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Memories of Edwin My Southern Comfort
Eddie, I saw you, that puppy in the window,
the one with the wagging tail, the jumping one,
who lit up when I came by.
You said to my heart, me, pick me.
I was shopping for Christmas in 2003,
I left the pet shop and continued shopping and said: "do I really want that responsibility I have 3".
Finished shopping and went home.
Days later, I returned to the mall and glanced into the pet shop,
and the clerk spotted me and waved me in.
She said your puppy is waiting for you.
I said ya. No, really, he won't go to anyone else.
She said watch, just then some children went over to him and no reaction.
He has been that way from the time you left. I thought 3 days what a line.
And then I started to walk towards him, and he jumped up and jumped up.
I went into the pen and he leaped into my arms and kissed me. I hugged him and told him I loved him
and promised him I would never let him go.
So off we went to see his brother, Hansel, and two older step-sisters Shayna and Maggie.
And there we lived the 2 baby miniature schnauzers and 2 golden retrievers and daddy Jeremy.
And one day, Jeremy was gone.
And then Maggie. And life went on.
Then, their new daddy Koy came home and our new family started down a new path.
Our family played in the yard, and swam in the pool and went camping.
We would all go to the vet and get their shots and check-ups. And the vet said Shayna needs to have her teeth cleaned. I said at 13 I am not a fan of anesthesia. He said she will be fine. Ok, I said
She wasn't and in a month we lost our girl.
So life went on with Hansel, Edwin, and daddies Koy and David.
We played in the yard, swam in the pool and went camping.
And before you know it, 14 years pass and Hansel got sick so we go off to the vet.
She steps in and says there is nothing we can do. Nothing. You need to put him down. No.
We leave and bring him to a different vet and she treats him and gives us time to play and say goodbye.
Those months were wonderful, and then one morning we all awoke, but Hansel couldn't stand. He looked at us and told us it is time to say goodbye. So off we went to the vet and we held him and hugged him told him we loved him and he went to sleep. We cried. We will see you on Rainbow Bridge!
Eddie was getting sick so off to the vet, some test, and she started treatment and he got better. His old age was slowing him down. So we added to his doggie door a ramp so he didn't have to climb the stairs. He loved that ramp, out the door and down the ramp. Up the ramp and through the doggie door and where's my food.
And then on Jan. 30, 2018 after we were talking about how good he was doing, he got up and went out.
Koy went into the yard and came into the house and said Eddie got out. A worker left the gate unlatched and Eddie went through. We walked and then rode around and around and feared the worst.
Returned home and went out on foot again. Koy weepingly said don't go to the creek, I will get someone, because I don't want you to see him like I just saw him, I said no.
With flashlight in hand we went to the far side of the park and I looked in the creek. Around the bend and down an embankment I saw a lifeless little body. I jumped in and grabbed him. and pulled him out and hugged him, and prayed and screamed and cried and cried. I took him home and wrapped him in a cloth and we hugged and prayed over him and laid him down one last time. I called the pet chapel and at 4 am we arrived. They took him and prepped him and laid him in a basket with a blanket, his little head and paws out like he was sleeping. They brought us in. His 2 daddies, to say their goodbyes and later in the day he was cremated. Our hearts are broken, our love is forever and someday we will be together at Rainbow Bridge.
We love you Eddie, go and play with Hansel, Shayna and Maggie. And we will see you when God calls us home.
Love dads
Koy and David

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