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Memories of Ebby
An angel in the form of my dog, Ebby, who I adopted 12 yrs. ago..was truly a blessing from GOD. he taught me so much, especially how to love unconditionally.
How to sacrifice, patience,tolerance, and understanding, and finally how to "Let Go" He taught me how to live, He taught me to open my heart more than I ever thought was possible...I loved, and adored him, and told him so, every single day that I had him...we had a wonderful life together.I gave him the best of everything. He ate the best of everything. I walked him everyday, we went for rides, he went for his grooming every month, at times he went to day care, and his favorite Day camp, where he made so many wonderful friends. Everyone in Petsmart knew "Ebby" and always came up to him, when they saw him in the store...He was known, and liked, and loved by so many family/friends...yes he had a personality all his own..He was quite spoiled, and the "boss" but, he was a good boy, and a great pal, that shared his food, and toys with all his pals, but he drew the line when it came to his favorite bones, that was a "no, no"

He was such a handsome boy, and then a handsome guy that still looked good with his gray hair..he aged quite well, the years seemed to fly by us so quickly.
I lived in pain,with Fibromyalgia for over 30 yrs. and needed pain medication to get out of bed everyday, but my Ebby was my reason to get up, and be active.......then my boy was put on thyroid medication everyday, the same kind that I took, then, my boy's steps became slower,and he got arthritis in his back, and hind legs, and he could no longer jump in and out of the car, mom had to lift him in, and he couldn't jump up into bed to sleep with me anymore, and he wouldn't let me lift him, I know he knew it was hard for me, cause he gained some extra pounds over the years,( and from his steroid shots every so often...)

This winter was too hard on my guy, he became painful, and grew tired of taking his meds..but, he loved going out in the cold, and the snow, and he wanted to sit for a while....I couldn't make him understand that the cold was making the pain worse. Then, so quickly it seemed, he became more painful, I laid on the floor next to him in his comfy bed, and stroked his back, and put warm compresses on and off, and tried to soothe him, all night...The first thing in the morning, we went to his vet, they kept him overnite, took X-rays, blood work, an IV to keep him hydrated......I called every few hrs. to see how he was, but, after a couple injections for pain, he was still in pain, and depressed, I missed him terribly, as I know he did us, so Doc asked us to vist the next day, to see if he would get up,and see how he would react...we went in, excited to see him, but as the tech brought him in to see mommy, he was happy , but he laid down, and something in him was amiss....seeing him in pain put me in so much emotional pain, which put me in so much more physical pain...I told Doc I could not bear to see him in pain, we agreed that due to his condition, and possibly a stomach problem, and his age, that we would end his suffering....So,my family members that loved him dearly came in, and we all sat there with him and talked to him........he sat up, looked around at everyone, then layed his head back down, as if to tell all of us, it's ok, he was ready. I put his head on his pillow and his blankie on him, and I laid on the floor next to him, the techs gave him 1shot to make him comfortable, and we all talked to him, then after 15 minutes, they came in to give him a final shot, as I hugged, and kissed him, and gave him permission to run free, no more pain.

I told him we would meet on the rainbow bridge, when GOD was ready...As I held him, and cried, he slipped away from me so very peacefully, it was all so nice,with all his loved ones with him...I used to think what that day would be like, ( if it had to come)....., I never would have thought I could do it...but, I asked GOD to give me the strength, and HE did, I loved him too much to see him in pain, and I worried all the time what would happen to him, if I were to go,(I'm 67) I couldn't bear the thought of him pining away for me, (and no one takes care of your baby like you do.)...I didn't realize how much I worried about that, until now, because it's like a weight lifted from me, I know he's free of terrible pain, and running free, free of allergies. Pills, pain, collars, leashes, and fences...he can romp around, with so many new friends, run, and jump, and play with his buddies, until one day, he stops, and sniffs, and looks around, and sees me, then he can jump up in my arms, cause both of us will be free of pain, and so happy to be together again...How very blessed we are to have the Rainbow Bridge, to meet on again...I love you, my Magoosha...your mommy....

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