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Memories of Emmitt Poverman
Emmitt came into my life when things personally were not good. He helped me through some of the darkest days and nights. He was my baby boy, my boo boo and silly kitty. My girlfriend of 9 years fell in love with him too. She became part of his family too. We loved that even as he got older he still remained a kitten inside and out. he loved his toys. Especially a toy mouse we called Sally. Pink Frog, Floppy fish and Green reindeer were his others. They are with him on the Rainbow Bridge. He loved belly rubs, smelling my girlfriend's hair and sitting in the sun watching the birds. Some silly things Emmitt did to make us laugh would be to run when ever the blower was put on over the stove. He also hated the vacuum cleaner. We also think he had OCD, because he cleansed himself more than any cat I had. Emmitt was also very skittish when it came to certain noised like the garbage truck passing buy or when the dry turned off. You would think after 15 years he would have been use to it. He hated when I took a shower. he knew that meant I was getting ready to leave the house. Emmitt really loved Cindy my girlfriend. He loved spending hours on her lap and the two of them even would sleep like one another many times. Cindy trained Emmitt to sleep on her collage blanket on the end of our bed. He was really a good fiend and family member. One of the best cats I ever had. He will be missed and in our hearts forever. We love you boo boo. One day we will meet again

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