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Memories of Dixie
Your love and devotion gave me the courage to find a new life. If not for you, I would have been consumed by the darkness and the fear. But you were there, and side-by-side, we stepped together into the unknown. With nothing to sustain or support us but the new-found miracle of Faith in God, we left behind everything and everyone we had ever known and began to build a brand new life. It was never easy, and you had to spend too much time alone, but the love and trust we had for each other was absolute. When we lay down together at night, your big beautiful body pressed close to mine, my sleep was deep and peaceful, and utterly without fear. As our years together passed, time began to take it's inevitable toll. As your muzzle grayed and you spent more and more time in dream-filled slumber, the pain and stiffness in your hips grew slowly but steadily worse. Every morning, with my hand upon your beloved head, I prayed that God would let you stay with me another day. And, day-by-day, you stayed with me for fifteen precious years. I know in my heart that you chose to stay, even though you sometimes longed for the peace and rest that Heaven would bring to you. You stayed because you knew that I couldn't go on without you. You stayed until you knew that I could somehow survive your leaving. The end of our time together on earth came upon us very quickly. One day when I came home from work, you tried to rise to welcome me home, and found that you could not. When I lifted your hind end to help you stand, your hips and legs refused to support you, and your body sat back down. You would never rise again. We spent our last few days lying on your floor pallet, bodies snuggled close together, just like always. I held you in my arms, my inconsolable heart beating side by side with yours, telling you all of the things for which there are no words. I stroked your tired body and offered your beloved tuna fish on my fingertips, the only food you would accept. I carried you easily in my arms to the yard, even though normally I could not lift you. And when you were sleeping, I gave way to the anguish and pain of my grief, weeping and rocking, pleading with God for the strength to be strong for you. The strength did come, and I carried you in my arms to Dr. Jones, where your passing was quiet and peaceful. When you were finally at rest, I carried you in my arms to the special place in the woods, and I buried you beneath the limbs of a young Texas live oak tree. With every year that passes, the oak tree grows taller and stronger and more majestic. It will spread its mighty branches, always reaching toward heaven, and it will live two hundred years or more. After sixteen years apart, I still, and always will, mourn your loss. I cannot, even now, read the words of this, my love letter to you, without weeping. You are, always and forever, a part of me. As long as I live, you can never truly die. Your life is woven inextricably into the fabric of mine. Our years together, and the power of your incredible love for me, and mine for you, are fundamental elements in the creation of the person I am today. Be well, my love. Run and play and bark and frolic. Lie down in beautiful meadows and play in mountain streams. I will be with you again someday soon. Heaven is perfect and cannot be without any of the good things on Earth. God made perfect dogs for imperfect humans, that we might have an earthly source of unconditional love. God took a bit of His own wondrous love, wrapped it in fur, and gave you to me so that my life could be richer and deeper than ever it would have been without you. I love you with all of my being, Dixie; my partner, my protector, my baby, my heart.

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