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Memories of Ellie
You came into our lives at 8 weeks old and have had our hearts from the very first day. We have enjoyed every minute of your unconditional love for these many years that have passed by in the blink of an eye. We still cannot believe you are gone. We look for you and see you everywhere. You were undoubtedly the queen of this castle and we don't know what to do with ourselves without you telling us what you wanted and when. We loved letting you control us. Daddy and I have been talking about how you ruled the house, and as sad as we are, it brings a small smile to our faces. You had such a wonderful personality and were beautiful besides. We chuckle about the puppy highway and when we see it we see your image walking along it. We will miss you with all our hearts and will talk to you everyday and every night. The bed is empty without you. We loved you unconditionally as well and are happy that you are no longer in pain. You were so brave and strong and we were always amazed at how strong you were. After the knee surgeries, even after the kidney and liver failure. You surprised everyone and lived for 527 more days. An eternity! Everyone always loved when you bossed them around. We miss everything about you. Our days and nights will never be the same. You are at the Rainbow Bridge now with Parker P and we look forward to the day we meet up with you two again to spend eternity in Heaven. Rest in peace our darling daughter and know that you were loved every minute of your life. Our hearts are broken in half. Love, Daddy and Mommy.

8/17/16 Hi Sweetie! It has already been almost 3 months. We still cannot talk about you with certain people without crying (you know, the ones who really cared about you too). We miss you so very much, but I'm sure you know since you are watching down on us all the time. We have your memorial set up just like we had for Parker, remember? We talk to you both every day and look for you in the clouds. You are with us every minute. Papa is sleeping with your beloved "bearsy" and I sleep with the "replacement bearsy". Funny how you always knew the difference when they were identical. We love you so much and miss you terribly. We hope you have warmed up to Parker some now that you are at the Rainbow Bridge together. Wait for us...we are so looking forward to being with you for all eternity. Good night sweetheart. Love, Mommy & Daddy

5/16/17 Good morning sweet girl. Daddy and I talk about you and miss you and love you every single day! We keep saying it is just unbelievable that almost a whole year has gone by already. Daddy takes solace that you are waiting at the rainbow bridge for us. At this time last year you were so very sick and selfishly we tried to keep you with us by taking you to all those doctors. We are sorry if we made your last few weeks terrible. You had that ulcer on your eye and had to wear that cone...that is one of our deepest regrets. If we didn't love you so much we wouldn't have tried so hard to keep you with us. You gave a valiant effort I must say without complaint. You were the best daughter a Mom could ever ask for. Thank you for the Mother's Day flowers...and Dad says he did not take it out of your money LOL. You are in our hearts and souls every single day dear girl. We love you and your brother Parker with all our hearts. We hope you are being nicer to him at the bridge than you were in life. We love you sweetie. Rest in peace until we meet again. Love, Mommy & Daddy.

5/22/18 Good morning sweet baby. We are coming up on 2 years already. Memorial Day weekend will never be the same without you and your brother Parker. We still talk to you every single day and last night we were discussing how you would have told Gaga to go to bed since she wanted to stay up late. She lives with us now and you warmed up to her on her last visit so you two would have gotten along famously. She would have spoiled you rotten and you would have been great company for her. We pray for you every day as well. Make sure you wait for us, we are counting on it! Daddy still cannot visit your page but he has your blanket on the bed in case you want to visit him at night so please stop by so he can be in peace too. I am taking good care of him for you, don't worry about that. Loving and caring for you made me a better person too so thank you for that. We envision you with Jesus having a great time and being well again. Please know how very much we love you and miss you until we meet again. Make sure to tell Parker we love him too and I'll reach out to him as well. Love you sweetie! I'll visit again soon. Just know you are NEVER out of our minds or our hearts. We love you sweet baby.

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