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Memories of Emma
10/31/2010 Beautiful Emma...it has only been 4 days since you crossed the bridge and it feels like so much longer. I look for you so many times during the day and night. I pray you will send a sign so I know you are well, and whole and at peace. Gracie Rose looks for you too. My heart is missing a furry piece in the shape of a collie. I miss you and love you but am so glad you are no longer in pain. Hugs and Kisses, Mom

11/27/2010 It has been one month today and I still look for you in your favorite sleeping spots. Gracie Rose is grieving for you too. Riley looks for you every time he comes over. Your were always his favorite lady. I miss you so much. I am glad you are whole and well and no longer in pain and I would not change that but I miss your hugs and beautiful presence every day. I felt so safe with you here as my guardian and watchdog. Gracie tries but she does not have your presence. I look in the yard and you are not there and I am so empty. Stay safe my Emma and we will see each other again over the rainbow. Love Mom

12/26/2010 Hello Emma. It will be two months tomorrow that you left. Christmas was so lonely without you but I know that you are happy and well. Auntie's Riley crossed the bridge on December 22 and I hope you were there to meet him. You were always his favorite girl. Auntie is so sad Emma... she misses her Riley boy so much. Pap Pap misses both of you so much. He is very sad and we are so worried about him. You and Riley kept him company all day and into the night so he is lost without you both. He misses Mom and you and Riley so he had a very difficult Christmas. Keep Riley company and know that I love you my girl. Love forever, Mom

10/27/2011 My dearest Emma-it has been a year today that you left. It seems like just yesterday to me. I still miss you very much. So much has changed since you left but we are all soldiering on. I adopted a rescue collie in January because you were such a beautiful soul I wanted to help another collie to honor your memory. Auntie adopted a collie girl too. They were very abused but slowly coming out of their shells. I know you are with us in this venture. You would like Madeline, she is a sweet and sensitive soul like you. Please enjoy your freedom on the other side and know that I look forward to the time we can be together again. I love you my Emma. Mom

10/1/2012 My dear Emma-thinking of you today as I do so often. Pap Pap is still here. My baby boy Jake crossed the bridge last November. I hope you are with him. His passing was very tragic and I miss him deeply. All of us are well and planning to move to NC next year. Gracie Rose, Madeline, Ginger, Willow (my new kitty who was born on my birthday) Simon, and Jake will be going too. No matter where I am I will always have you in my heart and someday will see you again.

10/27/2012 My beautiful girl it has been two years since you crossed the bridge. Bryn and I miss you very much. No other dog can ever take your place in our hearts. I could not believe our good fortune to find you in the shelter and that we were able to take you home to be our Emma. You were the most beautiful, kind and well behaved dog I have ever known. I can still see you in my mind's eye lying on the deck in the sun or at the foot of my bed every night. I miss you deeply Emma. Please stay close to my Mom, she always adored you especially. Love, Mom

10/28/2013 Three years without you my beautiful girl. My sweet mule Jake joined you in August. I hope you were there to greet him. I miss him too. Poor Simon is all alone now. Pap Pap is not doing very well and we are very worried about him. He is 85 now and his health is failing him. We will still be moving to NC very soon. I will take you all with me in memory. I love you Emma and still think of you and miss you. All my love, Mom

10/5/2014 Me dearest Emma. A little early this year in remembering your passing, four years already. Gracie Rose crossed the Rainbow Bridge a few hours ago. I did not expect it but I know you will greet her and keep her safe. I think about you often with so much love. I am in NC now with Madeline, Willow, Simon & Ginger. I am lonely and losing Gracie tonight is very hard. I am only held together knowing you two are back together in love and perfect health. Please take good care of her. I miss you both. Until we meet again. All my love, Mom

11/3/2016 My precious Emma. I am so sorry it has been two years since I visited but I love you still and always. I have a little girl named Emmy that keeps me company. She was named for you. Simon is still well and Ginger is 16 years old now! How I wish you had lived for 16 years. I miss my Katie/Gracie still. I pray you are together and waiting for me. I send Light and Love to you all. Until I pass through Heaven's gates...Love forever, Mom

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