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Memories of Deborah's Lady Gretchen
Our Gretchen Forever There's something missing in our house We feel it day and night We know it will take time and strength Before things feel quite right. But just for now, we need to mourn. Our hearts - they need to mend. Though some may say she was "just a pet" We know we've lost our friend. She brought such laughter to our home, And richness to our days... A constant friend through joy or loss, With gentle, loving ways. Companion, pal and confidante, A friend we won't forget. She'll live for always in our hearts Our sweet forever Gretch... Lady's Deborah Gretchen "Pooker Dog" November 14, 1986 - March 20, 2003 Died in Mom's Arms at 9 am. You were your Mother's Christmas baby and The DAY will be so empty without you. Love you much, Pooker Dog. Dad Saturday 3/20/04 - Today it has been one year since you left for the Rainbow Bridge. I was surprised that 3/20/04 was exactly like one year before, a beautiful day, only sun and a light gentle breeze. We actually talked about a little sister or brother for Sabel for the first time. We're not sure how she will take it! We always knew you wanted to know when we were going to take her back! There is still "something missing in our house" that no other fur baby will ever replace. We miss you one year later as much as we did those first few minutes. Love you Pooker Dog, Mom and Dad. 9/16/04 You would not have enjoyed the last 6 weeks as we fought off one hurricane after another. All the changes would have made you crazy. Saturday we were boarding up expecting Ivan to crash into us. Mom went in to get a drink and sister Sabel was sitting on th first step of the stairs to the bonus room. She had never done that before. Of course it was YOUR favorite spot as you got older. You couldn't hear when we came in, so you slept there to make sure you did not miss us. I just knew you were "visiting" and since you went to Rainbow Bridge, every time Mom has been upset, you have sent a special sign. Ivan missed us. The shutters are off again, we hope for the rest of the "season". Across the ages, we still feel you. Love, Dad. 1/14/05 - Another Holiday season has come and gone Pooker Dog, but not a day goes by that you don't touch our hearts with a fond memory and brighten our day. Today I made some changes at your memorial for the first time since you crossed over. I consider that a good sign. Love Dad 3/20/05 - Two years, how time flies. After a very wet and windy week, Saturday was just like that beautiful day two years ago, sunny, warm blue skies. Sister Dog continues to pickup more of your habits - or are you just "visiting"? You are spoken of often, and thought of every day. All the antics that made us smile when you were here bring grins and warm feelings even now. Love Mom and Dad 08/14/05 - Pooker Dog, sometimes you just sneak up on me and the tears flow with the memories. Sister Dog has had to take some pills. So, just like we did for you, we wrap it in something she loves to eat. This morning, I found the pill on the floor. How she ate the treat and found the pill, I'll never know. You on the other hand would not be fooled. No matter how we hid it, you ate the treat and "puutt" on the floor the pill would go! We knew you were visiting. Sister Dog is getting better quickly. Love You Dad 11/30/05 The house is decorated and Christmas will be here soon. We laughed 'til we cried remembering the evening the ornament came rolling into the kitchen from the living room - all by itself. When we investigated, there you were backed-up under the tree with Gandpa's present - just like you to be able to pick out yours! We miss you every day Pooker Dog! Love Mom and Dad 3/21/07 - Well yesterday marked the 4th year since you left for Rainbows Bridge and took that big chunk of our hearts with you. I have learned that when we join you there, the chunks get re-united and we are whole once again! We certainly don't miss you any less, but the memories are warm and bring smiles to our faces. Sabel has developed a gimpy left knee but she is otherwise healthy! Mom and Dad 3/20/09 - Pooker Dog it has been too long since I have written when we come to visit. You still bring smiles to our faces everyday! We love to look at the picture of you, Mom and me hanging in the foyer. Sister has had a rough go of it since Thanksgiving of 2007. Her little kidneys just can't always keep up. She is just like you though and keeps coming back -4- times now!. Dr. Ann says we are lucky to have two such tough little girls! Watch after Grandma Juanita and Great Grandma Clara. We miss you and love you always. Mom and Dad 6/18/09 - Pooker Dog, I know you were there! You had Sister Sabel give us your patented greeting, she smiled at me and then she left with you to go to Rainbows Bridge. We know you helped her and us by showing her the way and helping her on her own. We always wanted you both to do things on your terms. You gave us everything in your years with us. Now the house is empty of our furbabies for the first time in 23 years. We see you both in all the usual places and the smiles come through the tears. Please look in on Mom very soon. She misses Baby Girl very badly and needs your help again. We pick Sabel up tomorrow afternoon. While your spirits live in the beautiful fields and mountains of the Rainbows Bridge, your earthly remains will be with us forever. We love you and miss you badly Pooker Dog. Dad 2/14/10 - Hey Pooker Dog! How is our Baby today? Mom and I had a really good Valentines Day. It would have only been better if you and Sister Dog were here with us :) It has been a cold winter in Florida, so we know you are happy to be in Heaven where it is warm and sunny. How you so disliked putting on your sweater. But then you loved the cold and the good scents you would pick up. We miss you as much as always, but we finally got up the courage to put your pictures in the frame and now you and Sister are always with us on both sides of the house, right in the family room where you slept on the couch. Happy Valentines Day Gretchen. Love Mom and Dad 2/12/11 - Pooker Dog, how are you? It is so hard to believe it has been a year since I wrote to you! But you know that not one day goes by that we don't think of you and miss you :( Our world has changed quite a bit. I retired last year. Just think of all the things we could be doing :) Mom and I have spent much of the winter in Colorado. You and Sister dog were right there in the picture frame on top of the dresser. You would not like the cold and snow. Remember when you stayed with Grandma Monika when we would get away for a week or two? I talked to Mom just a few minutes ago. She is safely back with you. I know she will be visiting you and Sisiter tonight. I need a sign that it is time to bring another girl or girls into our home. I just haven't been able to do it. You two were so special. I have a part-time job. Annie's Orphans is a shelter for furbabies of all kinds in Durango that have no home or anyone to love them. I go there and walk and love on as many of the kids as I can each week. But you probably already see that from the Bridge. You and sister have a great Valentines Day together. Happy Valentines Day 2011 Pooker Baby. Love Mom and Dad 3/20/12 - Pooker Dog Baby! The time continues to pass and here we are another year gone as we visit you. Has it been 9 years since we walked together, enjoyed the warm weather and surveyed our world? Mom has retired and we are learning to enjoy each other's company again. Were you there to greet Uncle Fred when he arrived? He was a fighter just like you. Everyone else is fine, just getting older :) Are you ready to show us the path for new girls in our lives yet? It seems like time and now that we can all travel together, we so miss the patter of four or eight feet, the comfort of the warm presence and the healing of your touch. Time will tell as we venture to the Rhine River in the fall and visit all your old friends this summer. Take care of the Sister Dog and remember - We Love You Always - Mom and Dad. 3/20/13 - Pooker Dog, what a beautiful day to celebrate all our wonderful days and memories with and of you! It is amazing what time brings to us and what memories will last a life time. We hve special news this year which you already know. Sweet Kacy came into our home on November 2, just like you did 27 years ago on a beautiful December day in Florida! She is so much like you in many ways, yet differnt like sister Sabel, and yet has her own unique personality. She is a chatty little girl who loves to run and has never met a furbaby or person who she doesen't want to love and play with. It took over 3 years to make room for another furbaby in our hearts. Kacy loves her walks and running forever on the trails. I look at her and think of you even more. Thank you for your love and affection, you were first and will always be our special girl. I continue to try and be the person you think I am. Until the next time, Love Mom and Dad 3/20/14 - Why this anniversary I don't know, but the sweet memories and tears have all come rushing back after 11 years of you crossing over the Bridge. Just goes to show you are forever in our hearts! It is a beautiful Colorado day, cold and sunny. Sister Kacy is ready to go for her walk and Mom and I will spend that time sharing all our wonderful memories of the Pooker Dog. We have a new vehicle called Kacy's Dog House. You would love to sit up front and watch the world go by as we travel. No one else could inspect a campsite or rest stop like you - exhausted at the end of the day. We will make sure you are along on every journey. Keep all the Family moving there over the Bridge. We love you! Mom and Dad 3/2014 - Unlike the day 12 years ago when you went over the Rainbows Bridge, today was wet and windy. Sister Kacy had a grooming day and on the ride home , I told her all about you and the days you went to the groomer. Kacy is a talker just like you and she protects us and her yard with a loud voice. As the days pass in the year, your memory is alive everyday in our hearts and conversations. We remember so much easier with Kacy all of your special traits and moments as we compare our girls. Each of you is so special in your own way. What a fun time it would be for all of us to be together, which I guess will happen in time. Thank you for the wonderful years with us and the memories that make us smile. Pooker Dog, I cherish the day you will come running up and I will rock you in my arms again. Love, Mom and Dad 3/20/2018 Time sure flies Pooker Dog! I feel bad as I look at the 4 years that have passed since I last visited you here :( The odd thing is Mom and I seem to mention your name even more as the years pass! Sister Kacy has grown into quite a young lady! You would be proud. Just like you, she has us wrapped around her little paw. She is the queen of the neighborhood wherever we are, greets man, woman and animal with gusto. She has never developed your ability to help me drive the truck, preferring to nap so she is fresh when she arrives. We are getting a little slower, too, as the years pass. Still wandering around in the motor home spring and fall, still have your house in Tampa and the one in Durango. Have you been taking care of all the relatives with you at the Rainbow's Bridge? You know you will always be the first and the most special of our fur babies! You set the bar really high. Sister Sable and Kacy have made their own marks on our hearts, but you will always be #1. Wish you were here, glad you are safe and healthy running, jumping, napping and loving in God's special garden. Always in our memories, forever in our hearts. Mom and Dad

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