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Memories of Ellie Mae
Ellie Mae stole my heart the moment I met her at only two weeks old. She was always happy to see me and it was so apparent, unlike the others. Ellie Mae loved people more than anything. One day she even climbed up on a dolls lap to take a nap. Ellie Mae was a special needs baby. She was born with Cerebral hypoplasia which caused her to work harder to walk but it didn't stop her. She always got to where she wanted to be even though it took her a little longer, she kept going until she got there. I learned more about living from this little creature than I ever learned from living my own life. Ellie Mae began to have seizures, all the trips to the vet, the meds and pokes and prodes, she never cried, she never tried to hide, she didn't give up until her little body couldn't take anymore. She died in my arms as she stared at me and took her last breath. I have never felt so broken as I did at that moment. I have cried everyday since for this sweet girl. I realize now that I needed her more than she needed me. Ellie Mae had become my world as I dodded over her and bragged about her accomplishments like a proud mother. I miss her every minute and look forward to seeing her again at the rainbow bridge. In the mean time I will continue to love her and miss her and know that she is still with me in the quite moments of my day. In my head I continue to sing for her "You are my Sunshine". Ellie Mae didn't make it to her 2nd birthday which will be one week from today. I will celebrate that day for the short time she was with me, she lived life to the fullest. I Love you sweet girl.

Ellie Mae it's been over four months since you left me and I still miss you everyday. As thoughts of you enter my mind, the tears have started to turn into smiles. I still see your face when I look at your mother, Tea Cup, as you look so much alike. She has become much friendlier to me as of late and sometimes I feel like she is projecting you. I am fostering three kittens until I can find them homes. Playing with them has reminded me of you. Sometimes I cry and sometimes I smile as I remember you running and playing like I believe you are still doing with your new friends at the bridge. You are always in my heart, I miss you like crazy. You are one of a kind sweet girl. MOM

Hi Ellie Mae, I've been staring at your picture and missing you so much. The house is crazy with the kittens running and chasing each other around. Crazy thing happened the other day. I found another CH kitty that looks so much like you. It took my breath away for a minute. I have inquired to the rescue about adopting her. I know it isn't you but she needs somebody that will care for her like I cared for you. All the things you taught me, I will teach to her. I have thought about naming her Chloe Mae. I hope she likes it. Don't worry, I will tell her all about you. How much I love you and how special you were to me. We'll play the same games that you and I did. Your sister Morgan is starting to look like a big girl now. Your momma is still being nice to everyone. You go and play in the sun pretty girl, we'll talk another day. I love you. Mom

Ellie Mae I know you can see Chloe Mae getting to know her way around the house and learning who to play with and who to stay clear of. She hasn't learned to trust me 100% yet. I think she had to live on her own at an early age and doesn't realize how nice it is to be cuddled yet. She doesn't run from me like she did at first so I think we are making progress. I told her all about you and how much fun we had. Chloe gets around pretty good, a little wobbly like you, she is very cute. Your mom, Tea Cup is being nice to her. When she first came I think she thought Chloe was you. She ran right to her and gave her a good sniff, then slowly walked away. No, she is not you, you are my one and only, my sunshine that I still miss everyday.
I hope you are watching the birds and butterflys like you love. We'll be together again my love, I love you. Momma

Hi Ellie Mae, It's starting to get cold outside, I hope you are warming yourself in the sunshine. I wish you were here to play with Chloe Mae, she would really like that. I have been thinking about you a lot lately. I miss holding you but mostly I miss how you looked at me with the most loving eyes. I always knew you loved me. I always knew when you wanted me to quit holding you too. I am taking the kittens (almost 6 months old now) to another adoption event next Saturday. I hope they find someone that loves them forever, like I love you. All of them are really sweet and playful kits. Paws crossed for momma. It will be nice in the house when things quiet down some. I also took in two litters of orphaned kittens that were taken to the shelter. They are doing really well now after a week of meds. One of them didn't make it. Her name is Libby. Look for her Ellie Mae at the bridge. She is an all Black buddle of fur. Stay with her and show her the way to the field where you go to play and watch the birds and butterflys. I love you always my sunshine, Momma

My dear sweet Ellie Mae, I got some bad news today about one of the kittens, ELI. He has not been playing the last few days and hasn't wanted to eat much. I took him to see the Doctor and they said he has an illness that we can't make better. They said it will be time for him to go the rainbow bridge very soon. I couldn't send him today because I wanted to have time to say our goodbyes and to tell him to look for you when he gets there. He is so nice Ellie Mae, you will like him too. Please wait for him with Wiley and Libby and tell him how nice it will be there with you. We'll talk soon sweet girl. Momma

Hi sweet girl. I hope all of my precious babies are there with you. I think of you everyday and try not to cry. I lost another sweetboy since I've talked to you. His name is Leo, a handsome orange and white young boy. I hope he is there with you too. Your mom, Tea Cup really misses you. She has taken a liken to Chloe Mae. I sometimes see her lick her face and she and Morgan run through the house playing chase. Chloe is really growing and is getting comfortable with everyone now. It's been really cold here, I hope you are warm and happy. You know I love all the furbabies but no one will ever replace you Ellie Mae. You are one of kind in my heart and this world. Run with the wind baby, we'll talk again soon. Momma

Hi my sweet Ellie Mae, I can't believe it's been a year today since you left me. I miss you so much and think of you everyday. It seems like you are around sometimes. Your little music box will play a few notes all of a sudden, I know it's you letting me know you are still with me. I hope you can hear me talking to you and I hope you see the kittens play. Tea Cup misses you too. She sometimes washes Chloe Mae's face and I think she wishes it was you. I hope you are okay and feel peace where you are. We'll be together again someday my sweet girl. Your sister Morgan is still a squirmy girl. She wants to play with the kittens, they are getting so big now. Morgan is afraid of them and hisses just like she always does with new friends. I listen to a song every now and then, it's named Dancing in the Sky. I love the song because it makes me think of you and all the things you must be doing, Dancing in the Sky, singing in the angels choir and making heaven a better place since you arrived. One of the lyrics is that all the good things have left. You are my good thing Ellie Mae, I love you. Mom

Ellie Mae, I can't believe it's been three years ago today that you left me to cross the bridge. I still miss you so much and think of you often. Tea Cup has been so nice over this last year, she actually likes me to carry her around. She sits on the dryer when I do the laundry because she likes the heat. Morgan and Tea Cup still beg for me to get the laser light out to play at night. Since the last time I wrote I brought home a new kitten that has CH like you. His name is Floppy and he reminds me of the way you walked through the house with such pride. He is not as cuddly as you, I wish he was but he is ball of energy and quite entertaining. I hope you and Wiley were there to greet Chloe as she came to be with you in December. Chloe had some medical issues we just couldn't fix. The house is a bit quieter now without her. Keep playing with the butterflies sweet girl, we'll be together again. Love Mom

Hi my Mae, I miss you so much. I know you come to visit once in while. I can see your momma staring at you. Things continue to change at the house. Another two new cats that were lost came to stay for a while. Your sister Morgan actually sat on my lap yesterday and sat so still for over 5 minutes. She too was staring off and I was sure she was seeing you. I hope you are happy and running after the butterflies. We'll talk again soon my sweet girl. Love Mom

My sweet Ellie Mae, I can't believe it's been five years since we sat together watching the other kitties play. Your momma, Tea Cup has become a lap cat. I know, hard to believe after all this time but she is the queen of the castle. We all miss you. Sometimes I feel a breeze when there shouldn't be one and I know it's you coming to visit. It makes me smile, I say hello Ellie Mae, but you already know that. Our other CH kitty Floppy has started to enjoy more attention. He is more relaxed and trusts me more now. He is having his fourth Birthday already next week. I love to watch him navigate himself through the living room with his wobbles. Of course he reminds me of you so many times. You were my special girl, one that I won't ever forget. I Love you always and forever. Momma

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