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Memories of Emiko "Miko"
I adopted Miko from a sanctuary shelter after she had already been through two others. She was about 12 years old when she came to live with me. She was clearly someone's pampered pet at one time, and it's hard to know how she came to be on the streets, but the adoption agency assumed it was because she had lost her "person" to death...if that's true, then I know she is with her original owner at the Bridge now.
Emiko means "beautiful blessing". I chose this name once she was committed to moving in with us - the shelter was calling her Mitsubishi because the didn't know any other Japanese names. She was indeed a beautiful blessing and I am so glad that I got to share part of her life.
Miko was always a sweet and gentle girl. She had problems with a hip that worsened this year....she was deaf and probably had Alzheimer's but she was always loving. I will miss her.

Miko, sweetheart - I hope that you and Daisy were able to find Penney when she crossed the Bridge this morning. We are still so sad that the three of you are not here with us, but it is a comfort to know that you are all together. Remember when you started playing with Penney? Even though you had no idea what she was up to, she was just so cute and irresistible that you joined in, even though you couldn't really hear her and hard such a hard time getting up off the floor. Well, now you are young and agile again and I'm sure that you are playing with Penney as you were never able to before. Daisy is probably continuing to educate you in all her little "street" tricks. I look forward to seeing you all again one day at the Bridge.

5/5/17 - Miko, your aunt Kathleen's dog, Beaux, crossed the Bridge this morning. Not sure that you ever met, but Daisy and Penney will keep an eye out. I miss your calm demeanor and comforting presence, love.

2/3/18 - Today is the anniversary of Penney's passing over the bridge and I know that you two are having fun together - she was the only one who actually got you to play! You were such a sweet girt and you are so missed. I've left you a Valentine's present so you will know that I'm thinking of you and will always remember your gentle soul.

8/15/18 - Hey, Mikes - I am sure you were happy to see Mia last week, although we miss her terribly on this side of the Bridge. Please take good care of her. You are such a gentle soul and I know you will be a comfort to her - she probably misses us just as much as we miss her. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you again someday, my love.

Please also visit Daisy and Penney (Little One).

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