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Memories of Ebony
From the time we got Ebony and her sister Abby when they were only 8 weeks old, they were the loves of our lives. Yes, they both were a bit impish for the sake of a word, always getting into things they shouldn't and always doing things that were naughtly but that was okay because they were puppies and that's what puppies did.
As the years passed and the pups got older, they enjoyed life to the fullest. Ebony was the more docile of the two of them letting little children lay on her, pull her tail and that was okay, she didn't mind. Abby was basically the same but you know she was the leader and her sister followed...it was so wonderful to see the two of them 'in action'.
Again, as time went on and Abby got sick and when God finally decided He needed another new angel and called upon Abby, Ebony was mourning as well as we were. She would look for her sister, lie down in the areas where her sister was, I guess hoping she would come back to her and be her best bud again but eventually, she realized Abby wasn't coming back and Ebony sort of accepted that. That's when she and Molly became inseparable...Ebony would play ball until the cows came home and each time, Molly would try - and succeed - in getting the ball from Ebony and running away with it. The difference in Ebony and now Molly, was Ebony loved the pool, Molly did not. Therefore, when we would ask Ebony if she wanted to go in the pool, she grabbed her ball and went up the ramp of the pool and into the water as fast as you could shake a stick...Molly stayed behind because she was not a water person.
I could go on and on about all of our furbabies, but lastly, Ebony is now without pain, she is now another one of God's little angels and she will live forever and ever in our hearts.

AUGUST 8, 2014 - SEPTEMBER 4, 2014
Oh sweet and precious Ebony - with holes in our hearts and dreams of you shattered, we are here writing to you to let you know how much we miss you and love you. We did everything we could to make you better but you weren't having it - you decided you wanted to be with your sister and that was that. Dr. French said you just passed away so peacefully and when we came to see you, you looked so beautiful - no more pain on your beautiful face - that made us feel a little better but losing you will never be okay. We will never ever forget you. Molly still lays at the front door waiting for you to come home as she loved laying with you side by side. Everyday we look at the pool and it breaks our hearts because we knew how much you loved to swim w/ your ball and enjoyed every minute of it. Again, with holes in our hearts we have no choice but to let you go but you will forever be with us and one day we will all be together. Please make sure you let us know you're 'hanging around' and know we will know you're here. Take care of yourself, be happy and run and romp with your sisters and brother. In our hearts forever and a day. Love, Daddy and Mommy XOXO

SEPTEMBER 5, 2014 - OCTOBER 3, 2014
Hi Ebony, our sweet an precious little angel - we are still reeling with the fact you aren't with us any longer and you should still be here but I guess God had other plans for you. The holes in our hearts are still there and will probably never heal because of how much we love and miss you. Today is daddy's birthday and we aren't able to do too much since the weather isn't cooperating. We closed the pool and I said to daddy I didn't want to open it come spring because you won't be here to play ball with me. Daddy said we have to open it because you, Abby and Tucker - not so much Kyra - will be with us in spirit so I guess we will. I'm going to try and work on your album again but it's been so hard because of missing you so much but I do want to get it completed so everyone can read it. In the meantime, you take care of yourself, be happy and know you will always be in our hearts. Love, Daddy and Mommy XOXO

Please also visit Abby, Kyra and Tucker.

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