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Memories of Emma Drew
Oh Emma! You were mommy's little girl from the first time I saw you. I thought their is the one for me you were going around waking up all your brothers and sisters. When you first learned to bark you scared yourself and then realized hey this is pretty cool. From that moment on you barked all the time. You were mommys watch dog. I would come home from work and you and your sissy Tilly would be sitting on the gate. Trying to make me think you had been sitting their the whole time, but mommy knew better. You and Tilly would run around the living room and lay on the lower shelf of the table when you were tired. You each knew that was the time out spot. We would go for walks and rides. You and mommy would sit in the back seat and daddy and Tilly would sit in the front seat. You two would play with the neighborhood kids as they would stop and see you every day. You two would sit on each end of the couch just waiting for some action. You loved to sit their. I was always afraid you would fall off the couch but you girls never did. You loved when grammy, grampy and aunt Heidi would come over. You girls would get so excited. Emma you loved to give us all kisses. You loved when mommy would snuggle with you and on occassion your sister would. I think she did that when mommy was not around more than she let me know. You two were two little peas in a pod and we were the three amigos together. I took you girls everywhere with me. People would talk about their kids and I would talk about you & Tilly. You were mommys girls. I remember when we first moved to Circleville. We went for walks at the cemetary. You girls would get so excited. The first time we went you had never seen a squirrel. That was an adventure. You girls ran so fast and hard that mommy ran right into a tree because I would not let go. You each went on opposite sides of the tree. Everytime we would seem someone walking they would ask if you girls were taking me for a walk. That was more like it! Emma you were a sick little girl from the time you were little. You got ITP when you were three and mommy almost lost you then. You were in the hospital for three weeks and mommy would rush to see you everyday. You would hold mommys hand through the cage. You could curl your little toes around mommys hand. Such a sweetie you are. I almost forgot when you were one and a half you had to have six anal sac surgeries because you got fistulas all the time. You toughed that out along with a rectal pull through. They said you would only live for six to eight years because of all the antisethic. But God had other plans for you. You were a tough cookie. I remember you girls would always jump off the bed and one day you jumped off with you duck and hit your head on the woodwork. You sat their dazed for a bit, mommy was so worried about you. You then attacked the duck. You always did blame your duckie and from that point on you were done with the duck. I rember when you were six months old we took you and your sissy to obedinence school. Your sissy was afraid of everything but passed, you on the other hand were the class clown. (Later on I read about OES loving to be the clowns) We started the class and did well and then one night you decided that when mommy said heel you would jump like you were on a pogo stick on all fours. The instructor blamed me for your behavior and she took you. You were even worse for her so she said we were disrupting the class and we would have to not come back. So we sat on the sidelines and watched Tilly and daddy. You were as happy as a little lark you did not have to be told what to do. You were a stubborn girl. When mommy first brought you home you were grumpy that is how you got the name grumpy goose. Mommy had to work with you to break your mean streak and once we did that you were a loving little girl. Do you remember how you & Tilly would run through the sprinklers and eat the bark off the tree. You were the one who would dig in the dirt. Mommy would ask who has been digging in the dirt you would look up with your whiskers all dirty like who me? Mommy loves you big girl. You were mommys girl from the first time our eyes met and we knew sissy was part of the family too. We have been through alot and you were always by mommys side. Now that I am all alone I miss you girls so much. You were my world. I put everything on hold for you. I wanted you girls to have the best life could offer. Mommy would do it all over again. I am glad you are with Tilly now. The grief you displayed when she left was overwhelming. You could not go on with out her. She was your eyes and your best friend. You loved her and that was just a fight you could no longer fight. You were a tough old bird as your grammy called you. You are no longer suffering a broken heart. You are with Tilly and your aunt Molly (who you girls thought was your doggy mom). I love you Emma mommys big girl. I miss you sooooooo much but am happy your with your sissy now so you can run,bark, play & see again. That must be great. You girls wait for mommy I will see you again some day. I love you both

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