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Memories of Eddie
I found Eddie as an abused puppy at 5 months old. He had never been neutered as he was 15 pounds underweight. He needed a special place to live and that I needed a special dog. He proved to be a loyal dog not only to me and my son, but to our other boxer, Nikki. They bonded right away! In the ensuing years, we amassed 3 more dogs; another boxer, Joey, schnoodle, Sam, and bulldog, Mazie. Mazie and Ed proved to be the ultimate in brother and sister - loving and playing, and yet fighting.

Ed, unfortunately, even after several sessions with trainers, did not like people. He was good with dogs, but not humans. He loved us (myself and my son) only; anyone else, watch out!

At 75 lbs, Eddie was a lap dog. He had the most expressive eyes; even people that see pictures of him are very surprised by how human-like his eyes could be. Freaked some out . . . I thought he was special. He was a goofy kid. I enrolled him in agility training - he loved it! He would complete the course and run toward me ears flopping with the biggest grin on his face. Oh my God, I was so proud of him.

Eddies favorite activities were chasing shadows either from my son and I throwing a baseball back and forth or from bugs flying in the air. He also liked the laser toy immensely! Eddie was also the most obedient dog I had. Walking him was a joy (well, except if we ran into people!), and I should have done it so much more.

Eddie got sick very quickly and within a week was diagnosed with lung cancer. It was everywhere and there was nothing we could do. Our options were to bring him home to wait out the inevitable or to euthanize him. I couldn't bear to bring him home - he was collapsing with every breath. Eddie, I hope I made the right decision, because it's still killing me.

We love you Eddie and know you are in a more peaceful place where you love everyone. You are with me everyday. Mazie misses you too; she quite often sits in the same areas you did and just, well, sits.

Peace and Love, Eddie.

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