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Memories of Davin
Davin loved to play with his brother PeeWee (both are miniature pinschers). He especially liked to borrow PeeWee's chew bones and hide them. Davin had the strongest will to live, even his doctor called him stoic. He survived blindness, drowning, neurological problems and the loss of one eye. I want to thank Davin for waiting for me to return from my business trip and allow me to say I love you and hold him one more time. Davin will forever be the strength that allows me to survive in this world. Davin would be so happy to know how much support his mother has received from all the kind parents whose own babies are residents of Rainbow Bridge. I am sure he is running and playing with all those babies, and I am sure that his brothers Snow and Stranger have located him and they are all happy to be back together. 8/12/99 - It has been 3 months since you crossed Rainbow Bridge, they say only time can heal the hurt, but every time I see PeeWee laying in his bed alone I think of you. Although the pain has eased, the loss is in my heart forever. Please be happy and know a day doesn't go by when I don't look at a picture of you and have a memory of us. You are the wind that blows in the trees and the sun that shines each day. 9/20/99 - As each day passes the pain of loosing you eases, I ran across your baby picture and remembered how rowdy you were that first day I laid eyes on you. You ran around that little room and wouldn't let me get off the floor without picking you up. Thank you for all the love you brought me. 12/21/99 - Well this my first Christmas without you, I hung your stocking with Snow and Stranger's. I think of you every day and look at your pictures often. I know you are having a grand time with your brothers, but if you ever get the chance please come and see us, PeeWee really misses his big brother and so does his mother. Merry Christmas my angel, I Love You. 3/8/00 - It's a new year, but you are very much in my heart. PeeWee is better, but still looks for you. I think of you each day and know you are running free, sunning when you rest, and seeing all the beautiful sights you have not seen in awhile. Take Care, I Love You. 5/20/00 - Has it really been a year since you crossed over to Rainbow Bridge, my how time flies. I think of you each day and wonder how you are doing. It just doesn't seem a year of not having you around, I really miss you, I miss our talks, (well I talked you listened) and your funny little bark. Take care, We Love You. 9/8/00 - Just sitting here thinking of you and wondering how you are. PeeWee still looks for you and doesn't like being in his room alone, his cough is getting worse and I am concerned. I miss you terribly. You were such a big part of my life, it still amazes me that you are no longer a living part of my life. Please visit my dreams and let me know that you are ok. I will see you one day. We love you always. 12/6/00 - Soon another Christmas will pass, but as always you are there with us. PeeWee is a little better. You are forever in my dreams. Merry Christmas, my little man. I love you. 2/7/01 - Just wanted you to know I was thinking about you today, so I thought I would visit. I Love You. 5/3/01 - You know it still seems odd not to see your precious little face everyday, but I know you are in a better place. hugs and kisses, miss you, love you. 2/7/02 - I am so sorry it has been so long since I visited it, but you know you are in my thoughts everyday. Lots of changes have been happening in our lives...I hope you were there to greet Papa Jim and Cindi when they went to heaven...please watch over them. I love you. 6/6/02 - has it really been two years, my goodness, please let everyone know we think of them everyday, love you, miss you. 04/10/03 - Hello little man...well it's almost Easter. I worry about Peewee he will be 15 this year and seems to be having a little trouble getting around, although he still runs around like a little puppy when it is feeding time. You are on my mind every day, I hope you have found the peace you couldn't get on earth...I love you and miss you...see you in my dreams. 12/24/03 - Merry Christmas little man...I know you and Peewee are once again running and playing together...and you have someone to clean your eyes again...take care of each other...I love you.3/31/04 - Happy Easter Little Man, I visited your brother today. I sure do miss him, as well as yourself. The house just isn't the same without you two. Visit me when you can, love you. 5/19/04 - Hello Little Man, Thank you for sending me Prissy, she is such a sweet little girl and she looks a lot like you and your brother Peewee in the face. She has helped to ease the loss I feel not having you and Peewee around. Miss you, love you. You will always be in my heart and a big part of my life. You are the keeper of my secrets. I will visit soon. 11/23/04 - I just visited your brother, it is hard to believe it has almost been a year, since he joined you. I know you both are happy. I will visit soon...Love You. 5/16/05 - I can't believe it has been six years. Please know you are still very much a part of my life. I will never forget you. Love and miss you. 5/17/06 - Yes it has been one year since I visited you, but that doesn't mean I don't think of you daily. I love you. 12/26/06 - Merry Christmas, my little man....I know you and Peewee are with Papa Jim and Cindi, running, playing and taking your afternoon nap. We miss you and love you. 6/1/07 - Well we have passed the 8 year anniversary of the day you crossed over. I still think of you daily and talk to you each night before I go to sleep. Be sweet and know I Love You. 11/5/07 - Good Evening my little man...It means so much to know that people we don't even know visit you. Please seek out their babies and make new friends. Take care and please visit me soon...love you. 07/16/08 - Oh my little man I'm sure you have found your brother Clyde. You know he was 13 and his arthritis was causing him so much pain. The meds just weren't working any more. Please make sure you show him the ropes. Bonnie is lost without her brother and misses him. Please let him know we love him very much and miss him as well. Take care little man and visit my dreams....love you. 8/18/08 - Hello sweetheart...well I'm sure you know by now that Mama Kitty decided to join Clyde, it was very sudden, the doctor said it was Cancer and there really wasn't anything they could do. I think she missed Clyde, even though she tormented him daily, their's was a love hate relationship. Please make sure she finds everyone and you all have a wonderful reunion. We miss you all. Love forever. 5/4/09 - My goodness has it really been 10 years since you crossed over to Rainbow bridge. It seems as if it was only yesterday. Even though I don't visit as often as I should, you are never far my thoughts. Take care little man...I love you. 5/14/09 - I'm sure the reunion with Bonnie was a grand one. Bonnie had arthritis like her brother, but the doctors also believe she had a tumor in her brain and there was nothing they could do. I know Clyde was waiting for her and was so excited he was uncontrollable, jumping around and waging his tail. Run and play with everyone, you all have a good time. We miss all of you and love you very much. 6/5/10 - My Little Man, I was thinking of you today as I do each day and hoping that you are playing with your brothers and sisters. The pain and tears have subsided but you will never be forgotten. The heart never forgets...love you. 5/26/12 - I can't believe it has been 13 years, everyone is doing well. You are now and forever a part of me...love you my little man.5/15/13 - Hello my little man, I miss and love you very much. You are still very much a part of me as you were the day we became family. I know I don't visit as often as I once did, but always know it is not because I have forgotten you, you are now and will forever be apart of my life. Come visit me in my dreams. Love you!...1/24/15 - Hello Little Man!!! Thinking of you today and missing you! You know JJ crossed over on Thanksgiving and I am sure you were there to greet her with your brothers and sisters. We are now fostering to give other babies a chance to find a home and family. Our first baby is Max and he is so lovable and sweet but a handful. We are enjoying him. Love you, Miss you!6/9/18 - Oh my sweet little man, life has changed so much since you have been gone. We foster now and try to help the babies find loving homes. Of course there have been a couple of foster failures. Nineteen years you have been gone but your memory is as bright as ever. Until next time. I love you!

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