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Memories of Emma
Our Emma we never meant for you to go so soon, we love and miss you everyday!
I am SO SORRY that momma wasn't there at the door that night, counting dogs like always, im sorry I couldn't save you and everyday i blame myself and always will. If i could just take back that day in time I would honey but that isnt possible so now I have to live without you....you really were loved so much......you took a piece of my soul that day.....
You were such a special lil pug, you loved everyone and everything, the only person you ever bit was the vet..LOL!!! I loved how you had the same routine every day and you always slept in the same spot on the back of the couch...we even put pillows behind the couch for when you got too comfortable and fell off....you loved to dress up for your momma and i loved that, but i think the ladybug costume was the best...i found it the other day and i cried just touching it.
I think about how you loved to eat everything....and now i wish i would have let you have most of it, but I am sure you are eating everything up at the bridge.
I loved having your warm belly to lay my wrists against when mt RA was giving me a fit....i miss that. But most i miss your beautiful soft pug fur and your precious lil pug face to kiss and your lil pug self to hold....i even miss you sleeping on my head!!LOL What i wouldn't give to hold you one last time Emma....but again that is not to be.

Ernie misses his pug cuddle time with you and Tyson has turned the house and yard upside down looking for you....i saw you in the picture we took a few weeks ago and i was happy you were here....I know they miss you when we go for walks, you loved walking time, but were always ready for a nap when we got home!

You will never be forgotten by us..Mama misses your special little ways...and the routine of caring for a special needs pug...Papa misses your butt scratch time...we all miss your funny little self running around and eating everything you shouldn't! We miss you laying on the back of the couch...and your special way you used to sit..like a human...
We miss your sneaking up on my head to sleep at night..your snore, and your pug snorts....you have touched our lives like no other...you were not a dog to us Emma you were our child!
We talk to you everyday and we know your hear us....we have heard you around the house too!
We want you to know we love you and we will never forget you...or replace you!!!!
Ernie misses you alot, and Tyson is still grieving for you! Just know we want you to be be happy at the Bridge have fun playing with Sammy and Daisy, and someday we will all meet again and hug and play and eat anything you want baby girl....Until that day....a piece of our hearts are gone!!!LOVE YOU SUGAR BEAR!!!!

Emma was cremated and Brought back home to live with us as she should, she has a beautiful Urn in our front room, along with her footprint I had casted...we keep her harness and leash by the front door and they will never be used by any animal ever again!

I don't know why but today has been a hard one for mommy I have alot of days like that since you were sent to be an angel, I miss you so much my Emma....I hope you are making lots of new friends and playing and sleeping..I know how you loved to sleep....I hope you are eating whatever you want..even hibiscus flowers, they weren't good for you here but now that your at the bridge I say eat em up girl!!!! I love you Emma...Always in my heart and Soul!!!
I watched Gator Boys in your honor last night, we all know how much you loved that show , and I felt you with me while I watched!!!! I left a remote for you on your page here at the bridge so you could find Gator Boys in heaven on the big screen.... Love you ...miss you..pug hugs and kisses Baby girl!
I know you came and visited us this weekend, I heard you at the doggie door and I know Tyson and Ernie heard you too....miss you so much lil Emma Sugar Bear....come see us anytime...we all love it when you leave your little signs to let us know you are here!!! Love you Pug Hugs and Kisses!!
Emma , I don't want you to think Ive forgotten you! My father in MT was very ill and I had to go take care of him for awhile, and had no time to log on and talk to you!
Just know you are missed and loved every day...I know you are here with us in spirit and I know you watch over us all. Ernie sends his pug love and kisses to you!! We all know you are having fun playing with all the other doggies at the bridge...run, play, and eat all the flowers you like baby girl....tonight I miss you so much but Ill be ok!
Love and miss you my SUGAR BEAR!!!!
Emma, I want you to know that Clover is not your replacement, that is why I did not get another pug I knew if i got another pug I would expect it to be you and that can not be, so we got Clover, she is a baby Boston terrier and she will never be you, feel like you, or have your sweet personality, but she is a new love for mommy and papa to take care of and be responsible for! Just know that we still love you and she can never take your place you will always be our SUGAR BEAR....we retired your harness and leash and it is hanging by the front door Clover will never use them...I promise!!!
Love you baby girl....
We had a picture sketched of you!!! It is beautiful and I know you know its here....the lady who did it is a pug artist and she did such a great job ....looks just like you!

She even got your lip you used to curl right!!!! It's in color and it just captures you! I cant wait to take it and get it framed and hang it on the wall....
We heard you the other night...thank you for coming to visit...we love those special moments...Clover met you the other day when you were scratching on the door to get out back..I watched her look as you walked out& watched her head followed you out to yard....you must have wanted to run and play out side....then she looked at me as if to say...who is that and can you see what I can.....LOL !!! I know your not mad she is here...as I said before not replace you just to help heal our broken hearts!
We miss you baby girl, our Sugar Bear.....forever in Mommy's heart!

Just wanted to say Thank You Emma, We know you are our guardian angel watching over us, and when we got in the car wreck we know you were there to save us! Shelby is convinced you kept us from hitting the wall on the freeway!!! THANK YOU EMMA!!! We are going to be ok..a bit battered and bruised but could have been much worse....Love and miss you SUGAR BEAR!! In our hearts forever..MISS YOU!!!!!
11/22/12 Just wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving in heaven baby girl, we all love n miss you Emma, please come visit today and enjot turkey and all the trimmings...we miss you bunches..Have a fun Turkey day at the bridge with all the others ..love you EMMA our SUGAR BEAR!!!!!!
11/27/12 Thank you for visiting me last night my special visit all my own, i heard you walking , the clicking of your nails, on the driveway, then i felt you brush against me, it was awesome to know you are here with me .. I knew right away it was you!!!!....i miss you each day baby girl....I love you Sugar Bear, Emma!! Have fun at the Bridge today my pug love!!!
12/18/12 I know how much you loved Christmas and I miss having you here...a few days and you would have been 7....it really is awful not having you here!!! Love you Miss you!
12/23/12 HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUGAR BEAR!!!! We hope you have a wonderful day at the bridge playing and eating cake and ice cream.... forever in our hearts our lil Emma!!!
1/2/12 HAPPY NEW YEAR SUGAR BEAR!!! We sure missed you over the holidays!!!! HOpe you are playing and having fun at hte bridge.... LOVE and MISS YOU BUNCHES!!!!
3/13/13 Miss you everyday my girl... i wish you would come to visit us... but I am thinking you are having too much fun at the bridge....not a day goes by that momma doesn't think about you or share a story about you!!! Wish we could have you back.. but ill see you again someday... until then all my love goes out to you Sugar Bear... my lil Emma Lou!!! Love you!!!
4/18/13 Thank you for coming to visit us last week, momma still misses you so much my love....i just wnt my baby back..but i know your at the bridge and we will meet again someday..i hope your having fun up there and your playing with all hte other pugs and Daisy and Sammy....just know we love and miss you here and not a day passes that I dont talk about you... hugs and kisses!!! LOVE YOU FOREVER>>>>>
5/31/13 I think of you each day my baby girl.... i look at your pics all over the house and i miss you so much.. you haven't visited us in a long time.. i think that means you are finally at peace and happy at the Bridge....its ok but we sure miss your surprise visits....enjoy your fun and eat all the flowers and leaves you want my love... momma misses her sugar bear!!! ERNIE SAYS HELLO AND HIM MISSES YOU TOO! i LOVE YOU BABY GIRL AND i MISS YOU!! FOREVER IN MY HEAT MY SUGAR BEAR PUG EMMA LOU LOU !!!!
07/15/2013 Our Dear Emma Sugar Bear.. its been a year today,since our life was changed forever, since you left us so tragically, and everyday we remember you and think of you.. tell funny stories about you and miss your pug love.....
you were such a doll an d are still loved and missed as much as the day we tragically lost you!
Thank you for coming to my dreams two nights ago.. i felt your ears and your pug face and I felt your love... i know it was your way of telling me you are OK at the bridge... but i still miss you...Ernie , Tyson and Zoey send all their love....as well as papa and shelby and bryce and Apollo... as your momma i think i have the hardest time still and I know you want me to be happy its just hard when i miss you so much.... you are forever in my heart and soul...and I love and honor you each and every day... hug pugs n love my SUGAR BEAR....
8/27/13 Wanted to let you know I was in STL this weekend and I saw the Petco where we found each other Sugar Bear... sending you all my love and pug kisses...come visit us soon my love.... Mommy!!
Oh my Emma, today i woke up missing you a lot.. i have days like that my love!!! This was a hard summer for Mommy, my RA has been very bad... your nice warm pug belly would have been great for a heat pad!!!!:)we've not done much this summer just hung around the house....no vacation daddy's business is keeping us too busy for a vacation! yo sure are missed each n every day.... and as each day passes i live with the thought that this is so final, so permanent.
I hope you are playing and having fun at the bridge... i hope you are getting to eat every flower you couldn't eat while here... please find the Lil pug that came over the weekend and play with him and love him.. he was a very abused lil guy..and only knew love the last few days of his life.. he came form Fl so he shouldn't be hard to find.. show him the ropes and take him under you Emma grace!!! Tell him when your momma gets there someday he can be with us....:):)
i would love to have your Lil spirit here again, but I know I told you to go to the light... i didn't want you to be in limbo....it was hardest thing i did this summer but i know it was the right thing for you! You are missed and loved each and every day Sugar Bear!! our lil Emma you'll be in my heart every day!!! Love you BAby girl!!!
Happy Holidays Baby Girl.. we miss you and love you bunches.. we decorated your urn and put your special ornament on the tree... you are not forgotten sweet baby girl.. all our love and hugs to you.. i hope you are having fun at the Rainbow bridge.. pug love and kisses to you!! my lil Sugar Bear!!!
Emma.. please take care of Ernie and show him the ropes up there.... he loves running n playing with you!!! Love you both!!!!
Emma DEAR Please come visit mommy its been so long since weve felt you here!! Miss yoiu bunches my love and play and have fun with bubba Ernie!!! All my love sugar bear!!! Always!

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