beyond your control, you need to find another right away. Your little sister came home with us today. She is a black lab, named Hermioni and she was born the day after we adopted you on 8-12-2011.Keep an eye on her, for she is young as you were.....
11-7-2011...It's been a month since you left us, and no matter how many other furries we have I don't think I'll ever get over you because of how young you were when we lost you...be forever happy little girl...
10-22-2014...Charlie has joined you today, even though you did not know him, please greet him with Oreo and Ralph so he is not alone....be forever happy, baby girl

12-25-11 What would have been your first Christmas has come and gone, and I wonder how it would have been for you. Be sure to celebrate with Oreo and Ralph...be forever happy, baby girl..
6-17-2012... It's your first birthday, baby girl..dad and I wonder how you would have grown...be forever happy, baby girl...love you and we will never forget you.
10-7-2012... It is a year since I had no choice but to send you to the Bridge, baby girl. We still wonder how you would have grown. Keep chasing those butterflies and mothes in the grass. Be forever happy, baby girl...love you always.
12-25-12... Merry Christmas be forever happy my baby girl...
6-17-13... Happy 2nd Birthday, Happy girl...Think of you always...
10-7-2013...It's 2 years baby girl and I will never get over you, be forever happy...
12-24-13...Merry Christmas forever baby girl...
6-17-2014...Happy 3rd birthday baby girl. I dreamt about you last night...be forever happy, Love you always, Mom
10-7-2014...It's 3 years baby girl, and I still can see you bouncing around. You're cousin Shasta joined you this week, please find him and show him the way...be forever happy, Mom
12-25-2014...Merry Christmas,baby girl. Hope you're having fun up there....
6-17-2015....Happy 4th Birthday baby girl. Delta sent me some pictures of your brother. Keep forever happy, and watch over your siblings...Miss you always, Mom
10-7-2015...It's 4 years since you left us, baby girl...They have a new puppy next door, her name is Sky.She reminds me of you when you would chase the blades of grass.Miss you always...be forever happy and keep chasing that grass...
12-25-2015...Marry Christmas baby girl..be forever happy..Momma
6-17-2016...It's been 5 years, baby girl. You are on my mind, always for I wish there was something I could have done to help you..Keep happy, baby girl...
10-7-2016...It's 5 years you're gone, and I will always wonder..be forever happy, baby girl...
12-24-2016...Merry Christmas, baby girl, be forever happy...Love you, Momma
6-17-2017...Happy Birthday, baby girl...You would have been 6 today..Keep chasing those butterflies..Momma
10-7-2017...6 years today, baby girl and I always think about you...be forever happy.
12-27-17...Merry Belated Christmas, baby girl...have fun chasing those snowflakes, love you...Momma
6-17-2018...Happy Birthday baby girl...you would have been the Lucky Number 7. I was watching Dr. Jeff one day and he came across a puppy that had the same symptoms as you. If I had known he was around at the time of your illness I would have traveled to Denver to try to save you, But I didn't know. There is not a day i don't think about you and how you would have grown. Be forever happy, baby girl with your sister Oreo and Your brother Ralph...Momma
10-7-2018..7 years since you're gone and i still think of you every day...hope you"re having fun with Oreo,Ralph and all your friends. Be forever happy baby girl...Love, Momma
12-25-18...7 Christmas' little girl....keep enjoying those snowflakes...love you and miss you always...Momma
10-7-19...8 years and how the time has flown...still miss you baby, and always will...Momma
2-8-2020...Sorry I didn't visit at Christmas, things were a little hectic with Daddy gone...Still miss yo and always will, Love you...Momma
6-18-2020...Sorry I missed Your birthday yesterday baby we were traveling home, but this doesn't mean I didn't think of you...Love and miss you...Momma
10-12-2020...Sorry I missed your anniversary on 10-7. 9 years now but you are always in my thoughts. Stay happy baby girl...Momma
12-25-2020 Merry Christmas, Little girl...9 Christmas's your gone..Hope you day was good with Oreo,Ralph and all your friends...Stay happy baby girl...Momma/
9-8-2021...Sorry I missed your birthday, baby girl....this doesn't mean i don't think about you every day, I can't believe it's been 10 years.....Stay happy my girl...Momma
12-25-21...10 Christmas's you're gone baby girl. Hope you had a good day with your brother and sister. Stay forever happy, baby girl...Momma
6-21-22...Dear Eva...I'm so sorry I didn't visit you on you're birthday on 6-17. With all that's going on with daddy and Hermione not feeling well, the day just passed me by, but that doesn't mean I don't think about you every day. Stay forever happy, baby Girl and Happy Belated Birthday...Momma
11-3-2022..You're sister Hermione has joined you today..please welcome her..Love you, Momma
12-25-2022..Merry Christmas, baby girl. 11 Christmas's you're gone. Your sister Hermione joined you and she loves to hand out presents. Please help her..Stay forever happy, baby girl...Momma
12-25-2023..Merry christmas, baby girl. I'm sure you're enjoying your day with your brother and sister. Stay forever happy. Always remembering you..Momma

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