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Memories of E.T.
Born in spring. Died in winter. Loved and loving in every season. You left before I could leave you.
I cherish the grief and loss and the sadness that are mine because they are not yours. I would never have you cry like this alone without me.

I want you happy and loved and cuddled and kissed as you were everday from your arrival to my arms at one week to you departure from them at 7 years.

I will go to Tennessee without you in my arms but in my heart with every cat i offer a place in our home. Yours and mine my darling. Forever my heart is our home.

I love you more and more with every tear and every missed caress. I love you as you loved me. As though there were no sadness on this earth. And so i will learn to celebrate our great love once i learn to accept our physical separation for you are endless love.

E.T. Mommy's calling. I know you can't come running but I still feel your fuzzy kisses and crazy hugs. Sunday without you is stupid. Candela is being a big attention hog and I am grateful for that. its not happy here though. it's empty. I miss you so much my baby boy and I want you to know how special you have always been from the moment I met you in that shoebox till my last pat on your head. I remeber when you when 3 weeks old and you first learned how special it was to be petted. I remember when that silly woman wouldnt adopt you because you had waxy ears. How lucky I was that she said no. i remember coming home everyday excited to see you no matter how bad my day was. i miss you E.T. and I love you forever and ever.

One week now without you. I miss you. I love you. I miss you. I love you. I miss you. I love you. My little E.T.

Merry Christmas baby boy. I wish you were here to come home to and make my Christmas Day complete. How silly hañpy you would be to see me come in the door. Running to me and ignoring the food just to spend some alone time with me. I love you and miss you every day and especially this day.

Well E.T. Here I am again. Travelling for work again and it breaks my heart to not have you at home waiting for me. I used to imagine being home and cuddling if I could just make it through another stupid trip. But now, you arent there. This is oh so hard. Not event a month since you left me but it feels like its been forever since I hugged you. I am so sad. So unbelievably sad. I miss you. I love you. My E.T.

I want you to know that the family will be travelling to Tennessee in another six months. I am doing for them what i vowed i would do for you..creating a new life for us where we can spend lots and lots of time with each other. I would have told you first if you were here. I miss you so much. You should be here leading this celebration. I hope you are there somewhere smiling because therebwill be time enough for us all to play and cuddle on tbe otherside of thevrainbow bridge. I miss you my E.T. I love you my baby boy.
E.T. Mommys calling! Only three months but it feels like an eternity. I think of you every day. I miss you so much I feel like nothing will ever be as happy as the moment you jumped in my arms every day. I love you so much more than i can express. I miss you my E.T

Hi e.t. Archie will be joining you today. I k iw she is your older sister but you have been at the bridge longer. Can you please greet her and take care of her for me? I miss you both. So much. It makes me smile to think of you cuddling together. I love you baby boy.

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